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I bought this bag a few months before leaving for a thru hike. I slept in it 3 times and was absolutely freezing every night. The non insulated bottom with a pad feels like you’re sleeping on the cold ground. Great idea, but poorly executed. The side seams where the bag and pad meet let in a lot of cold air as well. I couldn’t stay warm in 50 degree weather in this 15 degree bag. I am definitely returning this item.

I'm 5'7" and the regular size fits me perfectly. I sleep so well and stay warm in it and LOVE that it has the sleeping pad sleeve, because I have a tendency to move around a lot at night time. This keeps the sleeping pad under me all night allowing for a more restful sleep.

Finally got to go backpacing with summer lows down to mid40's. Cold EVERY night. Have the Big Agnes pad to fit the bag too. No one else in our group was cold. Will be returning this ASAP!

The Roxy Ann 15 was the first sleeping bag I've owned to actually keep me on my sleeping pad, thanks to the pad sleeve. This made sleeping warmer and more comfortable because I wasn't on the ground in the morning. If you wear the proper long wool base layer in colder conditions with a wool beanie you will stay warm up to around 15 degrees. Degrees on a sleeping bag are not suggested to keep you comfortable, but rather alive, so if you sleep cold be sure to grab a sleeping bag with a lower rating of 0 or -10 bag for 30 degree weather. I sleep hot so I am fine with this bags temp rating.

I wanted to love this sleeping bag but it is not nearly as warm as the temp rating claims. Camped in 30 degree weather and my feet were freezing the entire night and I was wearing thick wool socks with a jacket wrapped around them. Upper body stayed warm although I was wearing a smartwool top plus puffy coat. Unfortunately I’ll be returning this bag.

I love this bag. I'm 5'7" 150lb and sleep on my side and it has plenty of room for my hips. I use a REI Flash pad and it fits great in the pad sleeve which helped me not roll off the pad in the night. The pocket on the front is too small to store my phone (which I use as my alarm) but since the bag is so roomy I put it in the pocket of my puffy and then slept with that in the bag. Temps got down to around 38F on my last trip and I was super cozy in just a long sleeve base layer, leggings, and socks. Highly recommend.

I bought this bag for Oregon camping, meaning I needed something for summer's warm Central Oregon nights and COLD Mt. Hood spring and fall trips. So far, the coldest I've used this bag is a 42F night at Timothy Lake. It was great- I was warm and the bag feels roomy unlike most mummy styled bags. I used it on the hot Deschutes River a few weeks ago and was surprised I could sleep in it until the sun came up and the tent heated up around 8am- this thing is a wicking genius and was great. I also used it in the Blue Mountains and slept on a 1/2 inch pad on a 45F night and was shocked by how warm it kept me (I get cold so easily while camping). Will update once I use it below freezing, but so far no complaints (ummm and I'm loving the color and the key or chapstick holder in the hood!)

Bought this and have been completely satisfied ever since! I am one who get chilled VERY easily and this bag has saved so many camping trips. The fact that this has a pocket for my sleeping pad makes it even better. Would def recommend to anybody!

Perfect sleeping bag for 30 degree weather! The slit underneath the sleeping bad was awesome for my sleeping pad, it also made it less loud.

Very compact product, love it, awesome color. Very soft as comfortable.

Not a Fan of this bag. It says it's rated for 15 degrees but i was cold at 40. It has NO INSULATION between the bag an the sleeping pad. If it had insulation on the bottom it was be a great bag.

After hiking in late last year for an impromptu trip where I froze my behind off, I finally pulled the trigger and bought this bag. I had tried endless combinations of bags, pads, and even hiking cots and was always disappointed. Waking up several times off the pad, too tight to roll over without bringing the whole bag along for the trip, (back pain keeps me from sleeping on my back). Researching a LOT of other bags, the sleeve on the back for the sleeping pad is what sold me. What made me write the review however is the amazing night's sleep I got last night. I paired it with the insulated Q-Core SLX and for the first time ever, my hips and shoulders didn't bottom out (kind of a double review here, I love this PAD as well!). I had gotten desperate enough to lug hiking cots with me in search of a good night's rest and with that pad and the feature of the sleeve to keep it under me all night, I'll never carry that monster again! As you may have noticed from my hip/shoulder comment is that I'm a side sleeper and mummy bags, while the warmest and lightest option, are usually impossible to sleep on your side. This bag has tons of room! I could even draw my knees up! Tossing and turning are no problem with the sleeve (I do a lot of that too~) the pad never moves and the icing on the cake is the double zip which allows me to stick my feet out for a bit before it gets to cold. I will never own another bag! Worth every penny.



Is this sleeping bag 100% down or part down part feathers? Also, is there any insulation on the bottom or does it have to be used with a sleeping pad at all times?

The down in the Roxy Ann is 80% down, 20% feathers. There is not any insulation on the bottom. A rectangular sleeping pad is needed. 20" x 72" for the regular length, 20" x 66" for the short/petite.

