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Bought these for a hiking trip in UT. Used for Bryce, Grand Canyon, and Zion including the narrows. They were very comfortable. The wide toe box was great for me as I have wider feet. They offer enough cushion and support. It did very well in the narrows, better than any water shoe or water sandal. They dried off pretty quickly afterwards. The only complaint I have and it echoes many other is that the rubber on the very tip of the toe has peeled back maybe a quarter inch. So far its only on the one side and it hasn't gotten any worse but this seems to be a common problem. Don't know if it's a glue issue or rubber issue but it looks terrible now.

I purchased these shoes on a Thursday to use for a weekend of hiking & trail running. By about mile 4 on Friday, the rubber piece on the toe had begun to separate on one of the shoes. By Sunday, the rubber pieces on both shoes had completely peeled off. Sort of ridiculous to barely get a weekend's use out of a pair of shoes. The only reason I am giving 2-stars is because the cushion, toe box & zero drop of the shoe made the 'ride' incredibly comfortable. Luckily, the employees at REI were super helpful and understanding when I came in on Monday to return. Going to give the Timps a try and hope I can find a more durable Altra shoe.

These shoes fit perfectly from the first step I took in them! It felt like some one had broken them in with my foot before they were put in the box. They were light and comfortable and had great grip. There was no soreness in my feet, ankles, knees, or hips after a run - which I sometimes get with new shoes.

Can't say enough good about these shoes, these were my first trail runner for backpacking, after many years of only trusting in hiking boots, what a pleasant surprise! Bought them back in late August 2018 and have stepped up my daily mileage with much increased trail comfort and enjoyment. So far, they appear to be holding up to some pretty rough trial conditions, as you may know, central Oregon is well known for it's miles and miles of shale and lava rock trail conditions. Really looking forward to more comfortable hiking in the 2019 season, thanks Altra!

I’ve had TWO different pairs of Altra Lone Peak 4 shoes in a month. Both pairs have ripped at the toe after only moderate use (weekend hikes). This is simply unacceptable for the price and extremely frustrating to have happen twice.

These shoes didn’t even make it through a 3 mile, moderate, kid-friendly, day hike without an issue. The toe cap on both shoes is detaching. I’ve got flip flops which could hold up better under the same hiking conditions. Really disappointing. Back to REI they go.

This is my second pair of Altra Zero Drops and it’s the second pair that had sold separation early in their life. I wear these exclusively for trail running and log 10-25 miles per week. I usually wear down tread long before any of the other parts of the shoe fail. Both pairs separated around the toe. The first pair was returned to REI after about a month and replaced with the newer generation which I am reviewing. That pie has lasted about 5 months and is experiencing the same failure. The zero drop design with some cushioning is great but the durability is very poor. I usually get 10-12 months of use out of running shoes.

First hike shoe toe pulled from fabric after 7.5 miles of hiking. Not a glue issue fabric separated after thirty thousand trail miles this is the first trail shoe at this price level that failed this soon. Very disappointed.

Love these shoes , I’ve been wearing hiking Boots most of my life For backpacking hiking and every day use,I’ve heard all the hype about trail runner so I thought I would give them a try, i just completed a 90 mile section of the Tahoe rim Trail with the lone peak 4.0 shoes on in my feet, I could not have been happier, using these as my every day shoe now, For backpacking hiking and every day use now, also I wear an 11 1/2 so I went with a 13 to prevent those black toenails, could not be happier with this shoe!

These are by far my favorite trail running shoe to date. The traction is excellent and thanks to the wide toebox and overall fit, never had any blisters after 5-6 hr long runs.

I just got these shoes a short time ago and have only worn them about a half dozen times around the city. No trails; no hiking; no outdoors activity. The sole is already pulling off the shoe at the toe on my right shoe. It actually doesn't appear that the glue is undone, but the shoe material itself is ripping under the glue. Will be returning/exchanging for a new pair in hopes that this is a one-off experience.

I really like this sneaker, but the ankle collar started to fray after only two weeks and not extreme use.

While getting ready for our PCT section hike of Oregon I kept getting blisters under my toes and losing toe nails. Went through one pair of high quality boots and another cross trainer type of trail sneakers. Then I switched to these after a REI employee suggested I try these. After over 400 miles of trail including the lava fields outside of Sisters Oregon I’ve had no foot issues and they’ve held up great. Never even had a day with foot pain. No issues except normal trail wear. Maybe there was production issues with other people’s? I’m a gorilla with my gear and they were great for me. Buying a pair for my son in the military because he’s had the same foot issues on long distance runs

I was told these were the wide toe box shoe company! Lie's, I measure just barely over a D width and I blew out the side of this shoe in about 2 months. I never trail ran in it, I just wore it around my work as a every other day shoe. First one side then the other blew out at the knuckle until noth side on both shoes were blown at after 4 months of casual wear.

I bought this a month ago, did hardly 40 miles of hiking in it over 2 weekends and they started tearing apart. Very very bad quality. I changed them for another pair as REI sales person told it should last more than 500 miles and you might have got bad set of shoes. But even with the new shoes I did 24 mile hike and they started showing sign of wearing near my ankle. Really really really disappointed with quality of shoes. They are the most comfortable shoes I have worn but if it cannot last few miles of hike i cant enjoy them for a long time. With the price point its really disappointing.

