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I bought these boots for a month long trip I would be taking to Peru, South America. I immediately fell in love with them because they were light weight and breathable, not to mention a great color. They weren't very heavy which Is why I picked them, being only 100 pounds and 5ft tall I didn't want to have bricks strapped to my feet. I was worried they might be too light to handle hard core trekking but they made it through a five day back packing trek through the Andes without any problems. My feet felt great afterwards too. I walked through rivers and on the last day it down poured for hours, but my feet stayed warm and dry. I was worried they wouldn't be that waterproof since they were so light and breathable but they made it through all of the weather conditions without letting a drop hit my socks. I can't wait to hit some more trails with these babies.

I've had for about two weeks now. Today was the first time using them in real rain, and they were great! I really didn't believe that they would keep my feet dry on the top half because of the material they are made out of is so breathable and lightweight. But my socks were completely dry when I took them off. The shoes were very wet, but not my socks , so yay! I have an older pair of Keen boots that I use to use in the rain and they work great, but feel very heavy when hiking up a big hill, so this are perfect. Might have to but another pair just so I have different color options.

I've been a Keen wearer for many years. These Terradora WP were comfortable right out of the box. Purchased 9/15 and went on a 6 day backpack 9/19/-9/24. Two days of rain and lots of mud but my feet stayed completely dry throughout. Very grippy and sturdy over rock and rougher terrain. However, the crease points on both side (inner/outter) frayed and now have holes ... after one trip. I realize soft, fabric uppers can't be as durable as leather but thought they'd last a little longer than one trek.

This was my first pair of hiking boots. Planned for dayhiking, only. These have a narrow fit to fit my narrow feet, and they were the most narrow I could find in-store. I would restrict the miles you hike in these and would not carry a heavy pack. Would be good to break them in. I had huge blisters on the bottoms of my feet and back of my ankle after wearing them the first couple of times, even with thick, smart wool hiking socks. Also not good for much rocky terrain. Soles are more flexible and thin, and you can feel the rock edges more, making it uncomforatable at times. I wore in light rain, and did well.

I bought a pair of these in April in California to travel in Europe. I went on a trail only once. They were light, comfortable and waterproof. Then, in July, they began to tear on the sides of the toe cap, the fabric got punctured and then they were not waterproof anymore. I went to a cobbler's shop to have them mended, but I was told they could not do anything, no even glue a patch of leather on the holes. I know for real hikers these are medium-priced shoes, but for me they're the most expensive shoes I ever bought because they were ruined in 3 months. Usually, I keep shoes for years or decades, so I won't buy this brand anymore.

I ordered a size larger than I wear because the Keen boot in my size was too tight. The larger size with a small insole that I put in worked perfectly. I used them for a 5 week trip to Scotland where it rained almost every day. I walked hills, cobblestones, hiked trails and muddy fairly glens and up Arthur's Seat. Ankle support was great, and my feet never got wet. Very light weight too, so was like wearing normal gym shoes, but with all the support. Following that, I hiked around in the North Carolina Mountains for 2 weeks, and they were great. I love these boots. For me, the fabric has held up great and they are cute on top of it even in a larger size!

There is a question below where someone asks if these are as wide as Altras and the response is that they are. They are NOT. I have Altras and these are not really comparable. I was in REI trying these on today and my pinkie toes felt a little squished and I did not have free movement. However, the REI associate said these are not as wide as other Keens, but that they should stretch in that area of the shoe. Otherwise they were very comfortable, so I'm planning to give these a try due to their generous return policy, but I was expecting a much wider width and thought these should be represented accurately. Length is true to size though. I normally size up to an 8 in hiking shoes and a 7.5 was good for me in these.

I really really liked these boots. They felt really light and were very waterproof, but still breathable. Sadly they wear very fast on both sides of the toe where the shoe bends, and I've worn though 2 layers of the fabric on both sides. This is with light/moderate use over 6 months. Will be returning as they are getting close to losing their final layer of fabric on each side. Looking for a shoe now that has some reinforcement around that breaking area.

I would've given this shoe five stars had it not been for the unexpectedly poor quality of the fabric used. Like so many others, mine developed holes where the shoe flexes in the toe area. I got to the holes early and "repaired" them (several times) with E6000 for what it's worth. For those who gave great reviews, they WILL develop holes within a few months or less. I truly love these shoes, I hate that they're the ONLY shoes I've ever had that wear out like this - and so quickly!!

I bought these to wear while traveling Europe. Little did I know I would sprain my ankle days before the trip. These boots were a life saver! I was able to lace up and walk the uneven cobble streets of Italy, walked in down pouring rain in Scotland and stayed nice and dry. They are light, and kept my feet warm (traveled in December).

These were my first pair of hiking boots. And I loved them! They were very comfortable and looked great even with normal clothes. I bought them in May, but by August, they had developed holes in the front were the toes bend. So four holes in total, 2 in each shoe, which meant they were no longer water-proof.

I bought these a week ago and have worn them everyday since. Really flexible and lightweight for everyday, rainy days, trails. I wore it in light snow with a thick sock and felt the traction. I haven't tried it on a long, rough hike and wouldn't carry weight in them but since I have a boot for that already, this is a great option for lighter stuff and urban wear. I got gray and it matchest everything. I am getting my money's worth!

I work in a greenhouse and after only 4 months of average use they have developed holes where the shoe bends at the toe box on the outside of the shoe. This negates the waterproofing of the shoe which was a huge draw for me and also justified their cost. I wish they would have held up better because they're perfect other than the holes... I just need them to last.

