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LOVE this shoe. Happiest show purchase in a long time. Be advised, the way that these are designed, you will want them to be snugger than a typical sneaker, so consider ordering a half size smaller than what you typically wear. I wear a 9.5 in everything, but there's a full thumb's width in front of my big toes in that size. In all other regards they fit well at that size, but the 9 was perfect, with about 1 cm in front of the big toe.

Comfortable, but not durable. Outsole wears off very quickly, the top mesh gets cracked, the rubbery band inside the shoe gets detached from the shoe, so it gets hard to slip them on without unlacing. Lasted for 8 months (no trail running). Previous versions of the same shoe were better.

I have purchased 2 pairs of these shoes, the trail glove 3 and the trail gloce 4. I really wanted to like them because they look very nice. But I ended up throwing both of them away.

For dry single-track, I'm not sure you could find a better pair of trail runners. I wore these for a trail marathon and was very impressed with the comfort, but particularly, the ground feel that they provided. The rubber sole protects well against rocks and the lightness lends itself to keeping one's form on-point, even on tired legs.

Super impressed. Best Trail Glove so far. The feel of the shoe and its design are really pleasing. I have run in the trail Glove 3 and the Vapor Glove 3 and this one is the most satisfying and thought-out. The tread feels excellent on the road, the cushion and toebox is comfy, and they did not come untied after 9 miles.. Check this one out all ye barefoot zero-drop runners. These are excellent.

Most comfortable I’ve ever worn. They let you feel the ground very well while providing a confidence-inspiring amount of protection and grip. I often throw these one when I’m running out the door to run errands since they are so comfortable. As with all running shoes you should find the proper fit in person using whatever socks you plan on running in.

Wore out a pair of Merrill Trail Glove 3 after 3-4 years. I really like “barefoot “ shoes,but the “toe shoes” always turned me off. This time I tried on every brand of zero drop shoes in the St.Louis REI store. The Merrill fit my wide foot best. The shoe sales woman was very patient,even though it was crazy busy that day. I walk 4-5 miles a day on city streets and tile floors at my veterinary clinic daily. These shoes are wonderful! No break in,but, I was already used to this type of shoe(requires some strengthening of ligaments in the foot).

I was used to running in The Vibram Five Finger shoes but those never lasted long so I bought these instead. They feel greet, are much more durable, and alow my foot the same feel as being barefooted!

A comparison with New Balance 10v1 Minimus (TG = Trail Glove, NB = Minimus).

Wearing out in strange places after 3 months...also has to be washed every 2 weeks because of summer every other wearing...also had hard time finding pair not defective or different then matching other shoe...get it together merrell

Good form fitting shoes. Only have 20 miles on them and some lugs are starting to wear off though so no 5 stars. FYI I wear a 12 sneaker and had to return original pair for a 10 in these. Be prepared if you have never worn minimal shoes before, these are not as extreme as the vapor gloves but still work your calves and feet much harder than regular running shoes.

Fit is ok. Function is fine. However this is my second pair of Merrell shoes that have gotten really bad odor in a very short amount of time. I've never had problems with foot odor before with any boot or shoe. I've been very active all my life and military service put most of my past equipment to the limits. I've done nothing to cause these shoes to smell this bad. Must be something with the materials they chose. I had high hopes for these shoes. Sadly disappointed. I'll be replacing with NB Minimus 10V1. Best minimal shoe I've ever had.

I was lucky enough to snag a pair of these at a local REI Garage Sale and I'm really glad I did. I'm rather new to barefoot style shoes, but these are some of the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned. They definitely leave it up to your own foot and body to have proper step technique and have left me sore in fun places a couple times, but feel like a reinforced glove for your foot.

These felt great from the start. I really like the tongue design. I didn't like the laces so I change them our for some elastic ones. Nice zero drop feel without being overly harsh. They split on the side like my Vapor Glove 3s did. So durability is not great for me. Also, they got smelly after like 2 months. I don't even run in these. I've ran in them once maybe twice at most. I usually wear them to work where I have a desk job or around the house and running errands when I'm off.

I wore them for about three weeks and regretfully had to return them. They never broke in and even when laced very loosely, they were too narrow for my admittedly wide foot. This is the second time I've had this issue with a pair of Merrell's. Being a great shoe company, I thought the first pair was a fluke, but apparently it's now the way Merrell makes their shoes. So If You Have A Wide Foot AVOID All Merrell Shoes!!

Love the barefoot feel as I’m hiking the trails, while still enjoying the protection of vibrant soles.

They fit like glove, snug and secure, but allow plenty of room for your toes. The level of comfort is amazing, but the sole is still thin enough to allow you to feel the ground. The uppers are very breathable, which makes these comfortable for all day wear. I love hiking and walking barefoot, but some of my favorite trails have areas that aren't barefoot friendly. These are wonderful!

