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My wife was having heel pain from walking around all day at her job. We tried many things, and one day we were backpacking and I told her she should try lone peaks. To her surprise, they worked! She hasn't had heel pain in a long while. The only down side is she only gets 2-3 months out of them. She loved the 3.5, and says these are great too! Haven't seen any of the problems people talk about, but will keep an eye out.

I'm an avid hiker with bunions so I need extra room in the toes and these shoes deliver! Just ordered my second pair...much better than the 3.5 version (too narrow), way to go again Altra! You can put these shoes on and walk all day with no pain. I highly recommend the 4.0!

I hiked the Appalachian Trail from Mt Katahdin to Carrabassett Valley - 188 miles - not one blister! I love these shoes! The reason I gave them a 4 was the rock shield in the front of the shoe separated. I had it glued in Monson but it came apart again.

I tried these on in the and loved the fit. Ordered several months later. Very comfortable and great for walking. But after only two months the rubber on the toes is starting to peel. Not what I expect from shoes that cost $120!

I Love the fit and the comfort. Can't be beat in a hiker BUT not durable. The front toe started pulling away from the shoe after the second time worn. I understand this isn't a boot and I don't expect to get the same number of miles out of this shoe BUT I do expect it to last longer than 20 miles before falling apart. Did not have any problems with the zero drop and very the toe box!!! Ordered on-line to start and fit was small. Returned to store and went up a 1/2 size. Had to change from Olympus to Lone Peak because size and availability in-store.

These sneakers relieved really bad foot pain. I haven’t seen the orthopedist yet, but these are the only sneakers that don’t hurt. But FYI... they would be amazing running sneakers! No rise in the back. Plenty of toe room. great color! Very stylish.

Gotta say I love the wide toe and they were very comfortable but the first weekend they tore on the inside lining (about 4 miles into hiking). Going to bring them back to exchange but not sure if they’ll last for very long.

These are my first pair of altras and not I’m hooked! They are exceptionally comfortable and handle really tough, rocky trails beautifully. My only critique is that they are pretty wide which is great in the toe box but they are also wide through the arch which makes it a little hard to lace up as tight as I want on some more wobbly trails.

I am extremely disappointed in the quality of this shoe. Sure, they're cute, but they can't handle one week of use. These shoes started falling apart the first weekend after I purchased them. I don't think REI should stock such low quality gear. I would highly discourage anyone from purchasing these shoes.

I just got the Lone Peak 4 trail shoes as my Altra Superiors have racked up a lot of miles. I was going to get another pair of Superiors but decided to try the next level up on cushioning and I'm SO glad I did. I guess I didn't realize how much difference a little extra cushioning makes. I wish I had gotten these sooner. In my Superiors I can feel all the rocks and I do have tender feet, so it makes me more careful and cautious which slows me down. I feel like I can fly over the rocks in the Lone Peaks and my feet don't hurt anymore! I have narrow feet but love Altra's wide toe box. I'll have to tighten the uppers a bit more on my next run but I can't wait to go back out in them.

These shoes caught my eye due to the width of the toebox. My toes are often cramped in all types of shoes, and this product really allowed for comfort. I was told some women have an issue with the zero-drop heel, causing some stretching discomfort in the calf if you are used to wearing shoes with heels. I didn't have that problem, but found my gait was a bit odd at first due to the heel strike occurring a millisecond later than I am used to. Overall cushioning is good. I am pleased with this shoe for jogging and walking. Seems to run slightly small, I purchased 1/2 size up from my usual size.

I intended on getting a different hiking boot when I came in to the Encinitas store. My current hiking shoe (also a trail running shoe) was done and I was getting ready to hike the Trans Catalina Trail in 3 weeks. I tried on the boot I had researched prior to coming in and was disappointed in the comfort. Long story short, the person helping me in the shoe department had hiked the same trail a couple weeks earlier and suggested I try on the Altras, which was what he had worn.

I'm on my second pair of Lone Peak 4 shoes in one season. I love the comfort - they are more comfortable than my favorite slippers. The bummer is the tips peel back and then the soles after that. I've tried to glue them back with shoe goo but the glue wouldn't adhere to the cloth. An AT thru hiker told me he uses super glue. Seems crazy to have to do this but if super glue works I will keep my shoes. Otherwise I will return pair #2.