I bought these thinking I could spare my backpacking boots and use these for day hikes. Everything was going well until I noticed a hole in the inner side where my foot bends. I wore them one next time because I did really like them then noticed the OTHER side had the same problem. Also it looked like the rubber molding was starting to separate from rest of the shoe. I'm very disappointed in the quality. I read other reviews and another person said the same holes started to form and another about the sole starting to separate so at least I know it wasn't something I did.

I bought these 3 days before I left for a week long trip to Iceland. I wore these boots in snow, in rain, hiking into a ravine and up a glacier, horseback riding, and walking around town. Worked great for tons of different activities and kept me dry through precipitation, although I needed extra socks to stay warm in very cold weather.

I went on my first hike in these this morning, I only wore them one day prior to going on a hike (I know risky!) but they were completely comfortable & even had to use microspikes and they performed great. I typically have wider feet and these were perfectly fine & I bought my exact shoe size. Kept my feet dry & had great ankle support for my previously sprained ankles.

I loved these boots! They were super lightweight but good quality. These have been all over Utah and Idaho and I have yet to be disappointed. They are pretty water resistant and clean up really easy. I have no negative comments.

I am very satisfied with my first ever pair of Keen Terradora hiking boots. I purchased them in store and was helped by a very knowledgeable REI employee. I bought them 1 size larger to comfortably fit a pair of Smartwool socks, and to be able to hike down hill with room for my toes. I have worm them on a 6 and 8 hour hike so far and I have no complaints.

Bought these to go on 6-10 mile hikes. Have had these for 3 months and have had no issues. They were a bit tight at first but have softened and I have had no issues with blisters. This week we were up in Manmoth and it was snowing all week. These Keens heals up in snow, slush and rain. I stepped in pure water/snow slush and couldn't feel any water. Love how this brown color looks and isn't bulky. Two thumbs up!

I purchased these to do the last 115km of the Camino de Santiago. I thought they were perfect. I have been walking in them for the last 3 months to make sure they were well broken in before my trip. Now (2 weeks before the big trip) they developed a significant hole in the fabric on top where my toes bend. On both boots! Very disappointing. Now I have only 2 weeks to break in another pair of boots, as I don't trust these to last through my trip.

When I first saw these Keens, I was sure these were the ones I was looking for. I have inexplicable chronic nerve/tendon/muscle pain on lateral side of one foot, plus complications from a surgery, and weak ankles. But now that we are traveling full-time I want to at least take walks in the desert with my husband and dog without worrying about turning an ankle in my low-top shoes.

I tried on these boots in store, and was delighted by how comfortable they were, right out of the box. When I purchased online, I noticed that a number of reviews mentioned wear issues with the boots, but the price was too good to pass up. However, I was deeply disappointed that within the first 10 miles of normal use, the rubber around the toe box had started to separate on one of the boots. Over the next ~50 miles of hiking, the separation increased, and began on the other boot as well. I expect boots to hold up better-- these went back.

I have small narrow feet (size 5.5) so I'm always a little weary of buying shoes, especially hiking boots, online. I got the size 6 in these in the turquoise color. I was a little nervous for the color because I was afraid it would be too bright and I usually stick to more neutrals but it was the only one on sale in my size. I am happy to say that I love the color! They are not too bright at all and they go great with browns and blacks. As for the comfort, they are amazing. They fit more narrowly than my usual hiking boots (which for me is perfect) and they're not as heavy or clunky. As reviewers have pointed out, they are thinner and made from a different material so I would not use these for any extreme hikes or super long hikes. These will be perfect for the trails around me in MI and also most of the day hikes I do when I'm in Northern California. I haven't used them much yet, but I will update my review if I have any problems.

4 time on trail and both shoes have a hole on each side at beginning of toe box. They were my faves!

These were my first pair of hiking shoes and I loved everything about them. I loved the way they fit, the way they breathed, how quickly they dried when wet, the traction, and it didn't take much time at all to break in.

I’m writing this review after purchasing and wearing for a couple of weeks on shorter hikes, all less than 7 miles. They’ve held up great so far and are supportiv and comfortable. My favorite thing about these boots are that they’re not too heavy or bulky, would recommend if you are looking for a versatile and basic shoe at a great price.

I bought these after realizing that I needed more ankle support since I tend to roll my ankles and was planning on doing a lot of hiking on an upcoming trip. I tried on several pairs in store and ended up deciding on these -- they're comfortable, provide good support and were great on trails on all kinds. I was also able to wear these immediately without needing any kind of breaking in. Other hiking boots/shoes were too stiff for my liking. One thing to note: I needed to go up a full size from my normal shoe size to ensure that I allowed enough room for any kind of swelling or thick socks. I wouldn't have guessed that on my own! These are a bit pricey but they will last me forever.

I bought these before going to Patagonia. They were light weight, comfortable and looked better than most hiking shoes. After the first hike (about 8 miles on rocks and a glacier) my feet were fine. A few days later I went on a pretty strenuous 14 mile hike and my feet were destroyed. I had huge blisters on each ankle and a bruised middle toe. My feet did stay dry for the most part.

They barley survived a small desert hike. I picked them up to be light for some desert hikes and they just didn’t hold up. The edge around the sole started to come off the first hike I wore them on. Flex points cracked within 2 months. Not happy. Less then six months and only 3 hikes all less then 6 miles. They look and feel like I have had them for several years and need to be replaced.

Bought these as a last minute purchase before a trip to Maui. Broke them in on the Sliding Sands trail on Haleakalā and on various hikes to waterfalls on the road to Hana. Stayed dry in the muddy and wet conditions. No issues - rubbing, water, tread. Very happy with the decision to upgrade from my running shoes to hiking boots for the trip!