I bought these shoes as a replacement to the old Merrell shoes with Vibram souls that I bought years ago. They are extremely comfortable, although they don’t breathe quite as well as the older ones. I will be interested to see how they hold up in the longer run. I’ve only had them a couple of weeks But have worn them casually and trail running and they’ve been fantastic.

Wore these on the camino de santiago (600km) as well as the rota vicentina and via algarvana in portugal this past summer and fall. Absolutely love them. While they aren't waterproof, they dry quicker than most other shoes which was super convenient. Also didn't have a single problem with blisters. The only issue i ran into was the mesh material getting small holes but they were stitched up easily enough. Would definitely recommend these for long hikes. The thinness of the shoe allows for a more intuitive step and prevents injury.

First of all, I really like these shoes. They are incredibly comfortable. I am just disappointed by how narrow the toe box is, to spite their claim of "wide toe box". Maybe I just have wide feet. Just doesn't seem like your foot has much room to widen, which is definitely what happens to barefoot-style runners.

I've always hiked light and these are great lightweight grippy shoes to hike in. I routinely ford streams and small rivers without removing them as they dry out really quickly.

I use these shoes for weight training and they are great. The grip is excellent, they fit wider feet, and they feel very natural. The minimal padding allows for you to feel through the shoe and get a solid footing very easily. They are lightweight and good looking too.

These shoes are amazing! They are the perfect balance of an everyday shoe for travel. Packs flat in a suit case... lightweight as feathers... perfect for running and walking. Super for hiking and more. If you had to only pack one shoe - this is a must!

loved these shoes..... soles seemed to wear well, fit was great, they look fantastic, ... then they developed rips around the forefoot on both sides...... this was after a few months, but they were going to be toast soon.

The earlier version have been my favorite running and walking around shoes off all time. These do not disappoint. I hope they keep making them.

Comfortable but I didn't even get two months put of them. The top and sides of both shoes started splitting at flex points, and the soles were showing visible wear with only weekend use so maybe 50 trail miles

A little more stacked than a typical mininalist shoe but great to run in. Doesn't slip off while running. Fairly easy to slip on. Like a sock with a dope vibram sole on it. Tongue looks odd but it doesn't move and get wedged like a normal tongue. Good traction on dirt and road but sucks on smooth surfaces like tile. I wear em for everything even church. Pretty quick drying though I aint got em soaked yet. Only had em for a couple months so we'll see how long they hold up.

After spending too much time in sandals I decided I needed a minimalist shoe to wear when sandals weren't appropriate so I went with the Trail glove. These are the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn for both trail running and wearing around the house or working in the yard. I wish I had found these years ago! It's the first time in years I've been able to run and not have issues with knee pain.. Takes some getting used to for running but worth it.

This shoes are genius. They designed it so that the tongue of the shoe only opens on one side. This prevents the tongue from sliding to one side as the shoe ages. Why isn't this more common?

My foot feels good in the shoe. But I hate the heel. It seems to put me back on my heel and out of balance. May be if I only wore them to run in 100% they might be fine. But for me the heel does not provide enough cushion for running. I will be returning them. Note: I have only worn them inside so can't really comment on running with them.

I wore out a pair of Trail Glove 2 shoes. I liked the minimal features and low profile. I was reluctant to try the 4 due to unique tongue. I am so glad I bought these shoes. The fit is perfect and zero tongue issues. What impresses more is the sole. It looks minimal but feels super cushy. Overall, the shoe is one of the most comfy I've ever worn. Very happy with my purchase and would buy again.

I originally passed over the shoes without thinking twice. The idea of a "barefoot" trail shoe didn't seem inviting. Prompted by others, I tried them on. They fit like a good pair of climbing shoes, wrapping and molding to my feet and to my high arches. I was sold. I've since put nearly 40 miles on the shoes with no complaints.

Bought these before a weekend hiking trip with my son. Did 8 miles the first day, 6 the 2. Fit is snug. I don’t like hiking boots. Very light weight. Only downfall is the laces where they tie started to hurt the top of my foot. Just loosened them up a little and that helped some. That’s the only reason for 4 instead of 5 stars.

i love these barefoot shoes, they are super comfy, and even better, is that they are easy to get on and off. the last pair of merells i had took a while to get on at first and cumbersome to put on and take off. these i can slip on and off with no problem, and i can wear them with out tying them and they still fit amazingly!

Very comfortable out of the box. No break in period as long as you’re used to minimalist shoes. I like the colors and redesign of the tread from previous years. The half-attached tongue is a very neat feature, and the lacing system really conforms to your foot and evenly distributed pressure.