The shoe broke down far too quickly walking the South Island TA, the 3.5 model I saw people wearing looked good, but this updated model isn't.

I had Altra recommended by a colleague who also had a broad forefoot. Tried several different styles on and these fit like they were custom made. Comfortable as can be is an understatement. I received them just before a trip out west and used them almost daily on trail. As a bit of a Clydesdale(big dude), I worry about shoes holding up and the traction they provide. Fear not, this shoe was incredible and held fast like a mountain goat on all kinds of surfaces; slick rock, off-camber hardpack, pea gravel, exposed and fractured sedimentary rock. Far better performance than I could've reasonably expected! I highly recommend them and will own another pair when mine give out.

Sizing fit true for me. 13 normally and 13 was perfect fit. Great set of features for a fair price. Vents well but does not allow dust in to your socks/toes. Love the roomy toe box even more than I could have expected. Excellent traction on the trail and solid zero drop sole make your feet feel very planted with each step. VERY HAPPY and will buy another set once these need replacement.

Im an Altra guy for 3 years. It kept me injury free (rolling ankle aside) A massive fan of their Superior and Kings MT line up, not so much for LP. I owned LP 2.5 and 3.5, and now 4.0. Out of the box 11KM run, it was garbage! the shoe somehow lost its cushion after 4 KM! I mean what the F right? then i take it for another run, somehow it performed better again, but it felt different than previous LPs. Its true that they say about the shoe feels like Superior-ish, and I think its good. I did not got my ankle rolled like the previous LPs did. Probably Im a Superior guy, but I had to get the LP since Superior cant take a beating pass 50K on an ultra race. Please Altra, keep the LP this way its good! about sizing, Im 8.5 on LP2.5, 9 on LP3.5, and 8.5 on the new 4.0. So go figure

Purchased after seeing YouTube reviews. The toe box is truly very comfortable. After the adjustment period (to the zero drop) I wore them while backpacking in the Ozarks and they did great. Then went and backpacked the Four Pass Loop in Colorado and was miserable by day two. After a couple of stream crossings the shoes had stretched to the point that I couldn't pull the laces any tighter and my foot was still moving around inside the shoe. Thankfully I was wearing double-layer socks. The toe cap (?) has begun peeling away from the toe box on the front of both shoes. Durability is definitely questionable.

I received my grey Lone Peak 4.0's yesterday and couldn't wait to try them out. I recently switched most of my shoes to zero drop types and enjoy the comfort of them. I hadn't done this for my hiking shoes and have been using the Vasque Juxt for the past two years. I searched forums and reviews for quite a while before deciding on these.

The zero drop and extra room that allow one's toes move freely are great. I actually noticed the benefits of such design rather quickly. I love this aspect of these shoes. However, they were not able to handle one 15 mile hike in the Sierra's. I relied on them to summit Split Mountain and at the end of my 3 day backpacking the pair was heavily worned out with the rubber sole starting to detach. I don't wanna spend $120 on a pair of shoes that I'm only able to wear once so I'll be returniong them.

I'm an AT hiker with over 1,500 miles in boots and wanted to try lighter "trail shoes". These shoes felt good, though I was hesitant to buy them because I get blisters pretty easily and I wasn't sure, as light weight shoes are, they would prevent me from getting blisters. The shoe gave me good toe room and with the inserts I purchased I was able to hike 84 miles from Monson ME south over the Bigelows with no blisters or problems. I rated the shoes a 3 because the toe wrap is glued and after only 10 miles almost an inch of the toe wrap had come loose; after 25 miles both shoes were in the same condition and I had to be careful not to catch them on loose material and trip. I will be returning the shoes only because they didn't hold up.

I really wanted a pair of trail runners as an alternative to my Merrell boots and I hear a lot of good things about Altra. I wore them last weekend on an 11 mile hike and they did quite well. I have custom made insoles which give me the precise support I need and at the end of the day everything was working well. I definitely want to try them out some more and am planning another hike in about 10 days. I look forward to putting them to the test. I do recommend you go to the store and actually try them on to get a feel for the fit. I'm not sure I would have been happy if I had ordered online.

I've been wearing Lone Peaks for a few years now and so far the LP4 is amazing! I really like what they did with the sole. Probably the biggest improvement is with the ventilation and draining; with drymax-type socks I can literally run through puddles and it feels like my feet are dry after a couple minutes of running!

This shoe is major upgrade in the Lone Peak series. I still think the 2.5 was the best version, but the 4.0 really has only one minus. That is, there is not enough midsole. After 6 hours or more of running you really start to wish for some extra cushioning. The outsole is superb and the shoe surprisingly durable. I have over 400 miles on them and there is no signs of wear anywhere. Also, this shoe drains water like no other shoe I have used, and it dries fast. It is a great trail runner that I highly recommend.

This version 4 is true to size. I am an 11.5 and 11.5 fits great. Sizing had been a problem in the past with Altra's, sizes could change each model year. I did not like the prior versions of the Lone Peak. I always had to hike/backpack in the Olympus as the prior lone peaks did not fit my feet how I liked since version 1 came out. I like these new one's a lot better. I cannot say how long these will hold up, but most Altra's do not hold up a long time. If you want something to last, then wear an uncomfortable shoe and keep buying shoes over and over because they hurt your feet.