I would have given this 5 stars except the waterproof aspect failed in a torrential downpour in New York City. Maybe any waterproof shoe would have too, I don't know. It took many attempts with a hair dryer to blow the insides dry. The rest of the time I wore these during a month of long days of walking and hiking overseas - they did great. I have problem feet and found that I could adjust the width for my narrow ankles and wide instep due to bunions. And the bit of rain we encountered after that NYC incident was no problem - feet stayed dry.

I had initially purchased these a week before a Yosemite trip and had worn them out on a short local hike with Smartfeet green insoles. I ended up exchanging this pair because there was a stitch on the tongue that was digging into the top of my foot. Went back to REI and tried on a couple of pairs and left with a new pair that I felt had a softer stitching point than the original pair I had. A few days later, without breaking them in, left to Yosemite and ended up hiking 18 miles and nearly 5000 feet of elevation gain. I also returned the smartfeet insoles because they gave me incredible shin splints and hiked with the insoles already in the shoe. WAY more comfortable and had no blisters. Yes, my feet were sore but that's to be expected when hiking that many miles. I have bunions on both of my feet and they did not rub. Also went through a few puddles to test out the waterproof-ness and stayed dry! Highly recommend.

I have a wide foot and a bunion so finding shoes is difficult much less hiking boots. These are wide, soft and very comfortable. I can wear these all day and my feet feel good. I would recommend them.

I needed a pair of warm, waterproof shoes for a winter trip. A friend suggested hiking boots and a local store recommended REI. I visited the closest store to me and was treated amazingly. The store shoe "expert" asked me many questions about my trip, measured my feet, both sitting and standing. She recommended 2 brands. I tried on both and liked the Keens simply because I am not used to wearing something that high on my ankles. I have been actively breaking them in for a winter trip to Germany and Austria, where we will "hike" castles and cathedrals and cobble stone streets.

I wanted the women’s Terradora with the gum-colored sole but the store didn’t have it — even though I had checked online first. So, after making a special trip to this REI location, I bought the version with the darker sole. I later returned them to the flagship store after I ordered the ones I wanted online. My opinion is the gum-colored sole is less stiff, and maybe not as durable or supportive. Overall, the shoe is lightweight and waterproof and gives ankle support and protection. Not great for trails with angular rocks—you will feel them. A little tight across the widest part of the foot. Shoelaces are thin—don’t know why Keen would use cheap laces on this boot.

The toe box material developed holes on both shoes. Luckily REI allows returns up to a year. Was advised to not exchange for another pair because Keen has not fixed the issue

The Keen Terradora boot was excellent to hike around New Hampshire with. The boot is light weight and breathable, but waterproof. I stepped through shallow rivers and did not have any seepage. The colors of the boot are fun. The eyelets at the top occasionally make it difficult to tie up the shoe, or they get caught on things, but nothing too awful. Size would be 1/2 up normal since you will be wearing hiking socks. I normally wear an 8 but an 8.5 in these boots with Darn Tough Socks.

There is so much I like about these shoes: they are lightweight, comfortable, cute and waterproof. The traction is great on slippery surfaces. As others have mentioned, though, the top fabric rips where the toes bend, and it's not repairable. I have four holes now, two in each shoe. I wear these shoes for dog walking and light hikes, and I really expect a $140 pair of shoes to last longer than 5 months. If these shoes were more durable, I would buy another pair in a heartbeat. I am very torn about whether to recommend these shoes.

I went into Bloomington REI seeking a pair of hiking boots to work for local lower to medium intensity hikes but also my occasional trips with more intense hikes, specifically my trip to Hawaii at the end of the month. This met all my needs with good ankle support, cushioning, waterproof (went on a hike through wet trails yesterday and stayed perfectly dry, even when the water went up to the laces), durable, good grip on terrain. I only took them on a five mile hike so far but only have good things to say. No pain at all, toes were perfectly fine, stayed dry, and looked good! Highly recommend!

Originally I went to buy the Earth-tone color BUT when I saw the BungeeCord Malachite color in-store..the boots raised hands and got my attention..Then I tried on a pair in the store and walked around...Given that I already own a pair of Keen sandales from over 10 years ago.. I was drawn to the same brand.. KEEN as my first pair of hiking boots; Keen did not disappoint. I picked them up and paired them with some hiking socks and have had them on all day at work on a FRIDAY! I will be able to use these not only for my initial hiking experience but for raining/snowy days as well! If considering..these; Don't second guess.. I feel like I can play basketball in these too! Seattle!, HERE I COME! :)

I bought these for light hiking. They are lightweight, super comfortable and look stylish as well. I would definitely purchase these again.

I bought these boots today and have not worn them hiking yet. I typically size up to a 9 in hiking boots but I think the 8.5 will do the trick. They are slightly narrower in the toe box than are my other keen boots. The laces are nice and allow you to really tighten the boot around the ankle. These are a sneaker/hiking shoe. They are light weight and should be great for day hikes and easy to pack in a weekend bag.

I’ve gone through so many boots that I thought fit well in the store only to find my heal slipping or blisters killing me once I got on trip. And then I found these. They are so comfortable and very lightweight. The soles are so soft and supportive and they form fit my feet perfectly. They are waterproof but my feel still seem to breathe. I also love my blue/purple color. They are only for day hiking, however. The soles are in the thinner side for hiking shoes and rocky terrain may bother the soles of your feet on really long hikes. For regular day hikes though, I love mine and think they’re perfect. I will be curious to see how long they’ll last - I’ve had them for nine months and still in perfect condition.

I purchased these boots about two months ago. Love the color love the light white flexibility of them. First hike I got one blister on my little toe. Next hike was a 7 mile trek, wore r good wool socks and did not get any blisters or hotspots. They did well on a rocky terrain and through the creeks I highly recommend them

I wore these for only a couple of VERY light hikes and then on short walks and errands for about a year before the left boot developed a frayed hole where the rubber meets the fabric. A few months after I noticed the first hole, a second one developed in the same spot on the other shoe. I really liked these boots quite a lot but they're not at all durable and the waterproofing is only good for the smallest of puddles--definitely not driving rain, big puddles, or shallow streams.

