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We bought this tent simply for the fast and easy set up. It was everything we hoped for. Nice space inside with lots of storage pockets. We fit a queen air mattress and a dog kennel inside and still had plenty of room.

I have now officially put this Rapid tent through every test that I can imagine you would want out of a very large family camping style cabin tent. I am happy to say that it has passed with flying colors. My Girlfriend bought this a little over a year ago when it first came out. At first I was way less than fired up about it as I have only had very high end smaller tents in my past. After using it over 20 times in all kinds of conditions I will officialy say that it is a extremely well made tent. Not only does it set up very fast and easy but the attention to detail is that of a backpacker tent that cost 4 times as much. Yes it is big and heavy but you will never be packing it in so who cares. I may be getting soft in my old age but this tent has made me really enjoy family or camp ground camping.

Setting this tent up is very simple. I have two other tents that are for different purposes. And I wanted a quick set up tent. This tent is that kind of tent.

We have been beyond impressed with how nice this Rapid Tent has been for us. I have to say that when we made the purchase it was pretty much based on the lure of easy set up. Once we used it several times we found out that it is not only very easy to set up and take down but it is also simply a great tent. In a world where there are a lot of "easy to use" gimmics out there these guys came up with a true quality value in a easy to use tent.

I set it up in a rainstorm at a campsite the first time we used it, it went up fast and we stayed dry all night! It also wasn't bad to get it back in the bag. I am happy with it and it seemed to be made well, so far so good. Can't wait to use it again.

I have erected the tent alone and quickly. The hardest thing is getting the rain fly over it and properly placed since the zipper opening end of the rain fly would seem to go in the front of the tent - where the tent door is, but noooo. The rain fly zipper opening end is for the rear of the tent to ventilate through the window! Hua? Makes no sense to me so I use the zipper end of the rain fly for the front of the tent so I don't struggle with zippers at night (the rain-fly opening is Velcro to stay closed). Why Caddis didn't make the rain-fly to fully cover all sides of the tent beats me too. Only 3 sides of the tent are fully protected by the rain fly, which was pretty useless in a Wyoming thunder storm. Otherwise, it's a great e-z set up tent. Two people are needed getting the rain fly over it in breezes, but you'll figure it out alone too cuz I did!

Camping with the family has always been a heavy time burden on me when it comes to setting up and taking down camp. My wife and I have 3 small children so it is pretty much on me to set up and take down as she is very busy keeping track of the kids. This tent has made my job much easier as it sets up and comes down so easy and fast. We have now used it about 8 times and it has held up very well. We are impressed with the quality as well as the function

I let my husband choose this tent. He is tall and complains that changing clothes inside the tent is near impossible. He also hates the lengthy setup of camp.

Our family purchased this rapid Tent over a year ago. We have now used it on about 15 camping trips and it has more than paid for itself in time savings. I wish it was a bit lighter but a little extra weight in trade for a very well made easy to set up tent has been a very good trade off. I do suggest getting yourself a tarp to put under it to protect the floor. This will not only make it last longer but will also keep it much cleaner.

Setup is really fast and easy! Take down is just as easy. Lots of windows and the mesh top allow lot of airflow. Rain fly is a great fit. Another great feature is the storage bag that has a second zipper to allow it to expand. This makes it much easier than our previous tents to get back in the storage bag.

I bought the rapid tent for a Ragnar Relay event, it was my first time tent camping since my childhood. The set up couldn't have been more simple and the take down was a breeze. While other friends were putting poles together to set up their tents, I was inside my tall ceiling rapid tent unpacking my gear. It was great!

I am female and 65 years old. I go camping by myself. I find this tent super easy to set up all by myself. It is a great tent. Very sturdy with plenty of room. It has pockets to store items that you need to get to easy.

Sturdy tent. It CAN be put up by one person but two is easier. THE BAD: The carry-bag is far too small. It's almost impossible to put the tent and accessories back in and zip it. Manufacturers seem to think I can fold a tent in the wilderness as efficiently as they do in the factory. Annoying because it's so avoidable. Just give me some space. I'll figure out what to do if it's too much.

It's roomy and easy to set up! I love that the fly unzips in the back. Only complaints are the tent fly ripped where it anchors down on the second time using it, be careful how tight you pull the fly ropes to anchor it. Also, the hook for the lantern is underneath the space for the loft, so it's difficult to use both. You can hang the lantern from one of the hooks for the loft though.