These shoes are by far the most comforatble shoe i have back packed in..for the time they stayed together. I have only done 3 trips in these shoes this year and they are due to be replaced. Now they were really rugged terran trips (42 miles in the white mountains, 35 miles in the Adorondacks, and the Great range tranverse in ADK as well) but the shoes are falling apart. Everything about these shoes i love, traction, comfort, quick drying, etc. just not worth it to only get 100 miles out of a pair of shoes.

This would be a great shoe if the tip of the shoes wouldn't fall apart so easily.

I have tried many different shoes over the years and have lived with various aches and pains, some worse than others. But these have been amazing! No aches or pains, no break in period. About 200 miles so far in these shoes and they are holding up great. Replaced insoles with green Spenco insoles.

These shoes are the greatest find for those with wide feet. The large toe box is fantastic. the shoe is comfortable right out of the box. it does take a little to get your stride use to the 0 drop.

This is my first pair of Altra's, and from the get go I can feel the differnece. The cushion in the sole is amazing; I can't wait to get these bad boys out on the trail. I went half a size up and am really happy I did. The reason for going a half size up is that my feet get a little bigger the longer i am on the trail. My only reason for not giving the Altra's 5 stars is that i am little worried about durability. I suppose for such a light weight shoe they have to compromise somewhere. I didn't get these shoes for trail running, i got them for hiking, which might be why i would want a little more durability. I do know Altra offer more hiking orientaied shoes, and will def gives those a go in the future.

I've been using these for years and lobe them.

I purchased a pair of Lone Peak 3.5's and after one year and about 200 miles the toe-cap completely detached from the upper on both shoes. I returned them for a new pair of Lone Peak 4.0's and after one 70 mile hike, the toe caps started to de-bond from the uppers. I returned them for a full refund and am now trying to figure out what shoe I should buy. I hasten to add, the Lone Peak shoe is maybe the most comfortable hiking shoe I have EVER worn. It's too bad, the company can't figure out how to bond the toe cap to the upper. Until they do, I'll never buy another pair.

These are my first pair of Altra. I used once at the Pigsah Forest and the sole began to separate from the front. I like the shoe due to the big toe box. And it has a good grip when hiking and running.

I've been section hiking the AT the past few years dreaming of a day I can thru hike. Sections are usually around 100 miles many of which my feet have not been happy campers (Ha Ha). Tried several size and brand boots to no avail none were wide enough. I've been wanting to try a trail runner but being 60 + years old was concerned about the lack of a substantial sole. While in Sedona Az this past May REI had the Altra Men's Lone Peak 4 Trail-Running Shoes on sale so I decided to take the plunge. After all no worries with REI's fantastic 100% guarantee. I had planed on an overnight hike anyway so I ditched the boots and hit the trail. Hiked about 10 miles to a nice spot to camp for the night, my feet were feeling great. This being my first desert hike I was carrying a lot of water, more than I needed but I was playing it safe. Pack was probably close to 40 lbs making it a good test hike. In total hiked about 75 miles in my new trail runners and am very happy I decided to give them a try. I will try to do an update after I put on more miles.

I used Merrell Moab vent low 1s, for backpacking, for years until they came out with version 2 and they no longer felt comfy. I have chronic foot pain but don't want to give up on backpacking. So I purchased these Lone Peak 4.0s about 2 weeks before a backpacking trip. They are perfection. My feet measure at 10.5 and I purchased size 11. They fit perfect with a bit of toe room for expansion while hiking.

Very comfortable for hiking. I really like how your foot lays flat and natural. Not great off camber support and I felt my foot moving a bit. Not enough to blister but enough for me to worry that they might. Section hiked for 5 days with two 18mi + days. Feet felt great at the end of each day. Bummer that the durability of these shoes does not match the comfort. Left toe started separating after four miles. Both toes were totally detached after 70 miles. Returned.

These fall apart, no joke. Put 16mi on them and the soles began to pull away. If you use these for backpacking, the store will not accept the return. They will only accept the return of used for “trail running”. I asked the associate why would running in them have less impact on the sole than walking. He sarcastically shrugged. He said that even a little extra weight on the shoe, such as a “day pack” would damage it. These are $100 shoes! The worth of my money seemed to have no weight. Absolutely ridiculous. A different employee stated that these can last 5mi to 200mi. It all depended. On what? Well, on how much you mind walking around with your shoe falling apart. I’m saddened that $100 shoe isn’t considered much anymore. Other than the soles coming apart, the shoe has absolutely no support. And this was explained to me, as the nature of the design. The zero drop did trigger the plantar facia, even with super feet copper inserts. I really wanted to like these because of the wide toe box, which was really nice. Wish Altra would make a shoe that is more durable in the same shape. Def would not recommend these to anyone who’s not going to trail run in these, not even if your planning to plain old walk, because you can’t return them.

This is a great trail shoe. I have become accustomed to a wide toe box with my gym shoes (Reebok Nano) so this was a great transition - plenty of room for my foot to fan-out into its natural position and create a stable platform. I am new to running and, consequently, tend to be a bit of a heel-striker. The moderate amount cushioning encourages me to land more on the mid-foot and reduce impact stress. After a few runs in these I went back and bought the Altra Escalante's for pavement running - same wide toe box with street-worthy tread. Another great shoe.

I like these shoes but if you are walking perpendicular to a slope or incline, for example going a little offtrail on a mountain slope, or even a hill for that matter, they suck! the shoe will fold over and your ankle tries to turn over like the shoe. it is very uncomfortable. you are constantly trying to turn the shoe back upright with your foot. it really sucks if you have to walk on a slope. going on a level trail they are perfect.