Purchased these shoes 15mo ago and wore them on about 10 hikes. I noticed on the last hike, that the fabric was tearing at the sides (same issue as another reviewer referenced, they included images). When researching warranty to see whether I can get a replacement, KEEN honors only up to a year from purchase date. I'm very disappointed to have purchased hiking shoes which are essentially of disposable quality. They are light and comfortable, but not worth $100 for 10 wears.

I work long days on film sets (walking about 10 miles per day) and after wearing these, my feet hardly hurt at all at the end of a 15 hour day. They really are waterproof, which is really important to me since I'm outside in all weather conditions. I didn't have to break them in at all, which is a huge plus. They're not bulky. I'm planning a multi-day hiking trip next month and these are absolutely coming with me. They run true to size. Very pleased!

Bought these a little less than two months ago and broke them in over Memorial weekend on a 4 day 3 night hike. I'll try to break down the boots to be fair to Keen, since I generally like the brand.

I LOVE these boots. I've owned other pairs of Keens in the past, but not always found them to be the most lightweight or comfortable boots. I generally wear trail runners for hiking & backpacking, but found myself in need of shoes with more ankle support & waterproof protection, while still maintaining a lightweight & flexible feel. These boots checked off all my requirements; they're very lightweight for a hiking boot, totally waterproof (but still relatively breathable), flexible enough that my feet don't feel like they're in straight jackets (but still sturdy enough to take on tough terrain), & the purple color & overall style look great for wear off the trail.

I loved these boots so much! I live in Colorado and hike multiple times a week, but just like everyone else, I too had problems with the shoes wearing on the sides of the toe box. I can't thank the REI Flagship Denver store enough for letting me return these, even though they said they don't take returns with moderate wear! I am still on the hunt for boots as good as these, and so bummed that they aren't reinforced better in that area.

I went to Rei looking for the perfect pair of hiking boots. I have foot pain in my right foot so I basically was just looking for comfort and ankle support . After trying on many these were my favorite . I wore these for 6 days straight hiking in Sedona, Arizona and they were amazing ! Lots of support and close to no foot pain . However , I didn't really get to test out the keen dry as there was no water. So far I love keen!!!

Pros: This felt like just the right amount of boot. I was looking for lighter hiking footwear, and they're not as clunky and heavy as traditional hiking boots, but I still feel like there's some ankle support with these and great tread. They kept my feet comfortable even after backpacking trips and long hikes of 10-12 hours.

Bought for a spring trip to Europe, so wanted lightweight and waterproof. However, after about a month, the fabric where my toes bend started to a tiny knife cut on the outside upper of each boot. Returned to REI, but really wished they had held up better, as Keens are usually quite reliable. I see another reviewer had the same problem.

When I tried these on in the store, they felt pretty good. I got them mainly because they felt good on the back of my ankles when was standing on a decline. Other boots I tried on were digging into the back of my ankles. When I walked a few miles in them, they were just too tight on my feet. I had to loosen the laces all the way to make them somewhat comfortable. I ended up returning them and going with a Salomon boot that was wide width and had more room. These may work for someone else, but for me they just didn't work out.

These are great boots because they’re comfortable...they feel more like a sneaker but have great archsupport. Will use them in place of sneakers sometimes and plus they don’t look like you just came off the trail. Store salesperson was extremely helpful in Marlton NJ in helping me choose this boot for my lifestyle! They run true to size.

I’ve hiked about 100 miles in these, up to 11 miles in a single day, and they are very supportive. They keep my feet dry when rain is falling, but yesterday I walked through a couple of inches of water in them, and my feet were soaked through. Walking the last five miles with drenched socks and squishy feet wasn’t much fun.

For the money, these shoes do not last, which is unfortunate as they are unbelievably comfortable and lightweight. I love that they have a more narrow profile than other keen models. They also get VERY stinky after they get wet. They are only of value when they go on sale.

I bought these books and LOVED them. Comfortable with support. Unfortunately, after just a few minimal hikes, the fabric is fraying - on both boots (as others have reported). VERY disappointed. I recommended these to many friends and now feel badly :(

I bought these shoes a month ago because I wanted to upgrade from a trail runner for hiking to something a bit heavier that still felt light. I was initially concerned because these didn't feel wide enough, but the more I walked in them, the more comfortable they felt. I went on a weekend trip to the Smokies and hiked 30 miles that weekend. In terms of these shoes being waterproof, they are great. The trails were muddy and these kept my feet dry.

I have been wearing these terradoras for over a week. I sized up 1/2 size because my normal size was a bit tight around top of the foot. I have a high instep. The size up didn’t really add any extra depth to shoe but increased toe room and length. The shoe is loosening up a bit and now may be a bit too roomy in the toe area. This is a snug fitting shoe. If you like a roomy fit or wider fit then this isn’t for you. I have a slightly wider than average foot but like a snug secure fit so the narrowness is ok to me. There is little arch support and very little padding under forefoot. I don’t suggest long hikes or use as a daily walker without replacing insole with something with support and padding. I do like the look of this boot without all that bulk other boots carry around unnecessarily.

These did not require a break in period the first time I hiked in Zion Utah National Park. It rained, then snowed, then temps dropped and it froze. These boots worked excellent. Highly recommend!

No break in time required. Wear it out the store and home. Next day hike for 4 hours and no blisters! Keen is best woman's hiking boot. For men, I prefer Solomons.