It is real easy to put up. It takes less the n 5 min. The only draw back is after ypu take it done taking the air out is bit slow. The also like that there was no sales tax where I bought it..

I bought this tent for my daughter hoping it would be decent. On her first trip with it she encountered rain and wind in July, 2019 camping along the Snake River in Idaho/Wash. The medium category summer storm caused the tent poles to break and water entered the tent making her experience not so pleasant. I was hoping from reading the reviews this would be at least a fair car camping tent. It didn't even last one outing. I'm hoping REI will take this tent back on return as I only bought it 2 weeks ago. It's difficult to find a quality tent for $200 these days

Very easy set up. Seems very solid for the money. Haven't camped in the rain yet but previous reviews seem positive.

We were so pleased by the amount of interior room this tent provides - we could stand straight up inside. Setup was a breeze - went up in less than a minute. Love the color combination of this tent!

We were thrilled when we first got this tent, as it was quick to set up and seemed to meet our needs. Upon first set up, we noticed one of the interior pockets was torn open, making it useless...however, it was just a pocket and we hoped that was the extent of our disappointment with this. It wasn't. The zipper is nearly impossible for our kids to open/close (it's hard enough for us) and there are now other seams coming apart as well, after one camping trip! The quality is very poor and we realized quickly this tent will not last more than a season or two, and that's only if we rarely camp. Furthermore, the rain fly really does nothing. Really disappointed in this purchase...we thought by shopping at REI that we were getting a decent deal and going a step above the popular name-brand from big box stores, but now we are just missing out on our fall camping trip because we'd rather not use this tent and can't afford a new one.

My wife got this for me as a gift. I think it was really for her. Never the less, it is the greatest tent I have ever used of this size. It went up so easy and is built very well.

I was able to put this tent up and down with out reading instructions in a very few minutes. Ingenious design... Tripped over line staked to fly and it ripped.

This tent does set up in 5 minutes. The rain fly attached easily. The steel poles used for the frame seem sturdy. (Note: they add weight so you won't want to use this backpacking or canoeing) It's spacious inside. We had two adults and two kindergarten aged kids with all our gear with plenty of space. It's nice you can stand up (6'1") erect. It survived a three hour heavy thunderstorm. Not a tremendous mount of wind so we can't review it's stability. The rain fly covering the doorway to the tent needs to be another 8 inches longer. As the rain sloughed off the rain fly that extends out over the doorway, it channels the water back toward the tent opening instead of outwards or further to the side. We were watching for it and pulled the tent fabric back from where the runoff was going and kept the inside of the tent dry. Without that diligence, I'm not sure we would have stayed dry. It was disconcerting to read the set up instructions that the manufacturer recommends you don't use this tent if you know you're going to be in rainy conditions. That would have been good to know before purchasing it. As others have pointed out, the storm flap covering the doorway zippers tend to flop around and it takes two hands and a sharp eye to get the zippers closed without running the storm flap fabric into the zipper teeth. A stiffer fabric might have allowed for one handed door zipper operation. Lastly, it would be great if a tent maker would include hi-viz lines to run from the rain fly to the ground stakes. Black-and-white lines disappear in the day and are invisible at night. Little and very big kids kept tripping through the lines because they couldn't see them. The tent collapses almost as easy as it sets up. You have to squish the air out of the fabric to get the tent back into its 5 foot long bag...but it does fit. To recap: It set up easily. It is roomy. It survived a three hour heavy thunderstorm and kept us dry inside. Its carry bag is big and its heavy when the tent and poles are packed away. Be mindful of the rain fly that extends over the doorway. One final note: We purchased this tent online and picked it up at the REI store. They brought out to us in its carry bag. When we got home, we opened it up and found mud, dirt, footprints, leaves and water from what looks like a morning dew. Obviously, it had been used. We brought it back and REI explained that with a liberal return policy, people would sometimes use an item and return it. Still, he admitted they should have caught that before the guys in back brought it out to us. They did have a new one in the store to replace the one we had and it came in its shipping carton. REI was great about the exchange. You just want to make sure when you pick it up that it's a new tent.

This is by far the best built fast set up tent period. We have used it for a full year now and have been in all kind of weather. The only thing that you need to make sure you do is watch the video on the REI sight and from there take care of it like you would any good tent. The interior room is huge for the 4 of us plus one very crazy dog. Perfect tent for sure.

The third time I used it. While extending the legs the material ripped apart. I haven’t tried to return it yet but hope they back it up.

