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This tent is a huge upgrade from our 2 person backpacking tent. It easily fit 2 adults and a medium size dog plus our bags with room to spare. We happened to have 3 people available to set the tent up, but I think 2 people could do it easily. It might be more of a challenge for 1 person. The tent held up great against some short downpours and kept us comfortable in mid-50 overnight temperatures. We loved how spacious it was (even if it is a bit of overkill for 2 people) and how we could stand in the tent to change- no more shimmying on the floor! This is definitely going to be our go-to car camping tent from now on.

We bought this tent during the big recent REI sale & then decided for a few extra bucks we could upgrade to the Kingdom 6. I will tell you that the Kingdom tents in general setup quickly and with easy. What I can say about the K6 is that it's extremely spacious, allows for ample air flow, & looks slick. And on another positive note the backpack styled tent bag of the K4 tent made it a breeze to bring back to counter for an exchange.

This is a fine tent once you master setting it up Be sure to practice setting it up at home a couple times before camping. I put a brightly colored piece of tape on the white strap pass thru on the top of the tent which helps a lot. I could not get it back into the stuff sack and had to use a large duffle bag.

This tent is a glamping paradise. Let’s get the obvious out of the way: it’s huge and heavy; hauling this thing on a backpacking trip would be a mistake. But for car camping it’s awesome. It’s tall enough to stand up in, and has plenty of floor space to sleep 4 people comfortably with room to spare. There are mesh pockets sewn along the full length of both sides of tent to keep odds and ends organized. Despite the large size and square profile the Kingdom was stable and quiet even when being buffeted by the relentless Wyoming wind. The back (non-vestibule) door is really convenient when the weather is dry as a quick way in and out of the tent, and having a second door in a tent this size is really nice when nature calls in the middle of the night and you don’t want to wake up your tent mates by crawling over them. The only minor downside that I’ve come across is that the vestibule is a bit awkward to use. The tent is so tall that even with a generous amount of space between the front of the tent body and the front of the vestibule the upper portion of the vestibule is really skinny, which makes it difficult to zip the doors and fly completely. This sensation is accentuated by the roominess of the tent itself. You can stand up and walk around in the tent, but need to crouch and twist in the vestibule.

This was the first tent I've purchased and loved it! It was easy and quick to assemble, took about 10 minutes with a partner, and then quicker to take down.

I just had this tent out for the first time for 2 nights over the Memorial Day weekend. This is a great car camping tent. There is lots of room and the pockets inside are good for organizing. I’m giving this tent 5 stars because overall it’s functional. It’s pure luxury. You’ll want to sell your house and live in this tent. However, I do have one complaint - the directions on the bag are not good. Watch a YouTube video before you head out and embarrass yourself at a camping site.

Enjoying how tall the inside of the tent is, Plus on the inside three walls there's pockets all the way around on the bottom half of the tent. Very easy to set up one person can do it it's not that difficult. I recommend this tent, as well on the top how to access zippers to hook in the top hooks to the polls. Good ventilation, good mesh and seam sealed pretty good.

Zippers are of poor quality and kept getting stuck the first time we tried to set it up. The setup is not particularly challenging but definitely requires two people considering the size of the tent. Some parts are solid so ventilation is poor and the tent gets very hot, plus the fly does not provide enough shade. We will be returning and keep looking for other options

I’m 65, 5’3” and on a 5 month road trip. I can easily erect this tent and disassemble it. The backpack style carrying bag makes transport a breeze and is spacious enough to stow the tent without struggling to fit it inside. I purchased 10” stakes and 6” galvanized nails to further secure the grommets. I experienced storms and winds in the mountains and the tent stayed dry. I had a different experience camping on the ocean. I was very exposed and a storm came up. Winds were steady at 20 mph with frequent higher gusts. The sides of the tent were against the wind and the windward side wanted to take off like a glider. Standing for an hour, I pushed against that side to keep it up. This was a long storm with torrential rain. Finally, a front stake on the opposite side pulled and the tent partially collapsed. It was over after that. I climbed out and pulled the rest of the stakes. I can’t blame the tent though. This is what I learned. 1. Always set up facing with the prevailing wind. 2. Always be sure your stakes are long enough to hold in your camping conditions. Mine weren’t. 3. If you do most of your camping in exposed areas you’re probably better off with a dome because the shape of the kingdom offers much more resistance in wind. Overall I’m really happy with the tent and I DID read the reviews regarding wind prior to purchase. The tent is well engineered and spacious and is excellent in more sheltered areas.

I would like to say, I own the previous model of the REI Kingdom 4, and I absolutely love it. So I was very excited to hear that they were redesigning and improving it. However, I would hardly call the new model an improvement.