Mileage: I wouldn't do over about 10 miles a day in these boots. My feet were killing me after 10 miles, but my feet were fine the next day! I got them in June '17 and as of August '17 and about 30 miles later they are starting to wear and get holes on the outside of the boot near the ball of my foot (where the boot creases).

Happy I bought these boots. Light weight and good fit for my wide feet. Satisfied with the arch support for flat feet.

After twisting my ankle from wearing regular tennis shoes, I decided it was time to splurge! I had been eyeing these beauties for a few weeks before I finally broke down and went in to the store to try them on. As soon as I tried them on, I LOVED them. I have used them a few times now to go day hiking and I have to say, I really love the support in my ankles. You can lace them up nice and tight. I feel like I can really climb mountains in these babies! Highly recommend!

Color: Bungee Cord/Malachite. I wanted a pair of vegan, waterproof hiking boots. These are them. We have had no weather here in California so I can't speak to how they function in rain...but the woman who wore them in Iceland for a week convinced me to make the purchase. Size: I wear a 7.5 shoe and 7 sandal. Usually would order an 8 for a winter boot but there's enough room for thicker socks that I bought the 7.5. Color: Darker than the photo. Which I was happy about. Bungee Cord/Malachite is a nice mix of blue and green so goes well with both. Comfort: Very!! They have a lightweight feel but still feel solid like a boot. I have an avg. width foot and these are perfect with lots of support. Bought these for an upcoming trip to New Mexico for walking in Santa Fe but also hiking on trails...these are nice boots for both.

Bought these for a trip to Ireland. Feet were dry and comfortable the entire trip!

Love these boots! They are sturdy yet light in weight. Very comfortable!

A bit lighter than most Keen boots makes these even more comfortable!

I was in the market for new hiking shoes with the only requirements that they be waterproof, not too bulky or heavy, and comfortable. After trying a few options this was my choice, and I'm loving them so far. Not quite as tough as some others, which is why I preferred them to be honest as I'd choose light weight over better support for my own needs. Perhaps not the ideal choice for more intense, rocky climbs, but perfect for my trail hikes.

I bought these days before a planned hike, and I was nervous I'd get blisters since I didn't have a chance to break them in, but that was not at all the case. Not only are these boots comfortable and cute, they're very sturdy and have great support. I have tendinitis in one of my ankles that usually slows be down on hikes, but the support helped me to power right through. Pair these with some dry wick socks, and you're feet will be in heaven.

This is my first pair of hiking boots and its really comfortable. Hiked a few times with them, no pain or discomfort from them. Definitely durable and waterproof. One of my cousin ended up buying the same pair of boots. She had bought something else before but it was making her bunions hurt so she returned them. She said these boots did not hurt her feet at all when she hiked in them. We both love our Keen Hiking Boots!

I bought these a week ago, they are very comfortable. I have a bad case of planter fasciitis right now and I didn't feel any pain when I wore these. Grips the heel perfectly and they fit my wide feet and I usually have a hard time finding shoes that are wide enough. I always wear a 7 1/2 or an 8. These are my first pair of Keens, I bought an 8, fits perfectly with a wool sock. Kept my feet dry all day in the rain.

So happy to find these. I have many other Keen's but needed some high top water proof ones. They are light weight compared to the others I've tried. I wear a 7 and got the 7 ½ to wear thicker socks. They were still comfortable with my regular smart wool socks and the thicker ones. Plenty of toe room. Pricey, yeah but when you're in another country you need something that will last and not mess up the trip.

I am very disappointed in how these held up~ I actually look these up to see when I purchased them and I bought them in April 2018 which means they’re not even two years old and the material on the top of the shoe has already ripped. I am wondering what the return policy is on this product. Also it’s not like I have logged hundreds of miles hiking in these in 2 years.

I bought these for a through hiking trip carrying 20-25 lbs. I wore them on a few practice hikes and was worried the arch support wasn't sufficient. However, on my backpack in trip they turned out to be great. No problems at all with them. Super comfortable and versitile. Saved my ankles more than once. I like that the soles are more flexible than many hiking boots, and they are comparably light.

I love the look of this boot. I tried it on in-store and thought it would be okay. Ordered a different color on-line. I have a narrow foot but a large bunion. After walking around about a half hour, the right shoe feels too snug, rubs my bunion, and rubs my ankle bone, Unfortunately, I will be returning them. Full disclosure ... this is the third pair I've tried and just not having any luck.

I like these boots a lot. Very comfortable, look good, waterproof (although I haven't tested that much yet), and they seem to be very sturdy so far. My feet are hard to fit, and these boots do.

I've had these boots for about 9 months and I've put less than 200 miles of hiking into them, but the fabric is tearing at the flexpoint on both sides of each boot. I'm really disappointed, as they're comfortable and lightweight. The fabric does get stained very quickly though-- they looked well used after the first muddy hike. Overall, these are comfortable for my feet but not durable.

I am the WORST with shoes!! The back end always rubs my heel and gives me blisters so I usually try to find flex back shoes. The backs of these havent bothered me once! They are cushioned and dont rub at all. I've used them for hunting, hiking, and snowshoeing. With wool socks they keep your feet toasty warm even while snowshoeing in below freezing temps for hours!!

This was my first pair of Keen boots. The style of these boots is what originally attracted my attention, then I tried them on and the fit was perfect! True to size and very comfortable. I do a lot of trail hiking and these boots have proven to be up to the task and are completely leaks. I love them and have since bought a second pair of Keen boots.