This was my first pair. And after 6 mos. of minimal use a hole started on the inside by the ankle bone. I returned them to REI but also bought a 2nd pair on sale. After only a few uses a hole in the same place has started. I will be returning them and not make another purchase. I really love the feel to bad they only lasted a few months.

I love hiking but I always ended with horrible feet pain caused by hot spots and some blisters between my toes. I’d tried so many brand until I found Altra- I’m not a runner but these shoes improved my hiking performance. NO MORE excruciating PAIN after hiking, no more hot spots, no more blisters. I’m in love with them.

I bought these awesome shoes a few weeks ago for my five mile walks and I am in love with these shoes! The moment I put them on, my feet felt great! I love the wide toe box and the zero drop heel. For the first time in years, my entire foot makes contact with the ground. These shoes have improved my posture and has increased my speed. I have been wearing Hoka One One for years, but no more! These will be my go to shoes for power walking! A special thank you to Shelly at the REI Nashville location for being so helpful and patient with me while I tried on 8 different shoes.

I have loved these shoes for the fit because of my wide feet. They are the best I have EVER found for wide feet, and the rating would definitely be 5 stars except for the fact that they don't hold up. They start to fall apart with very little use. At $120 that's pretty disappointing and expensive.

I had the Loan Peak 3.5 and loved them. However, after only about 150 trail miles on them when they started coming apart at the toe. Took them back and got the Loan Peak 4. I haven't had a chance to take them on the trail but they look sturdier. These are the most comfortable trail shoes.

Though I’m nearly 60, I’ve just developed an interest in hiking.

Wow. I was always so reluctant to try out trail runners, mostly because I thought they wouldn't grip as well as boots. I was surprised to find they handle and grip better than my boots, and maybe this is because the bottom is flexible? Not sure of the physics of it, but I am sure I'll never clunk up a mountain in boots again.

Early this spring we were planning for a trip to Greece and Italy requiring good, comfortable shoes for walking everywhere. REI Bend, OR sales associate suggested the Altra Women's Lone Peak 4 Trail-Running Shoes. He told me about the extra width at the toes and when I tried them on I thought my feet were in slippers! So roomy yet stable, all around comfort and grippy on the bottom. I bought a pair and my feet were so happy! We walked for 1 and a half months and I had not one blister or discomfort and still enjoy the feel, so I am buying another pair.

Been buying Altras for several years. They are my only hiking/running shoes.The wide toe box (we all need space) and zero drop mean comfortable walking/hiking/running. This model has good traction due to the tread. Good for loose downhills. Closest you can get to slippers for outdoor activities. Also really like the laces. Do not undo and can have the the portion across the wide part of the foot loose enough to allow for long distance swelling but have tight enough by the knot/bow for foot not to slip in heel.

Comfortable, roomy hiking shoes with a good grip.

The upper is so flimsy that I slide around all over the place in the shoes... not cool when rock hopping. Plus both started to wear through (showing foam) after 25 miles. Better on rock than the LP 3.5 though.

After hiking the PCT my feet have seemed to have grown, stretched, half a size. I use two pairs of socks when hiking. One pair of thin socks and a pair of midweight hiking socks. This keeps from getting blisters. Works very well. When thru hiking expect your feet to get bigger. The arches will stretch and your feet will widen very slightly. For my instance.

I have heard a ton of people love these shoes and that is great for them, but they don't work for me. I have pretty narrow feet and it felt like my feet were swimming around inside the shoes. I actually sprained my ankle on a downhill on a training hike the first it time I wore these because my foot was shifting side to side too much. I went into REI on the way home from the hike it return them for better fitting shoes.

This is my second pair. 1st pair on recommendation of a REI staff, who suggested the wide toe box when I showed up to return my Vasque hiking shoes + 8 weeping blisters after a 20 mile walk. The Altras took me through the 165 miles of coastal route of Camino Portueguese w/out a single blister. I regretted packing all manners of blister pads in my pack. I took out the zero drop insoles and replaced it with arch support. Worked beautifully.

I wore these shoes for second time on a 13 mile hike to a mountain peak with 2800 gain. My feet are the only thing not hurting! Previously, I was wearing Solomon hiking lightweight boots and getting a blister after 6 miles every time. Not with these shoes! Love the large shoebox and leoghtweight airy feel of them. I literally just ordered a second pair for camino in Spain I am talking later in the year.