I'm an Altra fan and I own multiple of their products. Really enjoyed hiking in lightweight foot ware. But I did have an issue. Thank you REI for your 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

My hiking buddy swears by the Lone Peak 3.5 and my stacked heel La Sportiva Wildcats are nearing the end of their life so I thought I would give these a try. In my case my day to day knock around shoe is a Brooks Ghost or Ravenna which have a stacked heel. My first hike in the Lone Peak 4 was this past weekend on the Appalachian Trail. The 3 day 40 mile section hike started off with a 5 mile climb. My calves immediately let me know I was wearing a zero drop shoe on the ascent. Gradually my calves stretched and didn’t bother me as bad. Have not had that problem with the stacked heel Wildcat except on the steepest of trails. The deal breaker for these shoes became apparent 2 days and 30 mi further up the trail. The Lone Peaks were pretty well soaked from the previous night’s rainfall. I was climbing a steep 1700 ft mountain and noticed something wasn’t quite right inside my shoe. I thought maybe my Darn Tough wool crew sock was not on straight so I pulled off the shoe. It turns out the sock was fine. The rubbery insole provided with the shoe was working its way out of the rear of the shoe by my Achilles. This happened with both shoes. On the downhills it’s not a problem whether the shoe is wet or dry and if the shoe is dry on uphills it’s not a problem. I will say the LP 4 is a well cushioned shoe and the rock plate does a good job. I use Dirty Girl gaiters so they are easy to attach to this shoe unlike other shoes. The day after completing our 40 mile hike my calves were killing me. I attribute that to the zero drop design. When wearing the Wildcats my calves would be a little sore after 40 miles but not killing me the day after. I’m not sure what the solution to the creeping insole is but this shoe is not for me.

These shoes are awesome!! Was wondering if they would ever make a shoe that was comfortable and also built to handle to rigors of both muddy and rocky terrain. These shoes have a nice wide toe box which fit perfectly with my feet. Put about 50 miles on mine so far and they feel great! Definitely continuing to buy Altras for both trail and road running for the near future.

I am a day hiker and do hikes ranging from 8-14 miles in good weather and bad. I went to this shoe coming from heavy backpacking/hiking boots. I was swayed to purchase these by the many through hikers that use them on AT, PCT, and CDT. They are light, provide a zero drop (which I wear in my daily shoes) and provide great flexibility of the foot. All these things are fantastic except for one thing, the outsole. The tread on the lone peak 4s has large lugs, which are great for grabbing loose or muddy ground but have little to no grip on wet rocks. You might say, most shoes don't have a good grip on slippery rocks. However, I've been hiking with Vibram outsoles for a decade now, and the grip and security of they provide while hiking over slippery terrain make the difference between slipping on the trail and having confidence in every step. Just in point this past week my wife and I hiked in the Adirondacks the Gothic/ Pyramid Peak hike. This trail was wet, muddy, and had multiple rock scrambles. Waterproof socks would have taken care of the first to issues if we had worn our lone peaks but the rock scrambles probably would have caused us to get hurt if we hadn't been wearing our boots with Vibram soles. For that reason, I can only recommend these shoes for hikes that are dry. In the end, if you can't trust that your shoe will have grip, you'll end up second guessing every move in tricky situations.

I tried the lone peak 3's a while back and wanted to love them but the fit wasn't working for my foot and I ended up returning them.

I ordered these online to lighten up a bit for shorter backpacking trips and day hikes. The zero heel and wide foot box seemed a little goofy at first but once you get going in these, they really are an amazing feel. I haven’t owned them very long so the other reviews citing durability issues is a concern I will be looking at. But for now, they’re just awesome!

As Jon stated my shoes came apart at the toe exactly as his photo shoes on a moderate trail and shoe separated at toe. I am lucky to get paid to hike and this is the first shoe at this price that ever failed me in less than 7 miles. will add photo as soon as I unpack back pack.

I’ve tried just about every brand of trail shoe made; these Altra Lone Peak 4’s are the best for me. I wore them recently for a backpacking /camping trip (with a 43 lbs pack) through the Grand Canyon. The trails were diverse; everything from snow packed, slush, wet and rocky, to dry and dusty; these shoes had great traction/grip. The best part for me was that my feet felt great during and after; no hot spots. I also used some light weight gaiters with them. The only negative for me is that they are not made in USA

I was so excited to find these shoes, as they fit my big feet and had no break in time at all. Definitely super comfortable with no hot spots or areas of concern comfort wise. However.... I have put about 100 miles on these over a few trips now and the front rubber that is attached to the lip is already peeling back, which concerns me for longer thru hikes or prolonged usage. My buddy also got a pair that has started doing the same thing. It was very disappointing to see them start to fail within the first 100 miles. I'll still use them till they rip completely, however I would not recommend these shoes for thru hikers or long distance hikers, as they dont seem to be as durable as other trail runners. Overall very comfortable and great fitting, just wish they didnt start to tear so fast.

I use this shoe for backpacking. I normally wear zero drop shoes and was happy to find these. I've found them to be very comfortable with lots of room in the toe box; they've worked great for my backpacking trips.