I love this boot so much. I bought then the second they came out. They are so comfortable and stylish. I love they are waterproof and the ankle support. I am bumbed out about the fact that I've had these less than a year and a half and they are already cracked and becoming frayed. I would hope for the price, they would have lasted a few years longer

I bought these boots 7/25/19. I did several hikes and climbs over the last not-even 3 months, and while on the trail today noticed my boots are peeling apart. I would have rated them 10/10 for comfort & waterproofing, but for the price, and the brand name, and being an REI product, I expect boots that last longer than 2.5 months and 50 miles

These are easily THE MOST comfortable hiking shoes I have ever owned. However, they are not durable. I got a hole in the same place on both shoes after 1 week of use. I was in an area without an REI, so I kept using and after a month I had even more holes in them. This was a big problem for me because they were marketed as waterproof.

I tried these on in REI. They are super lightweight, and very comfortable. I wanted a more earthy color than what they had in the store, so I was super excited to be able to buy the color I wanted online. They run narrower than a normal Keene, but I had too much room in the footbed of my old Keene's anyways. These fit me perfect.

I love these boots! I’ve had them around 6 months and hiked 2-5 miles probably 10 different times with no issues. The waterproofing is great—I’ve stood in creeks up to the top of the shoe, hiked through deep mud and complete downpours and my feet always stay dry. They are really comfortable and didn’t need any breaking in.

These boots are hands down some of the most comfortable boots I’ve ever purchased. The fit is like a tennis shoe, but the sole is thick enough to protect from rocks and sticks along the trails. The ankle is sturdy and supportive and the tread has gotten me down some steep declines with no issues. I love these boots!!

I wore these quite a bit for the extra support it provided at work. My other workshoes are normal timberlands , so in comparison these were light as air !

Believe all of us who are proof that these aren't worth it. Cute, good fit, comfortable, but I don't want to have to throw a $100+ product away after a year (or less) because it has gaping holes that prevent its continued use. We're trying to produce less waste, Keen. Get with the program.

I purchased these for an internship surveying throughout the summer. I hiked through creeks and dense vegetation no problem. However, after only one month these boots are already torn up, and the shoe laces broke.

After 2 months of wearing these boots, they developed holes behind the toe box. 4 big holes and they look tattered and icky now. I have passed the return policy so I’m stuck with them. I wouldn’t recommend these boots to anyone, unless you want comfy boots that look worn and tattered.

I absolutely love these shoes. They're super comfortable, I have wide feet and I haven't had any discomfort from them. The high tops give my ankles extra support and they don't restrict my movement. Amazing tread, where I hike is mostly flat sandstone and I haven't slid once.

I have slim but wide feet. These caused my foot to cramp for hours after because they are so narrow in the front. Other than that they would be perfect. They are the only flexible boot I’ve found for those of us that can’t wear stiff shoes. A half size up didn’t help.

I hike almost daily in these boots, mostly in the rain. They are light, comfortable, waterproof, and good for almost any terrain. I've had issues with my left shoe not bending flexibly when I step. It's a little painful, but could be my own foot that is at fault.

Bought for a trip to Iceland. Mild day hikes, walking around town. Weather was colder than expected, shoes stayed dry as promised and feet were protected from wind. I HIGHLY recommend these one of the most comfortable, no break in required shoes I have owned.

They are nice shoes they just weren't the right fit for me. The toe box area was too narrow and the shoe put pressure on the very tops of my toes. This would have become problematic for long hikes. The shoe was light and really comfortable everywhere else.

I got these for work. I work on a nature preserve and walk about 20,000 steps a day give or take 1,000 steps. The shoes are comfortable and when it is wet or there are puddles, they keep my feet totally dry. Definitely would recommend or buy them again.

I saw these at an event and order on line. I was looking for a light weight hiking boot and they are definitely lighter than the leather model. Not much width for my comfort. I retuned to an REI store and ended up buying the low boy. Time will tell.

Im usually skeptical with hiking boots feeling "good" on my feet, but these feel great!

great shoe, but 3 months into frequently back country hiking, the cloth tore at where your foot naturally bends and the pull at the back of the heel ripped as well. very comfortable but better for casual use, rather than heavy backcountry use.

So comfortable and cute! Order half size up. I normally wear 7.5 and I got size 8 perfect fit! First I thought they may be to big but after wearing them for two days my feet felt great! I got blue and my daughter got the grayish color.

Firstly, I LOVE these boots. Not generally a Keen fan but if they made more slim profile shoes like these I would be a loyal customer. As other reviewers mentioned, these boots are comfortable out of the box, ready for hiking, nice and lightweight, yet with good support and traction. Also, great for city as well and reliably waterproof. I used them for a month-long trip in Europe, all day every day, including some hiking in Switzerland. The one and only downside and the reason for this review is that after a week(!) of mostly city walking, they developed wear holes in the fabric behind the toe box, right where your foot bends and the fabric meets the plastic seal strip. REI with their awesome guarantee took them back no problem and now I'm trying the leather version to hopefully avoid this. I'm sad because they're a tad stiff and have more of that traditional hike look, and the variety of color choice on the fabric version is far superior. I'd love to see Keen try again with a different material or design to hopefully prevent that wear and tear in future.

Although I'm using them outside of their traditional element (I'm using them to walk on a parking lot all day), they are extremely comfortable. I also bought them for riding my motorcycle, especially in rainy weather.

The boots do run narrow especially in the toe box. I do have a narrow foot but after a long day they get uncomfortable around the toes. Other than the shoes being narrow they are great mine have kept very well.

Needed shoes for walking in Vietnam - rainy season - and my other shoes were either made for cold weather or were too permeable. These were perfect. I prefer the Ahnu brand for structure but these worked well.

These boots are awesome! Very comfortable! I got these for my trip to Alaska and they worked very good. I have finally found a pair of boot I can wear and they don't hurt my feet. I'm ready for more hiking!

Worked well! This is my first hiking shoe purchase. This made a considerable difference. They did somewhat hurt my feet. I may have tied them too tight so I’m still messing with that. Overall great shoe!