Just bought this tent and used it three nights. Would not recommend this tent. First the zipper keeps catching on the fabric requiring both hands to open and close the tent. Secondly, the fly covers three windows thereby not allowing to see outside on three sides.

First off I need to tell you that this is my first ever family camping tent. I have spent all of my life with very high end back packing tents but I now have a young family and have a whole new world of camping on my horizon. Here is a list of what I like and dislike.

I had this tent for one season of camping. A total of seven events. The rainfly was ripped by the third one. One of the poles was also super hard to extend/collapse by then too. By the fifth event the strap webbing had started to simply fall apart. I'd not suggest this tent. FAR to flimsy for the price.



I see a lot of answers says not recommended for rainstorms but could this tent handle some rain with the rainfly on? 

​The rainfly provides moderate coverage and protection from rain. Since it does not have an integrated vestibule or provide full coverage over the door, we do not suggest it for extreme wet weather conditions.


This tents description states its meant for three season but what exact seasons are those ?

From our Expert Advice article:


Does this come with a footprint? Do I need one?

No, a footprint is not included. Since we do not have a footprint for this tent, a tarp can be used and cut down to a size that is slightly smaller than the tent. A footprint or tarp will prolong the life of the tent floor. So while it is highly recommended, it is not an absolute necessity.


Is the floor and fly factory seam sealed? Is the seam where the bath tub floor meets the side wall seam sealed?

The floor and rainfly of this tent are factory seam sealed. The seam where the bath tub floor meets the side is seam sealed as well.


Does this tent come in an 8 person 

​Caddis Sports does not make this tent in an 8-person version.


is there a stargazer panel?

​Yes, the ceiling of the tent has mesh panels that can accommodate stargazing.


What is a ground cloth that fits this tent?

We recommend using a tarp that is slight smaller than the floor dimensions of 120 x 120 inches. Tarps can be found here:


Does this tent do well in rain storms in the midwest? How well does rain fly work?

​The rainfly provides moderate coverage and protection from rain. Since it does not have an integrated vestibule or provide full coverage over the door, we do not suggest it for extreme wet weather conditions.


Is this a tent that could be put up easily by just one person? Specifically a 5'3 100 pound woman.

​This tent can easily be set-up by one person. With practice, the Rapid Tent Frame allows for set-up in about a minute.


Could this tent withstand Burning Man winds?

​This tent is not designed for high winds.


Both sides of the rain fly ripped when tightening the guy lines on our first trip out.  Any suggestions for beefing up the stitching?

For rainfly repairs, we recommend contacting Rainy Pass Repair, Inc. in Seattle, WA.


Can two cots size 85x40x19 it in the tent? 

​Yes, two cots of that size will fit in this tent.


Is this treated with flame retardant?  I am looking for a tent that is not treated.  Thanks

​We require all our vendors to comply with all federal regulations but do not have specific chemical information, unfortunately. We encourage you to contact the Caddis Sports directly.


Does it have a window at tke back as well? i mean does it have 3 windows and a door?

​Yes, this tent has three windows and one door.


Do they make this tent with a 4 person capacity? I could have sworn that I saw a 4 person capacity on this site for this tent but now I don't see it.

​As of July 2017, we do not plan to stock the Caddis Rapid 4 Tent.


Can this tent withstand high winds?

We do not recommend this tent for high winds. A mountaineering tent will be better for high wind conditions.


Who manufactured the zipper?

Please contact the manufacturer directly for more details regarding their zippers.


In answering a question you noted that the rainfly is weatherproof, but not the tent - is there a product we can purchase that can provide some weatherproofing for the tent?

​We do not have a product that will make this tent waterproof.


It doesn't look like this tent comes with a footprint, or that rei has a companion one to buy. What footprint works for this tent? 

​A footprint is not available for this tent. We suggest using a tarp.


The peak height is indicated as 6.5 feet. Is that an interior or exterior measurement?

Peak height is measured inside the tent.

Eudemonics Institute

How does this tent perform in windy conditions? Is a footprint available?

A footprint is not available for this tent. It does hold up fairly well to windy conditions, but if you are going to be camping in extremely windy weather, we recommend a mountaineering tent instead:


Does REI offer tent repair services for REI tents?

We unfortunately do not offer a tent repair service. We recommend contacting our repair partner Rainy Pass Repair.

Heidi ells

Does the caddies rapid 6 tent have taped zippers and taped seams.

This tent has taped seams including taped zipper seams, however, there is no weather protection behind the zipper teeth.

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