Purchased these shoes and they are perfect. Open toe box, amazing look, and great fit. Super grippy and fit true to size. I love the updates to the trail glove. I enjoyed the trail glove threes and the fours look even better. Bendable sole and they feel like I’m wearing slippers all day.


This is the best trail glove so far I've had three other versions of trail gloves

Fit is good and true to size, no break in period. Purchased for the zero drop would like a wider toe box but ok as is.Worn as everyday city shoes including occasional longer walks.

I was having pain in my arches before I switched to these shoes. They feel great every time I run, and I no longer have that pain. I love these shoes. Work great on pavement and trails, and just make my feet feel happy. (I have very high arches for what it's worth)

The initial fit when trying on felt great. Super comfy. When I took them out for my first test run, I ended up cranking out 10 miles.I was able to feel everything under my feet, but not in a way that felt bad or painful. Super light. Awesome product.

I like the shoe for traveling light especially to warm climates. Haven't tried it

After reading about minimalist shoes for trail hiking, and the fact my wife had some and liked them, I thought I'd give them I try. There was no break in period and I used them on a really rocky up hill trail near Sedona, AZ and they worked great.

Not much padding as advertised so it’s great for practicing form at long slow distance but needs a little better arch support for continuous sprint work. Very durable and comfortable shoe that doesn’t allow your foot to slide around on the trail.

I wish i had bought two pairs. These are excellent sneakers for running or just wearing everyday. I am a dental student, so i am on my feet all day. I wouldn’t want to wear any other shoe. Waiting for another sale so i can buy a few more pairs

Great running shoe. Found it does run about 1/2 size too big...ordered size 12 per usual and ended up exchanging for 11.5 which fit perfect. Can't speak to the durability as I haven't had them very long, but so far so good. Very happy!

Shoe sizing is accurate (10.5 for me). The arch support is sublime. The lacing allows for a snug, all around fit that give me confidence when running uneven trails. We'll see how long it lasts but, to this point, it's been great.

These shoes fit perfectly, and make life so much more comfortable. Lightweight and flexible, I still feel light at the end of the day. I had plenty of help finding a pair that fit, and I've been happy every day that I bought them

I love this style of shoe...very simple and minimal. These hold up great better then any other shoe I would buy. I would recommend this shoes to anyone who like barefoot feel but wants to protect thief feet.

Many running shoes fit too small on my foot, this 12 fit perfectly. I often wear a euro 46 or UK 11 and I have a wide foot. I don't run with this just for street use. I love the barefoot feel of ths shoe.

I have wide feet and these have an incredibly generous toe box. Some of the most comfortable shoes I’ve purchased. I’ve gone on a few runs and they’ve been great. Looking forward to many hikes with these!

I prefer the "foot glove" feel when it comes to shoes and these are wonderful. Super light, basically no cushion, and the vibram soles are great for gripping the ground. My feet are also a bit wider than average. Shoes that are too pointy in the front cause irritation and lead to ingrown toenails for me. These are completely comfortable for my toes without making my feet look like a duck's.

Son wears 44/11 in vivobarefoot so these run a bit smaller and 11.5 fit good with his toe pretty close to end and he said they felt comfortable. A bit more structure to these than his vivo.

I have worn out many Merrell’s and always wished I had another pair of low-top kick-arounds. The Trail glove is it! Great sole handles small rocks and mud, sandy surfaces. Perfect footbed.

These Merrell shoes are really comfortable, as they are light, very flexible and move with your foot. The soles provide support, but you almost feel as if you are walking barefoot.

These shoes are comfortable and light, just what I was looking for. I haven’t worn them much yet so I can’t comment on their durability. So as my title says, so far, so good.

One of the most Comfortable shoe I have ever warn, it truly does fit like a glove. Great traction and support. Let not leave off light weight, hardly know its on your foot.

Been wearing these shoes or their counterpart for ten years. If you ankles can hang and you want to feel at one with the ground beneath you this shoe is definitely for you!

I have a wide foot and walk 8-10 miles a day, five days a week, over various terrains. These shoes are a miracle. Within a week, they've contoured beautifully to my feet.

Spent 7 days & 80mi & ~15,000 feet of total gross climb with these brand new shoes on the Pacific Crest Trail in Washington between Stevens and Snoqualmie Pass. I traveled large sharp rock, smooth rock face, gravel, mud, creek crossings, cliff traverses, and small snow fields. Grip was great, slipping was not a problem. The cushion against rock is less than other traditional hiking boots, but was sufficient for me to keep up with companions. The protection from sharp rocks was sufficient to prevent injury, but would get painful to walk on all day. Materials, stitching, and glue held up well to the abuse, the rubber is only lightly chewed at the toe guard, the tread still looks great. The shoes breath very well, getting wet from streams or rain dries out very effectively, surprised me how fast the socks and shoes dried on the trail. There is no ankle support, its a minimalist hiking shoe. I had minimal shoe rubbing, no heel or arch rubbing. Only slight rubbing on the toes on the steep descents, double layer socks or wraps could have helped prevent that.