Loved this boots for light hiking and dog walks. As with other reviews, both boots got holes at the toe crease. Wanted to get another pair, but after seeing other review with the same problem, I didn't.

These are super cute and comfortable but only lasted a month of regular hiking before they tore and weren’t water proof. My friend also bought them in a different color and hers broke in the same place.

I wore these boots for 2 and a half weeks (of non strenuous hiking) before a hole formed in the toe area at the seam. Poor quality, poorly made, though they are very comfortable once broken in.

I have had 3 pairs of this boot this year- I LOVE this boot- so comfortable- could walk forever- but they fall apart. Material gets holes in it- heartbreak. Now to find a boot that can last

These boots are the only footwear that I needed to take to the Azores. They are light and comfortable and were perfect for walking around town and hiking in the mountains. I love them!

Great shoe with ankle support. Feet did feel a little tired after a two hour hike but overall very satisfied with my purchase. I'm usually a 5 or 5.5 but got fitted in store for a 6.

These are nice boots, but I decided I needed more support for the rock and tree root-strewn trails in our area. Also needed the next size up, but went with a different brand.

Best shoe I've ever worn. Perfect comfort, not just for hiking, but all the time. Astounding comfort and style - I get compliments often on my Keen boots.

Great boot. Got the boot and hiked 8 miles right out of the box - no issues. Would recommend going up a .5 size (run small). Very light and sturdy.

Colorful, comfortable with no break in period required, and truly waterproof as I tested them out walking in about 2-3 inches of lake water.

These shoes are awesome and super lightweight. Perfect for day hikes or shorter backpacking trips. Very flexible and grippy.

I was looking for vegan shoes that are cute, yet had good support. These fit the bill perfectly! I couldn’t be happier!

My wife loves these boots. She has worn them hiking, dune riding, walking....just about everywhere and loves them.

Good fit, nice color. Love the boot. Can't wait until my next hiking trip to try them out.

I did not get this color in lower ankle.

The shoe is not very stiff which is good for everyday use. A good array of colors.

Very comfortable and good for very light hiking. The price point is reasonable.

Since limited on wehat one can say in a review - I say I love these shoes

Love this boot, it's lightweight, waterproof and supports my ankles

Perfect shoes for everyday use not just hiking! May use for work!

shoes fit like a glove, very comfortable and I wear them everyday

Excellent comfort ,and quality my feet felt great after hiking.

I bought a pair of these boots to wear around our WV mountain farm back in November. I was a bit cautious as my earlier experiences with Keen's ere OK at best..I thought they looked worth a try for a reasonable price.



How much do they weigh?

The average weight of a pair of these boots is 1 lb. 9.6 oz.


Do you find this Terradora waterproof boot is hot, like hotter than a non waterproof boot?  I am mostly hiking in the South and want a breathable material. Thanks.

This hiking boot has a waterproof breathable membrane. This barrier does a great job at moisture control for on-trail comfort, however it does get warm in hot weather and as your activity increases.

AP 1

Are these boots insulated for freezing and be Ow temperatures?

​No, these boots are not insulated.


Does the mesh fabric snag easily when hiking through sticks and thorns?

The mesh uppers on these boots do not snag easily, but it's possible that certain types of small prickly thorns can attach to them.


What is the drop on these shoes? Also, looking at these for snowshoeing in February, good idea?

These boots have an 8mm heel drop. While they can be used for snowshoeing, they are not insulated. The amount of warmth they provide is going to depend on the type of socks being worn.


Would these be good for summer hiking in Iceland? 

​These boots would be great for hiking in Iceland!


I'm wearing a Brooks Ghost with a custom orthodic arch support for my plantar Fasciitis. Is this a neutral shoe and what's the height of the heel compared to the toe?

Keen does not specifically list heel drop for their boots, but it would be in the 8 – 10 mm range. While also not specified, these boots could be considered a neutral boot.


Country of origin?

This item is made in China. Please keep in mind the country of origin can change over time and some items are sourced from multiple countries.


Do you have similar, light weight/ high tops in wide options, I'm a 7-7.5 with very wide feet and need day hikers like this. Thank you, Dhara

​Please contact us at 1-800-436-4840 for more recommendations.


I'm going to Iceland in January. Would these shoes hold up against the hiking being done there?

This boot works well on primary trails; it does not offer the support and durability that a heavier backpacking boot will offer.


I'm going hiking in Glacier, MT for 7 days. Would these boots hold up?

​Yes, this day hiking boot is ideal for hiking in rugged terrain with a light pack.​


I'm going to the Antarctic and will be hiking in snow with heavy, thermal socks. How much larger shoe should I buy for this trip?

​These are day hiking boots and we do not suggest them for extreme winter adventures. If needed we suggest only sizing up a half size to accommodate thicker socks.


Do these boots have any instep support?

​The stock insole offers little arch support. We recommend choosing an aftermarket insole if you want more arch support.


Is the toebox wide enough to accomodate hammertoes and bunions?

Based on feedback and reviews, these hiking boots have a generous toebox. We recommend trying on the boots and returning if they don't fit your feet.


Is it better to get the same size I'd get for a normal shoe or size up? I would be planning on using these for hiking in the mountains but also on flatter terrains, does that make any difference?

​These boots have a women's specific fit with a narrower lasted heel and generous toe box. However, we consider the boots to run true-to-size and suggest ordering your normal size initially.


I´m planning a ten day hike in Hungary this summer, the typical day is about a seven to ten mile walk with lots of stops, village to village...I know my fellow trekkers who are europeans hike with sandals but I feel that´s too much for my (tender) feet

These boots are an excellent choice for long day hikes. However, if you are going to be carrying a large backpack you may consider a more supportive backpacking boot.


