Cusa Tea - Premium Instant Tea - Package of 10

Category: Camp Kitchen

Real premium high quality tea, not only super practical but incredibly delicious! Cusa Tea mastered the tea making process. Totally recommend!

If you like tea like I do, this diverse selection of delicious teas is an easy choice for your next backpacking/camping trip. Also, light and compact. Good alternative to coffee.

Cusa Tea is an unbelievable product, at first I was a bit cynical, but after I tried it I could not believe this was an instant tea! Tastes great, just tea, no additives!!!

I love how amazing this tea is! Its quality is great and its very convenient and new. I was introduced to this by a friend and I went online and bought it since the price wasnt ridiculous. I have used it when I am on my way to class (college student) and on my way to work. I have even used it to go hiking with my family down south, we had it cold. They loved the taste and quality of the tea! I tell my (adventurous or quick lifestyle) friends all about it when I can.

I love #CusaTea, it is crisp, clean and clear, never cloudy or murky. The tea tastes freshly steeped, you would never guess it is an instant tea, quick and easy! I've tried 5 delicious organic Cusa Tea flavors and so far have enjoyed each cup down to the last sip! Excellent hot or served over ice! I will not leave home without a sachet of #CusaTea in my handbag! Cheers to drinking a healthier and tastier cup of tea!

I’m someone who needs a hot drink in the mornings during a backpacking trip, and I don’t always want to have coffee, so when I came across these I was super excited to try them! My favorites were lemon black tea and oolong :) definitely give them a try! For all the tea lovers who don’t want to carry used tea bags along, Cusa Cusa Cusa!

I picked up a variety of Cusa to try out on my adventures this past summer. I rarely boil water when backpacking and so tried all the flavours in cold or warm air temp water. They were all fantastic. Mango Green has quickly become a favourite as well as Lemon Black. Both are perfect on-the-go drinks. Can't wait to try new flavours!

Found this product at an REI event, and instantly loved it. I love the Mango Green Tea the most, but the variety pack is perfect for camping or with a large group as you have options for everyone. I like it cold, which is perfect for enjoying a quick cup on a summit after hiking.

I wish there had been more in the package than 2. I had them with lunches. That sweetness with lunch was so satisfying. I had the breakfast tea with breakfast, I don't remember what it tasted like, I just wanted caffiene.


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