I had to return these Lone Peak 4.0s because they were a bit narrow in the mid foot section. Plenty of room in the toe box but made it pretty sloppy for declines. My biggest issue with these were the laces digging into the top part of my feet and no matter how much I adjusted the laces, (windowing in certain areas) it just kept digging into the top part of my feet. I ended up having hotspots and nearly blistering and just had to give up on them. Also the laces can be outrageously long on these or for any Altra pair for that matter. Other than that, the cushioning was great and almost had a springy feel to them when walking but this shoe is definitely not as stable as other shoes out there. Again, my personal opinion. I’d try these shoes again if Altra fixes some issues in the possible next gens.

I loved my lone Peak 3 shoes. Lasted well into the 500 mile range before I needed a new pair. But these olny lasted about half as long before both shoes started to tear on the inside near my big toe....

Shoe worked well for two months then started coming apart. Seemed to have poor wet traction as compared to other shoes. Returned to REI with no problem Thank you REI for your member return policy.

the toe box is incredible. so much room. almost too much. very comfortable shoe but my feet were not used to zero drop. If you are good with zero drop, this shoe is for you. If your coming from a street running shoe with a lot of support and drop like a hoka, you will notice a big difference how your feet respond. your feet and legs may hurt as you get used to it. i'm a fairly new runner (4 months) so I still require extra support in the heal and the hoka ended up better for me.

I’ve used these on 10 runs between 45 and 70 minutes over varied terrain that includes lots of hills, rocks and roots. The grip has been great on loose trails and rocks. They’ve worked well on the limited mud and wet they’ve seen too, but I tend to avoid trails during or shortly after rain. The rock protection has been decent, but not as good as some other trail shoes I’ve had, including the Brooks Cascadias these replaced. At the same time the Lone Peak 4 has felt much more responsive, allowing and encouraging a quicker toe off and nimble stride. I don’t compete on trails, but like to sometimes push the pace. To that end, my only critique for improvement would be to keep the level of rock protection but give up a little of the softness. These are my first Altras, but I plan on checking out their road shoes soon.

After I tried these shoes on, I thought they were great because of all the toe room. After about 10 minutes my foot was hurting. Three or so inches down from the ball of the foot, these shoes are painfully narrow. Weird situation, Can't test the shoes because they hurt my feet.

These shoes changed everything about my hiking experience. Wearing them enables me to hike 200% farther with maybe 20% of the soreness in my knees, ankles and overall fatigue of regular (high quality) hiking boots. When I first started wearing the Altras, I figured I'd still wear my old hiking boots for trails that were very rocky or for scrambles. However, I love these shoes so much that never wear the hiking boots anymore unless dealing with deep mud or snow.

Read a ton of reviews about the newest version of the Lone peak shoes and decided to take a chance on them. I have had no issues with with sole delamination that others have spoken about. These shoes have great heel retention, breathe well and are very comfortable. Right after I bought them, I spent three weeks walking a bunch of miles everyday with them, they show very little wear! Like them enough that I bought a second pair in a different color.

When I look down at my new Altras, the wider toe box is obvious. But the FEEL of this shoe might be called revolutionary. I have run 5 marathons, 8-10 triathlons, biked across Europe, and love backpacking. Now I'm older (and my feet, too), my new Altra trail runners are my go-to shoe for biking, light hiking, and everyday. This shoe takes a few days to adjust to, but persevere and you'll probably discard your other casual shoes.

I have been running in 0 mm drop shoes for years (Brooks, NB, Merrell, etc.) and have had good to great luck with all of them. These shoes feel like they have no support or shock absorption (and I have run in Merrell Trail Gloves). Every time I wear them I get shin and foot pain -- then the next run I rotate back to an older pair of Brooks and I'm fine. This will be my last pair of Altras. I'm very disappointed in these shoes.

I love these shoes. Not only are they relatively light, offer good traction, and dry quickly, but the zero drop is especially important to me. I have to wear custom orthotic inserts, and the zero drop offsets the increase in pitch caused by these inserts. With shoes that have an existing drop, the inserts raise it to uncomfortable levels. Anyway, I just purchased my 4th pair so they’re ready for me once I wear out pair #3!

Came into store with a return in this category that didn't fit well. Talked to REI staffer, and she recommended I try Altras for their fit and this "zero drop" concept. She said to start slowly to allow your body to adjust to this step she compared to the natural landing for humans without shoes. I have run trails almost daily since purchasing. No pain, feels light and I am thoroughly enjoying running again as are my dogs!

great sticky sole, don't feel rocks, on a dusty trail, my feet got dusty, so should also dry out well if gets wet.

Just blew the shoes out after 950 miles, which is great. The soles are amazing. By far the best yet from Altra. They have a terrific grip on rocks and trail conditions. Super wide foot box and great feel. The bad: the toe guard came off after two trips, but was never a problem that couldn’t be fixed with some super glue. I also felt the upper foot box was flimsy, but I never had issues with them. Overall, great shoe.

I love my Altras. I was an ASICS guy growing up running cross country. I tried out Altras after my first half marathon. I can’t go back. I bought these for trying out trail running and for a 4 day backpacking trip across Catalina island. I’ve gone trail running/hiking a few times in them. Still that great feel I remember when I first bought the escalantes. I tried several other makes in store and had to have these.

I've used the Lone Peak 3.0, 3.5 and now 4. I like the 4 better. It seems to have more grip, especially on wet rocks. The outsole is flatter which provides more surface contact. They seem more comfortable than the others.