Wow, I love this tent! I bought this tent this past spring after some serious debate and research and took it out for the first time this past weekend. Right as we pulled up at our site, I started to hear thunder, and saw ominous grey clouds forming in the distance. I raced to get the tent up, and was a little nervous since I hadn’t tested it out before. Thankfully the instructions (sewn in the awesome backpack bag, yay!) were super easy to follow, especially with the color coding on the tent, rods and clips. Solo, first time with a four year old milling about, and a scary storm coming I managed to get it all set up in about 15-20 minutes. I’m sure it’ll be much faster next time since I know what’s what. Oh, and the storm? It raged with heavy rain, wind and thunder for over and hour and we were dry as a bone and the tent held up, and did again when it stormed in the middle of the night the second evening. Tons of rain, wind and thunder and not a drop in the tent. Bravo REI! I also really liked the general design and adaptability of just the tent. Looking forward to getting some of the add on items in coming years!

I've owned this tent for 4 years now, I only get to use it a few times a year and anyone who thinks this tent is difficult to setup has no grasp on reality. It's 3 poles running parallel, two identical and one that runs center of them. The picture on the tent bag highlights the placement of the poles. If you're breaking them or struggling, there's also a YouTube video demonstrating it's set up. The bag it comes with, or at least did is very spacious with a divider down the center. I typically just stuff the tent in at the end of a campout and then open everything up to let it dry and roll it up neatly. It's so spacious I'm also able to keep the add on kingdom garage in the same bag. If you're expecting this tent to manage high crosswinds, you're expecations are too high! Your buying the wrong tent. Get yourself a 4 person some that's no more than 4 feet tall. You buy this tent so you can stand and relax in it. Face the front of the tent into the wind, not the side.



Does the 2019 version Kingdom 4 come with the sturdier new poles and brighter rainfly compared to the 2018 version?

Compared to the previous model, the poleset included with this tent is more robust. The pole diameter is thicker and an additional pole was added to the front and the rear of the tent for more structure. The maple orange/copper spice color is much brighter than the previous colors. The forest floor color is about the same.


What is the pole diameter of each of the poles?

The pole diameter for this tent is 11mm for the legs and 16mm for the ridge poles.


There's a short, thick tube included with the tent poles. I've seen that on other tents. What is its purpose?

It’s called a repair sleeve in the event of a snapped or cracked tent pole.

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What is the height how tall is the tent

The peak height is listed under the technical specs at 75 inches.


Much of the tent appears to be transparent screen.  Is there a hanging divider or zip up interior walls to provide privacy while changing clothes?

This tent model doesn't have a room divider. Check out the Kingdom 6 with a room divider:


I have a big family and was wondering if any of the kingdom tents can hooked together?

Kingdom tents are not designed to be hooked together.


What size poles are required for the vestibule awning, 6ft or the 8ft telescoping models?

While both will work, the 8’ lengths are stronger and are the better choice.


On the 2018 model there is vestibule on one side with the rain fly, but the other side only has the small over hang. Without the garage attached is the tent rain proof? It seems like it is very exposed if you do not use the garage too. Thank you.

With the window in the door fully zipped up, the tent is rainproof.


Does this block UV light or keep cooler inside the tent in hot weather?

Yes, the UV rays are blocked. The tent is not cooler in hot weather.


Is it possible to connect this to the old garage?

The REI Garage was an accessory that fit the Kingdom tents, model year 2018 and prior. The Garage is not compatible with this tent.

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Is the floor waterproof?

​Yes, the floor has a waterproof coating on it.


Can ONE person put this up, or do you need two (eg, holding the poles in place).

This tent can be assembled by 1 person. We recommend practicing beforehand so you are familiar with the set up.


Will this tent have a garage or extended vestibule option?

​Yes, here is the link for the Kingdom Mud Room:


Are footprints available for the 2019 Kingdom? I don't see them on your website.

As of early February 2019, we do have stock of the footprints:

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What is the hydrostatic rating of the tent body (minus mesh parts)? It seems like the #2 door side of the tent body will be getting rained on. Previous answer stated fly and floor were 1500mm, but didn't specify tent body.

Good question! The doors and sidewalls of this tent have a similar waterproofness in comparison to the rainfly.​ The rear door is designed to withstand 3 season conditions and protect you from water leaking in.

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What is the waterproof rating for the tent body, floor and rain fly fabric? Is it 1500mm or higher?

​The floor and the rainfly of this tent have a hydrostatic rating of 1,500mm.


Should any new tent need seam sealed our water treated? Or is it ready to go 100%?

​Our tents are seam sealed and ready to use.


Description says there is a vestibule at Door #1 and a weather-protective awning at Door #2. However, there is a photo showing an awning converted from the one vestibule. What does the second door's awning look like? Confused by photos vs. description.

​The vestibule that covers the door on one side can be unzipped and staked out with poles to create an awning as shown in image 7. The weather-protective awning for the other side is simply the portion of the rainfly shown in image 3 that hangs over the other side of the tent and protects the top of the door zipper from rain.


How is this different than the 2018 version? Is the footprint the same?

The poles structure has changed on the new 2019 tent, so the grommets of the 2018 footprint will not line up with the pole placement. They are not compatible.

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