YETI - Rambler Tumbler MagSlider Lid - 10 / 20 fl. oz.

Category: Camp Kitchen

I am loathe to review things, but this lid is just ridiculous. I thought it would be the perfect solution to my morning coffee dilemma of spilling out the top while I drive. Instead, it still spills out on the lid, but then doesn't return to the mug because the magnetic slider is there and closed. It just doesn't work. Yeti, just use a plug that slides out of the way sideways or up, etc. This is literally no better than the lid it comes with and may actually be worse. Oy, I guess because it says "Yeti", we all buy it, but you can do better.

I absolutely love my YETI Lid, I didn’t think it was going to fit on my Starbucks coffee cup and it fit!

Received this lid on a 20oz tumbler as a Christmas gift and started using it about a month ago to bring coffee or tea to work. I both bike and car commute, and no matter how I travel, this mug lid leaks every single time I try and use it, even if the mug is completely upright. If the liquid inside sloshes even a little to touch the lid, it will come up through the opening the magslider lid is supposed to block. I have had spills in my backpack and all over the seat of my car. This product is extremely disappointing and frustrating - at the least, the mug shouldn't leak on a 10 minute car trip, and I had really expected it would completely seal in all liquid, even if the mug was turned upside down. It doesn't matter how hot the mug keeps my drink if the lid lets all the liquid out!

Saw liquid coming through the lid on the first use, just from picking it up at an angle. This lid is far from even leak resistant, it's pretty much guaranteed to leak through. Also, the plastic scratches easily if using the rough side of a sponge, so make sure to use the soft side.

I upgraded to this Magslider lid after my tumbler lid cracked along the plastic. I was unimpressed that a yeti product would crack only 3 months after purchase (and had never been dropped), but I decided to replace the lid because I've otherwise been very happy with the tumbler's heat conserving ability. I decided to upgrade to the magslider because it would reduce the risk of leakage while haphazardly carrying my tumbler. I have been happy with the magslider lid-it holds heat even better than the regular tumbler lid (no open holes) and it reduces leaks. It does not however prevent them and I still have some coffee sloshing when the magslider is closed. Not sure I would recommend an expensive yeti product with a lack of perfect engineering, but this lid is an improvement over the standard.

Purchased this for my father for Christmas. Showed up Christmas morning and he had one on his cup already that he bought the previous week. He loved it anyway and is now happy to have two.

I have my Yeti 30oz Rambler Tumbler with Magslider Lid and I love it .I bought 2 one for cold drinks 1 for hot drinks. I use it in my 18 wheeler my pickup truck and when I go on hikes. If your smart and use common sense you won't pack your Yeti upside down or on its side even if it where to be 100% leak proof any container with liquids in it should always be stored or transported with lid side up DOT regulations common sense ... Yeti keep up the good work

I purchased this lid in hopes I’d be able to use it with my tumble to transport liquids to and from work without any spills. Was let down during the initial trial to find out it is not spill proof in the slightest bit. You’re better off keeping the original lid and adding tape to the opening and saving yourself ten bucks. Why design a sliding lid when it doesn’t hold liquids in...? Oh well.

As the title says, so close to being perfect yet so far away. If Yeti could fix three issues this would be rated 5 stars. Issue 1, there isn't an air hole when you open up the slider like in other sliding drink lids. Issue 2, when the magnetic slider is opened, a few drops of liquid are misted out due to a change in air pressure. Higher pressure inside due to warming of the liquid I suppose. And 3, the biggest issue of all, this lid seems to be a lot leaker to drink from than the original lid. It almost seems like a dribble cup at times. However, despite these issues, I would still recommend this as it is all but spill proof when accidentally tipped over. Great lid with a few flaws that I would like to be fixed. Definitely worth the price. I would still get it again if it broke. Just know these issues going into it if you buy one. Hope this helped. Please say so if it did or if you have more questions!

The Yeti lid is "leak resistant". While I wouldn't put my cup in my pocketbook with this lid, it is great for avoid sloshing out when carrying my Yeti cup or if I accidentally knock it over. I have not experienced any leaks. The lid also comes with a big price tag for just a lid that should come with the cup. I really do like the lid, it is the principle.

This lid is almost perfect. I've read other reviews saying it may drip but this isn't a problem for me as I use it on my dedicated car mug that is always upright. The issue I have is the lid lacks an additional air hole. That's a pretty big oversight in my opinion. Without that additional air hole, liquid doesn't flow evenly due to suction. With HOT coffee, that's a problem. I have to go back to the standard lid, unfortunately.


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