The lone peak 4 is a comfortable shoe. I did notice that my calves were more sore after hiking in them than usual. I found out later that is common until you get used to them. They also let you feel rocks and roots more because there is no rock plate but overall a more breathable shoe so more than likely they will help keep from getting blisters. I am overall very happy with my purchase and of course REI rocks.

Its like running on memory foam, which is not always a good thing if your a heavier runner, after 20-30min the shoe lost its cusion and felt hard. Toe box...lots of room but not the best design if your second toe is longer than your big toe, youll have to size up which results in too much room everywhere else. The Altra Lone Peak 4.0 is awesome if- your a bit lighter weight and if your foot is the right shape

Well, I later, after a couple hundred CDT miles, learned Altra had the wrong size for the LP 3.5, so when upgrading to the same size in the 4 the fit was sloppy and actually caused foot irritant, blisters, calluses, and sliding forward on the downhill trails. That was a surprise and disappointing. I doubt the sales person at the Bozeman store was aware of the change. An 11.5 would have worked well I think.

This is my second pair of Lone Peaks. I love them. I have put hundreds of miles on these shoes and they have saved my feet. I highly recommend them for avid hikers or thru hikers. Now, my one major complaint. Why are they so ugly? Altra, we are already out in the woods, there's no need to put those horrendous mountain graphics on the shoe! And the color scheme choices are just brutal! That's all!

I liked that these shoes have plenty of room for toes, and they felt very comfortable. However, they feel extremely weird when walking, almost like stepping into a mud puddle with every step.I think this is caused by the extended end at the heel. I also think I was walking slower because of it. When I first tried them on I thought I would get used to it, but I had to return them the next day.

I’ve had these for about 4 months now. I am 6’ 215lbs and wear a size 12. I’ve used them for about 100 miles of varied hiking and backpacking including hiking In the mountains of The Sierra and the desert of Joshua tree. For fit and comfort 5 stars. The wide tow box and zero drop have set the bar for any other pair of shoes I’ll buy. The soles are adequately thick but you do still notice rocks on rougher terrain. I put a pair of super feet hiking insoles in as they are a harder bottom but maintain a nearly zero drop. The durability is average. After about 25 miles the corners near the top of 5e laces began wearing through and by 50 the tow cap had come unglued on both about 1/2”. At 100 miles both of these things have continued to worsen. I still love the shoe overall but for $120 I expect a little more durable of a shoe. I’ll probably stick with these and just try to find them when on sale.

now one month into this pair

I had to return one pair of these shoes because it was separating at toe. That was only hiking in them three times. Current pair is working. The reason I bought them is because I needed a wide toe box. That has worked. I got tired of my toes getting crammed in the toe area on downhill descents. So far, my toes are not getting squished going downhill.

I have always hiked in leather vasque or similar hiking boots. These were my first set of trail runners and I found them to be the most comfortable foot ware I have ever hiked in. However after just returning from a 46 mike A.T. hike the the sole is already starting to separate from the upper at the toe. I expected way more use before seeing that.

Most comfortable shoes I have ever owned, walking, hiking, and casual. Went back to REI and bought a second pair. I can see why it is the most popular shoe on the PCT, but it is just as comfortable for any one. Thinking about going back and buying 2 more pairs. Like slippers. One half to one size larger for long hiking is a good idea

They are like walking on marshmallows. So far I’m very impressed.

I've been mountaineering for two years in boots and two pairs of socks. I love boots, they're sturdy and offer great ankle protection. Some are water resistant which is convenient at times, but, if the water is too high for the boots and the inside gets wet. Well, I always hate how long it takes for them to dry out. In fact I remove them when crossing rivers as often as I can because soggy shoes are just so so awful. These shoes are wayy better in that respect. Because while it's true they aren't waterproof, they are made of a material that's much lighter, making them dry out much much faster than anything I've owned before this. In my opinion its better to have something that you know will dry quickly rather than just hope that your boots are tall enough to not get wet. And if I'm really honest with myself I know my boots will probably get wet, so, that's just one reason amongst many that helped convince me to make the switch.

I purchased the Altra Men's Lone Peak 4 for two reasons. 1. Large toe area. 2. Trail/Road grip sole.

These shoes are amazing. I just spent 2.5 days in Zaleski National Forest with a 25 lb pack hiking through a torrential downpour, numerous creek crossings and mud everywhere. These shoes held up amazingly and were incredibly comfortable. Water drains quickly and I removed the inserts which dried overnight. Highly recommend!

This is my first pair of Altra, I have try many shoes before but always in long hikes I would have sore feet with any shoe or boot, I used Hoka and that was a great shoe as well, but it felt unstable in steep terrain, this was my experience with Hoka and by no means I’m implying a negative review to Hoka, it just didn’t work for “me”


This is my first pair of trail runners so I don't have much to compare them to but I really like these for hiking. I've put about 60 miles on them of rough terrain and they work great.

The Altra Men's Lone Peak 4 Trail-Running shoe is the best purchase so far for my everyday active footwear. I live in my Trail-Running shoes due to my active life style. I have wide feet. These shoes are made for my foot characteristics. The best fit ever.

I've put about 150 miles on these shoes so far mostly for road running and they're great. They are zero drop so if you're not into that, it's probably not for you. The bottom has more cushion than most zero drop shoes since they're meant for the trail. I got my same size I wear for Brooks, etc and they fit fine.

