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Disclaimer: I am quite picky!

I got the black one just a month ago. It easily fits my Osprey 3L bladder, with room to pack in my REI wind/rain jacket, a few more bottles of water, inside side pocket for first aid and my high lumen flashlight, lid pockets to store Clif Bars, eye drops, keys, phone charger, dry goods, and much more. The waist strap and chest strap fit perfect, which makes running up trails in this very easy. Highly recommend this. Haven't had to use the rain cover yet.

I use this for my daily commute to work, errands, and other adventures. It has be wonderful so far. I love the sleek, inconspicuous design. It has dual daisy chains on the back for plenty of places to attach items such as carabiners, locks, sunglasses, etc.

It does 90% of what I need in a bag. The wait strap could be a little wider (for additional comfort) and some admin organization would be nice (for pens, pencils, and notepads), but overall does what it's design for. All while looking great!

So far this pack is working fine. I like the design. The sternum and waist straps are exactly what I need in them. It will also work well when I do some real trail hiking with it, as opposed to city use right now. I especially like the separate rain cover, as it eliminates the need to use plastic bags to protect the contents. I also figured out where to attach a mini-biner to carry one of my fuzzy fob animals for a personal decoration.

This was used for the first time on a 12 day escorted bus tour to New England. My husband wore it and said it felt good and good capacity for this type of travel. Fit under seats and was durable.

I bought this pack earlier this year and used it to hike/canoe near the boundary waters in Ely, Minnesota. I was very pleased with the packs performance and versatility!

I was looking for an all purpose day bag, hiking, mountain biking, you name it. This bag fits the bill perfectly. Has water bottle pockets,a hydro/laptop area, shoulder strap and hip straps, as well as a rain cover. At 25 liyers is a perfect size for me. Has lots of cinches so if I'm only carrying water and snacks and not my bivy kit the cinches make the pack super small profile and the weight carry well. I'm marking it down one star because my friends trail 25 tore a bt at the top of one of thr shoulder straps msking the weight distribution off and pretty useless. He is going to be rrturning it for a new one, but as mine has had no issues for now I will assume it was just a lemon. Will update review if mine starts having similar issues.

This has been the best backpack I've had. It's good on my back with its padded support. The poncho is great when you have unexpected rain.

Great pack for Hiking, Camping or Travels. Able to carry Yeti water bottle on side pocket and has a waterproof cover.

This is a nice pack design for the price point. Has many of the features found on other more expensive models.

Just the bag I need. So versatile I can use it for short hiking trips and as everyday backpack.

I primarily use this for work. It carries everything I need and fits well into the trunk or saddle bag on a Goldwing motorcycle. I want to try it out on a day hike soon.

Bought this pack for my son, so far it’s been great. Sturdy zippers and super comfortable. Hope that he has it for the next 10-15 years of hiking.

The fit and size are exactly what I needed. I take this trail pack with me to carry an extra sweater, water, first aid kit, and snacks.

The intended purpose of this pack seems to be a regular book bag or travel bag, that can also be used for hiking. This is exactly what I purchased it to be. It's big enough for a laptop and a few changes of clothes, and about the right size to be your additional carry on item. Overall pretty good pack.

I bought this pack to replace an old camel back for day hiking trips. So far this pack has been great, I actually forget I am wearing it. One of the reasons I bought this pack was because of the removable hip strap/belt. For day trip loads I certainly do not need the added the stability of the hip belt. The pack is not made of the heaviest of materials, but that keeps the weight down and since it is an REI brand pack, I am not worried about it wearing out too quickly.

we were looking for a light weight daypack with a camel bak pouch. worked fine for us.

Great pack with plenty of space. Like the poles hooks, really keeps them secure.

I bought this bag in Oct, 2018 and the bag tore May 2019, about 8 months of use! Also, the zipper to the main bag does not open all the way, there is no secondary bag zipper to hold quickly accessible items like food with out overloading the flap that closes the main bag. the inner zipped bay further exacerbates the weight distribution of the main bag flap since it is located directly behind the outer compartment. There are many better options at this price point.

Excellent balance of style, features, and size. I really like it.

nice little pack!!! great for day hikes and as carry on luggage.