If I get this boot true to size, will I still be able to wear thick socks with them and not worry about blistering on long hike?

​We suggest these boots run true-to-size. However, we are unable to determine the thickness of socks you can wear.


Are these shoes warm for winter wear in the snow. I am thinking snow and slush for shopping and a bottom that is not slippery.

​These boots do not have insulation. We recommend pairing with a thicker hiking sock or mountaineering sock for warmth.


What is the best way to dry shoe after getting wet to keep looking as new as possible and avoid losing their shape?

We advised removing the insoles and drying the boots in an area with normal temperatures. Do not use a heat source, but you can use a fan if would like to speed up the process. For more information about caring for your boots, please see the following article.


Are these shoes vegan? And if not, what specifically makes them not vegan?

These shoes are not vegan. We recommend contacting the vendor, Keen, regarding questions about craftsmanship.


Why are these shoes not vegan? it says they are made of all synthetic material. What specifically makes them not vegan?

We're sorry, that information is not available. We encourage you to contact the vendor Keen.


I just got these shoes, ill be going to Nepal, hiking the Himalayas for about 5 weeks, carrying a 75 liter pack, will they hold up? 

​Based on the type of hiking, the location and the load that you are carrying we do not recommend these boots. These boots are ideal for day hikes and overnight trips. A more robust and heavier duty backpacking boot is going to be a better choice.


Is this a good boot for hiking through water? Is it fast-drying? 

​This boot is not quick drying like a water shoe or a ventilator boot. The Terradora is waterproof boot with a breathable membrane to keep water out and releases moisture from your feet to keep your feet dry.


What's the equivalent size for 25 cm? How many days does it take to deliver ? 

​A 25 cm foot is approximately a US Women's size 9. For information on shipping please refer to the link provided below.


I wear either a 6 1/2 or 7 in hiking shoe/boots depending on the brand. I have 2 pairs of Keen sandals that are the most comfortable shoes I own and they are a 6 1/2. Should I order this size in these boots or go up a size? Also are they good for walking

​For hiking boots we recommend order a ½ size up from your standard size. These boots are a fine choice for walking activities.


Are these boots true to size or so they run small?

​These boots do run true to length and are fairly wide in the toe box.


can you describe the colour Silver Birch/canteen. it looks like a light brown colour. Is that correct?

​The silver birch/canteen color has a light brown base color with off-white accents.


Are these made in the USA?

These boots are made in China. Please keep in mind the country of origin can change over time and some items are sourced from multiple countries.

Ana Moore

Can I use my favored insoles with terradoras?  If so should I order a larger size? 

Aftermarket insoles can be used with these hiking boots. The stock insole can be easily removed. We recommend ordering your usual US shoe size.


I bought these shoes about four months ago and the fabric at the sides of the shoe where my toes bend has developed wear holes. I'm so disappointed as I love this shoe. Is there a redesign in the works to resolve this issue?

We are not aware of an re-designs for these boots. They are of course covered under our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


I'm planning to do a Zion/Bryce Canyon/dessert hike but was planning on possibly use these shoes for Banff and you recommend using a hiking shoe with more support or will thiscshoe be okay for longer day hikes.

These are a great choice for all of your day hiking trips. If you are backpacking, however, we recommend going with a more sturdy boot for additional support:


Had ruptured Achilles surgically repaired so Looking for a hiking boot to protect it. I also have high arches. Will hike on established trails in hot weather. Would You recommend this boot?

This boot is a good choice for summer hiking and ankle protection. For extra arch protection, we recommend using these boots with insoles:


I really need a breathable shoe - my feet get hot quickly.  Does this Keen waterproof "breathable" membrane really work to keep feet cool in hot weather?

The breathable membrane does not keep feet cool, it simply allows for air moisture to more easily escape the boot.


I wear Vasque Talus boots. My Vasque boots are more comfortable than 2 other more rigid pairs I've worn, but my feet still ache on long hikes and they don't provide enough ankle support. Would these Keen boots best Vasque in terms of comfort and support?

These boots have a cushioning system that is meant to absorb shock and enhance comfort. The dual density footbed will provide excellent arch support, reduces strain on the ball of your foot, provides heel stability, and more shock absorption making these a comfortable supportive boot for most hiking trips.


Do these provide any support for high arches?

These boots are comfortable for high arches, however adding an insole specific for high arches will make for an even more comfortable fit.


Is the Raven/Rose Dawn color true black or charcoal versus a brownish hue?

The Raven/Rose Dawn color in these boots is more of dark charcoal/grey color.


Can these boots be worn backpacking as well?

​These boots can be used for backpacking. They may not offer as much support as traditional backpacking boots, but if you do not feel you need the extra support, they are a good choice.


Boot looks like a lighter option that provides some stability for people with ankle probs that cannot wear trail runners/shoes. In your opinion, how would they hold up with months of backpacking in rough terrain?

We do not recommend these boots for multi-day backpacking trips over rough terrain. The boots do not have a stiff enough shank.

HLC - Red

Does this come in non-waterproof?

No, we do not carry a non-waterproof version.


Planning a 120 mile hike in France. Is the mesh truly waterproof and wind proof?

The boot is fully waterproof and windproof due to the KEEN.Dry waterproof breathable membrane.


Are these true to size? Or do they run bigger or smaller?

These boots do run true to length and are fairly wide in the toe box.


does this shoe have Gore Tex waterproofing?

These boots are using Keen's own waterproof/breathable membrane called Keen.Dry.


Are these vegan?

​The upper materials are made with fully synthetic materials, but the glue used for the mid and outsole is not vegan certified, so we cannot say these are 100% vegan shoes.

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