I have owned the shoes for just over 2 months and the heel is separated from the body of the shoe. This is happening on both shoes. Otherwise I like them but the company has durability issues in my opinion. I had a previous pair that held up better than these but still wore out relatively quickly.

I love the lone peak 4 trail runner. This is my 3rd pair i have purchased to hike the Appalachian trail starting April 10th. Break in is almost none existant, they fit like a glove the first time you put them on. The wide toe box makes this a very comfortable shoe even after many miles of hiking.

This shoe was put to the test in Georgia's Providence Canyon State Park. With the ability to grip comfortably , keep balance, especially when landing due to its unique design. This shoe did what it needed to make a for a great hike. Bonus? When this shoe gets wet, it drys quick too.

These are my first Altra running shoes and I am very pleased. I have been searching for the right shoe ever since Nike changed away from the Free 4.0. I have finally found my replacement. I primarily run with these on the road ranging from 4-12 milers. Over 10 miles on pavement and I can feel the minimalist cushioning, but I will take if as these are more rare for my training. I dealt with Achilles issues for years until I gradually trained into wearing these for regular running. I don't often write reviews unless I am either very pleased or very disappointed, but these shoes are worth it. I Will probably try the escalante at some point too. I normally wear an 11 in Nike pegasus, but run in the 10.5 for Altra

I’m a hard fit. Shoes/ boots feel good in stores but wearing them at home for awhile, I can tell they are going to be a problem. That said, I LOVE THESE SHOES. I’ve now worn them on several hikes. As comfortable as slippers, no hot spots, no blisters. I highly recommend them.

I've been in Lone Peak's since the 2.5 version and this is my favorite so far. I really like the new laces and lace system to cinch things up nicely. Ran my first 50K in these a month ago and they performed very well. Now, I am ready to stock up a few pairs to have on hand.

These shoes fit like a glove. Plenty of room for the toes. Wearable right out of the box if you are used to the zero drop. Insoles break down within 250 miles. Also, both pairs I have bought the toe rand separates from the shoe. Epoxy fixes this but shouldn’t have to do this.

I have been running in the lone peak 3 for the last couple of years and wore them out. I won them in a race in steamboat. I picked up the lone peak 4 and ran 8 miles on sante fe trail right out of the box through ice, snow and mud conditions. Fit and feel we’re great!

I've had Altra Lone Peak 3.0, 3.5, and 4.0 and the 4.0 is much less comfortable at the top of the foot than its predecessors. Otherwise, it fits about the same (a good thing as the others were very comfy for my size 9 foot.) To be honest, I'm not sure what is causing the discomfort - maybe it's a combination of a tongue that's possibly thinner than before and that strap halfway up the shoe. This flat nylon strap with eyelets at at both ends runs through the tongue. Maybe that's what I'm feeling. Maybe it's not as much of a problem with folks who use the standard insole - I always replace the ones that come with Altra shoes with Powerstep orthodics that have a little more arch support. They're not overly thick and worked fine in my previous Altras, but maybe less room in the 4.0?

Very comfy and very light weight. The sole is very soft and cushiony, it absorbs the shocks very well. The toe box is really wide, it has kind of a duck foot shape so it is perfect for people whose feet are shaped kind of like duck's feet. With traditionally shaped shoes, the front of my feet always hurt from being pinched. These shoes don't pinch my feet. One drawback from the wide toe box is that my feet kind of swim around inside these shoes, particularly when I am hiking downhill. Also, since they are not made of leather with all kinds of straps to hold up the shape of the shoes, the shoe tops do flex around and my feet are not held solidly in place all the time. It is definitely a trade off for softness and lightness. Overall, they are very comfortable for long hikes on dirt and gravel trails. They don't do so well on rocky surfaces. Harder soles and a firmer material, like leather, would stop you from feeling the rocks so much and keep your feet from moving. The bottom line is that they are great for day hikes.

This is a great shoe. This is my fourth pair of Altra shoes. I purchased this pair of Lone Peak 4's for walking around my neighborhood. I didn't want to wear out my Timp 1.5's on my daily three and four mile walks. So far they are holding up great.

I was hooked on altar temps until I bought these. Better tread for gripping although not as much cushion under foot. I wore out my temps in just a few months. Very pleased with my lone peak 4.0. Wearing better and still a nice wide toe box.

What took me so long? Tight heel, ample toe box so your toes can splay when your foot hits the ground (just like nature intended). Also one of the greatest lacing systems. Bought a 2nd pair + the hiking boots. Puts more fun in my run.

These shoes are absolutely awesome. The large toe box allows your foot to have a more natural strike. Takes a little getting used to but well worth it. If you’ve never run in zero elevation shoes before, break yourself in slow.

These altras are not waterproof. That makes them light and drain very well. I have had three of the same pair and hope to buy another pair. I put some, at times, very rough, muddy trail miles on them. Light and comfortable.

I returned these after walking in them for 30 min and my foot soles and back began to hurt. They have a great fit for those like me who have wide feet. However, there is no cushioning. it's like a swimming shoe in disguise.

I bought these on a recommendation from someone who hiked the 800 mile AZ trail, I bought a pair and after using them for a couple weeks I bought another pair. Great fit, Lots of room in the toe area. 10 out of 10!

What can I say ? It doesn't get much better than this. The only this I would like to see on these shoes would be Vibram soles, a speedlace system similar to the Saloman XA Pro 3D and gaiter traps on the sides.