I bought this for use as a hiking day pack. I recently took it on a week long trip to Yosemite and other parks where I did a lot of hiking. First, I used it on the flight as a carryon for my laptop, electronics, etc, and it worked great. Of course, it also worked great on the trails. It had enough room for everything I needed. I hooked in a 3L reservoir and the pack tube fits well through to the outside of the bag and into the clip on the shoulder strap. The bag was super comfortable and never felt a burden on any of my hikes up to 15-20 miles with 1000s of ft of elevation gain. I carry photography gear, and the side elastic pocket was a great fit for a tripod. I put my keys, wallet, and small accessories in the small pockets. The large main compartment is great as it has high flexibility in whatever you wanted, such as a ton of food for a long day of hiking. An underrated feature of this bag is the waterproof cover; it rained a ton and having a dry bag was great.

I've been using mine for constant travel as my main bag and so far it has held up great. Love all the space and the breakdown of the bag, and the compression straps are so helpful because sometimes even as a minimalist traveler, things get a little tight hauling just a small purse and a 25l. Definitely recommend it, whether as a daypack or as a carry on.

I bought this to pack for a 4-day vacation and couldn't find my old REI daypack. Great pocket space. I used it as my carryon because it has just the right number and size of pockets, including side pouches for water bottles. Slides right under airplane seat. Rugged but light weight. They call it a man's pack, but I am an older woman and it works great.

This pack meets our need for a lightweight mid-size pack. To date, we've used it only for one 3 week trip that didn't involve hiking or camping so we'll see how it lasts over time but we're happy with it so far. Only reservation is that it has few compartments and exterior pockets.

This pack is perfect for what I do! It fits everything I need to have an outdoor classroom. It’s comfortable for those long hikes in and even fits great when you have to have one pack on in the front and a bigger pack on your back.

I used this for the first time today and it seems like the perfect little day pack. I like the way it holds off the back and allows air to circulate. It even has places to hold the trekking poles. I am impressed.

Went threw about 2 different packs before trying ou this one and I have to say I would never change agean! I use it for over night trips, off-roading trips, hiking trips, small exploring trips and more!

I like the updates they've given this product. I bought the same product a few years ago and I liked the old one so much that I bought another.

Great features! Plenty of pockets. Useful pockets.



I’m 5’10” female. Will this fit me? 

The most important measurements to take into consideration when sizing a backpack are the torso length and waist size. We put these measurements in the specs tab on backpacks we sell.


Is this back big enough for an overnight hiking trip?

Most overnight adventures necessitate a sleeping bag, shelter (tent), sleeping pad, stove, etc., and a 25 liter pack is too small to accommodate all this gear. A 40+ liter pack is a more reasonable size for an overnight hiking trip.

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Are there straps or clips to hang a sleeping bag to the bottom of the pack for easy carry?

Yes, this pack has straps along the bottom.


Does the main inner compartment have a separate sleeve/partition for a laptop?

​Yes, there is a sleeve a smaller laptop can fit in.


How can i clean and wash the 25 bachpak?

We recommend spot cleaning or hand washing this jacket in warm water using a mild detergent. Check out the link below for more information on how to clean a pack.


What is the blue clip sewed inside meant to be used for? Hydration system hose or something else?

If you are referencing the clip at the top, back of the pack, this holds up your hydration reservoir (sold separately).


Will the side mesh compartment hold a Yeti 36oz rambler? Thank you

​The side mesh pocket on this pack can stretch to hold a YETI Rambler Vacuum Bottle – 36 fl. oz. But it may be difficult to fit that size of bottle if the main compartment is packed full.


Can you wash this backpack in the washing machine? Or spot clean only? I've been traveling with this bag and its stinks a little bit thanks to all of my hiking!

We do not suggest washing this backpack in a washing machine. Please see our Expert Advice for cleaning instructions:


What color are the tassels on the black version? In the stores, they're not blue.

​The tassels for the black colored pack are black and yellow. Thank you for bringing this information to our attention! We will update the product listing on as soon as possible.


What are the differences between this Trail 25 vs the old (2017) version?

​On the new version of the pack, the back panel has been redesigned with improved ventilation for breathability. The water bottle pockets were reinforced and pleated to more securely hold water bottles. Compression straps on the sides were also added.


Is there a picture of the "Night Sea" color available?

As of July 2018, we are working on posting a picture for the nightsea color. However, the nightsea color is considered a dark blue.


What size hydration pack is best for this?

​You can include up to a 3 liter hydration reservoir in the Trail 25 pack.

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