I really love the wide toe box and narrow heel. Also impressed that I do not get blisters right out of the box hiking long distances on various terrain. I am not however in love with how long these shoes hold up. After a month holes are blowing through the sides. Unsure if the cost is worth not getting a full season of wear out of them but gosh they’re comfortable.

My husband and I recently travelled to Peru and visited the many sites along the Inca Trail, including Machu Picchu. Thanks to the purchase of Altra Women's Lone Peak 4 Trail-Running Shoes, it allowed me to keep up with my fellow hikers. More importantly, I was able to traverse the rugged terrain with confident.

These are my fourth pair of Altras. I have walkers, low trail hikers, mid hikers, and waterproof mid hikers. I have great luck with this brand right out of the box. No blisters! The only con and complaint is they are a bit difficult to get on. I end up having to carry my shoe horn on backpacking trips.

Very well constructed, breathable material with rubber protection where it counts. The heel pull allows for easy slip on. The toe box is spacious without making the shoe look like a boat shoe. lol The laces create a snug fit around the heel. The sole grips nicely. I plan to buy a second pair.

Love lone peak shoe but newer model is bigger than previous models. I would always buy a size 9 and it fit my foot perfectly with adequate space. With newer model it felt like show stretched within days and was tripping on trails due the size being overly big on my feet.

The shoes are very comfortable. I use them for hiking. However, 2nd time out (around mile 17 of total miles) the toe tip separated from the shoe. Rather than return I plan to repair, but its the reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5.

These are SO comfy. Lots of cushion compared to my brooks trail running shoes and the grip on the bottom is great. They are wide with plenty of room around the toes. Disclaimer: I have only taken them on one run so far.

Always have issues with blisters on toes when hiking. Have spent hundreds of dollars on many brands of shoes but these came through. Just returned from hiking the Inca trail with no issues.

I was very pleased with the quality of the shoe. I bought it for the big toe box, and cool mesh, but the zero foot drop did not work well for me and I had to return the shoes.

I love my Lone Peaks. After buying my first pair a few years ago, I won’t buy anything else, my feet never hurt and I have never had a blister, even after my 19 mile day.

I have run in this shoe for over a year now including 2 ultra's - one 50K and one 50 miler. No pain, no blisters and no lost toe nails. Will always run in this shoe!

These are the best shoes I have ever owned. I ended up buying 2 pairs. I have neuropathy, and these are so comfortable. I love the roominess in the toes.

These are the best athletic shoes I have ever worn. Great fit, very comfortable. Wonderful grip on the soles. This is the third pair I’ve purchased.

Like walking on air. Wide toe area, makes it so I can hike without pain to the ball of my feet. At least 3 of my friends like these also.

They are NOT waterproof in anyway but they are so light and they feel like you're wearing house slippers. I love these so much.

Love the comfort and fit of the roomy toe box. Runs true to size. Wears well. Would definitely recommend.

I have found that these shoes are very helpful for my plantar fasciitis. Great to have room for my toes!

I love these shoes so much I bought 2 more pair before they are discontinued.

The arch is little but too much. It hurt my feet .

Okay. Honest review of these shoes is so difficult, because there are things they do SO right and things that need serious improvement. When you first get these shoes, you're amazed by how comfortable they are. The wide toe box is indispensable and was the primary reason I got them. The zero drop is also great. It's how all hiking and trail running shoes should be. The tread is also fantastic, and the extra flap at the back (whatever it's called) gave me additional traction and stability on some extreme terrain.



I have a problem with supination. Will these shoes help correct that or exaggerate it?

These shoes aren't designed to correct over supination or pronation so were unable to determine how they may impact your natural running motion and foot strike.


Will the 6.5 become available in the Raspberry color? Thank you!

We do not expect any new stock of the Raspberry in size 6.5.


Which size will feet a 25.5 cm?

Good question! These shoes in a size 9.5 is equal to 25.5 centimeters.


I have the Altra Timp and really liked the shoe but the fabric in the heel wore out in under 2 months. I can't wear them because it's too painful. Does the Lone Peak have more padding in the heel?

These shoes and the Timp Trail shoes both have moderate cushioning and similar padding in the heels. If your soles are wearing down due to overpronation, these shoes might work well for you. You might also try using an aftermarket insole to improve your stride.


Why do these shoes have a prop 65 warning?

We require all our vendors to comply with all federal regulations but do not have specific chemical information, unfortunately. We encourage you to contact Altra directly for more information.

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