After finishing the Rachel Carson Trails Challenge (over 35 miles in one day on a "primitive" trail) twice with foot problems, I was looking for a shoe that is soft like a running shoe but with good tread for hiking on mud and steep hills. With running shoes I never have problems with rubbing on the sides of my feet and ankles and also no toe injuries.

I’ve had these shoes for several months and put a fair amount on miles on them - Trail hiking and around town. Comfortable shoes, in a slipper sort of way. Having never hiked in super light weight trail runners, I’m surprised how well they handle the trails, even here in the rocky, northern Sierra Nevadas. Just don’t expect to get much lateral support, if you are scrambling through rocky, off camber terrain. If the trail is not too crazy, they work very well. So far, they seems to be holding up well, considering how light they are.

These shoes are super comfortable. I’ve only been running in them for several weeks now but am impressed at how comfortable & supportive they are. I haven’t had any issues so far & am glad I bought them.

These ended up being my primary work shoes and I couldn't be happier with them. I work as a patient transporter in a hospital and walk around 7 to 12 miles daily. Probably the best shoes I've ever owned.

I bought these shoes for walking about six miles a day on a paved walking/cycling trail. They have about 100 miles on them now and look like new. I want to try them out on mountain natural trails next.

Used Appalachian Trail weekend after purchase. Great shoe because they dried quickly. Only a few rocks got inside, so gators weren’t needed. Recommended to my dad for MN canoeing lake trip this summer.

These are comfortable and stylish from the office to the outdoors. I was hesitant at first due to its unconventional design, but this is my second pair now and I don’t foresee myself changing brands.

An amazing shoe for ectended trail runs. Drains well, has great traction, drys sort of quickly, and grips the heel well. Only downside is the cushion deadens out prematurely, ~150 -180 miles in.

I tried these trainers on and they were instantly comfortable, and they didn't let me down on the trials either. Supper comfy, wide toe, grippy off road but equally has grip on hard surfaces.

I have very fussy feet and most shoes are not comfortable or even painful.

I can not describe how great my feet feel in these shoes. My toes can spread out and I feel more natural. Great gripe, I have been using these to hike in Guam over my Lowa hiking boots.

I purchased a pair last year to replace Previous pair that I used during a 500+ mile section hike of the Appalachian Trail over the summer. I migrated from heavy hiking boots, to mid weight boots, to sturdy trail shoes, to Altras and have not looked back.

I’ve tried a lot of shoes in my time. But these shoes are by far some of the best shoes that I have ever had. The fit is perfect the toebox is wide and the shoes are grippy.

Definitely comfortable out of the box, durability just isn’t there. Toe cap delaminated after 6 miles and really started to show wear after 35 miles of hiking in these.

Wore them once. Possibly the most comfortable shoe out of the box I’ve ever worn. Very light. True Upper Peninsulato size. Now let’s see how well they hold up.

I have put some miles on these and just love the way they feel and the traction is just fantastic . I also have the lone peak 3.5 and love those as well ...

They held up great for the 50k I just ran. One issue I have is they seem to lose cushioning, not sure if it’s insole or the thickness of the shoe itself?

I have trouble with my feet and these shoes have solved my problems. I also feel so balanced in these shoes I’m so grateful a friend told me about them.

This is my go to shoe for hiking, they fit well and have great traction. I used them during my AT thru-hike and plan on using them for my PCT thru-hike.

Performed perfectly for my week long backpacking trip. Was the best purchase I made for the trip. Very pleased. Great traction and comfortable.



What is the purpose of the lip at the back of the outsole, extending beyond the heel? Looks like it will break off on rugged trails.

The extended end of the outsole on this shoe is meant for additional balance and support. The manufacturer has not received any feedback or returns showing that this portion of the shoe has deteriorated or torn.


I wear Teva sandals, Terra-Fi Lite to be exact, and buy size 11, which are perfect for me - leaves a bit of space at the toe and heel. Is size 11 what I should order for these? I have no way of trying before buying... Thanks!

Sandals are often sized a little longer than a shoe to offer some protection for your toes. We recommend choosing your Altra shoes using the same size as your street shoe size.


Would one still use inserts with these?

You can use aftermarket insoles in most cases but you will have to remove the stock insoles first. Also, please keep in mind these shoes have a unique foot shape and most aftermarket insoles will not provide full coverage underfoot.


What is the size of the lugs? 

The outsole lugs are approximately .25 inches.


How long are these laces?  Need to get a replacement set. Thanks!

​You will need shoe laces that measure at least 45" long.


Can anyone comment on the size comparison of earlier lone peaks 2.5? I wear a 10 in them but the REI store didn't have any 9.5-10.5 to try on in these 4's. thanks!

Based on feedback and reviews, some found the Lone Peak 2.5 to be slightly short; whereas most have found the Lone Peak 4 to run true to size.


If these were to be used for backpacking, what is the max pack weight you would recommend? I'm somewhere in the 25-30 lb pack weight.

I just did an 8 day, 95 mile trip in the High Sierras with the new LonePeak 4.0's. I carried 8 days of food in a bear can, pack weight 35-38 lbs. I found the new sole grip to be superior to any prior LonePeak, however the rebound cushioning layer compressed faster and more than my LonePeak 3.0's. (Note: I passed on the 3.5's)

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