I love the fit, the design, and everything about these shoes. They're worth every penny.

I bought them to run in... now I wear them every day! Best purchase ever!!!! Now that I have em, I don’t think I’ll ever go back from barefoot shoes:)

4th pair of Trail Gloves, and the perfect workout shoe for me. Zero-drop, minimal cushioning, and comfy toe-box promote balance and agile movement.

I’ve had these for a few months and they are just as comfortable as they were when I first bought them, the grip on the the soles unbelievable

I really like the shoes, I would not wear them on rocky trials, not sure if they would give any support. They are exactly what I wanted

These shoes hold your feet like a baby. I was expecting it to feel like a board under my foot but the shoe seems to fit like a “glove”.

No cushion, decent durability. I did however receive two different sizes of the same shoe. I won't blame that on the shoe but on rei.

Unfortunately, the show was not wide enough in the forefoot so I had to return them. Other than that, good and shame it didn't work.

Super comfy. Love the elastic laces and the unusual tongue design. After a month of steady usage, the Vibram soles show zero wear.

These may be the most comfortable walking/hiking shoes I've ever owned. Great for travel since they're small and light-weight.

I love these shoes. They offer enough protection, but still give you that barefoot feeling. If I wear them out, I’ll buy more.

They're super lightweight, and yet still supportive. I wanted them for travel and they're perfect packing in my carry-on bag.

2 months in and these are not just my trail shoes. Great grip on any terrain. Stylish enough to wear out on the town.

Tried them on, couldn’t take them off!

These were for my hubby and they are amazing for his delivery job. Really helpful for his posture.

Very comfortable shoe!! Light weight also makes it very comfortable!

i love these shoes. i've gone running more often since i got them. i wear them to work.

Very light, durable, cool, and easy to pack. I love this shoe for running and walking.

Had an older version of these shoes that I wore out. They are absolutely great.

I absolutely love these shoes for my workouts, weightlifting, and running

Truly excellent for trail running or hiking. I just love them!

Fantastic, comfortable, grippy. Lightweight. Very breathable

These shoes are the best. Could not say enough good things.

Feel like gloves on the feet, yet good traction for hiking.

Bought it for hiking ended up using it for every day

Very comfortable shoe, despite its low profile sole.

These shoes are extremely lightweight, comfortable, and breathable. I've worn these shoes for approximately 1 month in warehouses, event spaces, and hotel ballrooms. I went with the black/blue option, and I love the way they look and feel when I'm working on site. At least for the first few shifts.



Hey, just wanted to know if this running shoe is waterproof? I work outdoors and am trying to find a comfortable shoe that will prevent my feet from getting wet. Thanks.

These shoes are not waterproof.

Jason P

Would you ever use orthotics in a barefoot runner like this? I wear orthotics in normal shoes... should I embrace barefoot, or do any of you have recommendations?

Putting an orthotic into a 'barefoot' shoe defeats the purpose of the barefoot design. You're welcome to use your discretion with regards to using an orthotic, however we suggest consulting your doctor for further advice.


Can you wear orthotics insoles in them.

​The Trail Glove 4 does not have a removable footbed, so it may not have room for orthotics with its minimalist design.


Can these be used for sailing as somewhat of a boat shoe or beach use/paddleboarding? Will they dry out quick?

​These shoes could be used for boating/paddle boarding if needed. The soles are non-marking and the breathable mesh is fairly quick to dry.


Are they made to hold up (not come unglued or delaminate) if totally immersed at times when fording streams or hiking beaches? Does water drain out OK?

​These shoes are designed to handle rigorous trail conditions including crossing streams. The breathable mesh will assist with water draining out.


Where is it made?

​This item is made in Vietnam. Please keep in mind the country of origin can change over time and some items are sourced from multiple countries.


How is the water resistance of these shoes ? Would these be okay to run on paved trails through light showers and puddles ? I am looking for barefoot running shoes that also offer good "waterproofing" or at least some water resistance in Seattle winters.

The breathable mesh on this shoe does not provide much water resistance.


Vertiver are the black/gray with brown sole correct? Not the black that is pictured.

The Veritiver color has a brown outsole, with a brown/gray upper. Thank you for bringing this information to our attention. We will update the product listing on as soon as possible.

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