Senior Rita

what liner would you suggest for this bag?

​We suggest a mummy style bag liner. Please open the following link to view our current selection:

Senior Rita

Can I use a Big Agnes Q core slx 25" pad in my Big Agnes Roxy Ann 15 Sleeping Bag - Women's short / petite? I would like that extra width of pad as I do some turning in the night.

The petite/short sleeping bag can only accommodate a 20 inch wide sleeping pad. A 25 inch wide sleeping pad is too wide.


How compact does the sleeping bag itself come in the mail? Im trying to travel with minimal amount of items in my backpack.

The shipping size of this sleeping bag is approximately 21 x 10 inches. With a 15 liter compression sack, the bag can shrunk down to approximately 11 x 10 inches.


Does this bag come with a sleep pad that goes with it? Or if there is a sleep pad that is recommended, could you please tell me which one?

This sleeping bag does not come with a sleeping pad. The Big Agnes Q-Core SLX Sleeping Pad is a great choice. The short pad is compatible with the petite bag and the regular pad is compatible with the regular bag.


I purchased this sleeping bag.  Now, what size length air mattress pad should I get? 

For the petite size sleeping bag, we recommend a 66" sleeping pad. For the regular size sleeping bag, we recommend a 72" sleeping pad.


Would the REI flash pad (long wide) fit in the pad sleeve for this bag? 

​The Roxy Ann sleeping bag will accept a sleeping pad up to 20" wide.


Will this Big Agnes bag zip with an REI Magma bag (left zip)?

​This sleeping bag cannot be zipped into the REI Magma bag. The Roxy Ann has a #8 YKK zipper while the Magma has a #5 YKK zipper.


How is the zipper on this bag? I get claustrophobic if the zipper jams in the middle of the night. Does the hood enable you to sleep on your side? 

​This sleeping bag has a 66.5 inch zipper and is a good choice for side sleepers.


I'm 5'3" and believe I need a petite. I already have a big Agnes sleeping pad (72x20x4), the petite bag says to use a 66" tall pad, will the 72" pad work?

Yes, the longer pad will work just fine so long as it is 20" wide.

Matt J

What is the best size compression sack for this bag? Thank You 

​A 15 liter compression sack is a good choice for this sleeping bag.


I'm planning on hiking the Camino de Santiago next spring. How does is fair in fair weather? How weather resistant is it really?

This sleeping bag is a great choice for the Camino de Santiago. The outside of the bag is treated with a durable water repellent finish (DWR). The down insulation is also treated to repel water/moisture.


Is there a big agnes brand sleeping pad that would work the best with this bag?

The Big Agnes Q-Core SLX Sleeping Pad is a great choice for this sleeping bag.


Which sleeping pad works best with the Roxy petite size?

​The petite size works best with a rectangular pad that measures 66" L x 20" W.


If I have a blow up sleeping pad which will not fit in the sleeve, will this bag not be rated at 15 degrees for me? There is no insulation on the back?

This sleeping is not expected to perform up to the listed temperature rating when used with a sleeping pad without insulation.


What is the EN Comfort?

This sleeping bag has not been given an EN rating.


I am 5'5 would the petite or regular size be a better fit for me?

The petite will fit a sleeper up to 5'6" tall; you will sleep warmer in the petite length.


Will this bag zip up with the lost ranger long bag?

This bag is able to be zipped together with a Big Agnes Lost Ranger bag with a left zip.


I am 6'1'' , will this bag be too small for me?

The Roxy Ann in the regular size fits a person who is up 5 foot, 10 inches tall, and is too small to fit comfortably.


What does the compressed volume number mean?  Is this the smallest size stuff sack into which the bag will fit?

The compressed volume is the measurement when the bag is compressed in a compression sack; this is the smallest the bag can get.


Do the Big Agnes sleeping bags zip together? If so we'd want to zip together a mens Long and a women's petite.

For the most part, Big Agnes sleeping bags do zip together as long as one sleeping bag has a left zipper and one sleeping bag has a right zipper.


I am 5'3. Do I need a petite size?

​Yes, the petite length is a better fit for you.


What is the r-value of the sleeping pad used to determine the bags 15 degree rating? Is there a specific model used? 

​Please contact Big Agnes directly to inquire about their testing methods.


Will Roxy 15 regular mate with the Ranger 15 Regular or Long?

​Yes, the Roxy Ann can be zipped to the Lost Ranger.


Will the pad sleeve accommodate a 2-1/2 inch thick pad?

​The pad sleeve on this sleeping bag can accommodate a 4.25 inch thick sleeping pad.


Is this bag insulated in the back? 

​This sleeping bag does not have any insulation on the bottom. There is a sleeping pad sleeve that can accommodate a 20 inch wide sleeping pad.


Which size sleeping pad does the petite fit for the Big Agnes sleep system?

The petite sleeping bag fits a 66" x 20" sleeping pad.

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