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This seems to be a great backpacking bag, though I've yet to take it on any trips. It's pretty light and has a lot of features.

I bought this pack because I was looking for a lightweight pack of a certain size 45-55L) that had the right amount of features and flexibility. This was a great pack overall. It is indeed very light. In addition, you can zip off the top pack and just use the roll top opening. I was very happy in general with this pack, but ultimately I returned it after a trial run weekend with two fully loaded hiking days. I found that the hip pads were ultimately a little uncomfortable for my body. I have a shorter torso and fairly wide waist and hips, so perhaps the proportions of the small men's size were sub optimal for me. I did get fitted for the pack in store, and this was the correct size for me. I also noticed that after the two hikes, a tiny piece ( about 3 mm) of material had rubbed through inside the bag where it was covering part of the internal frame. This hole did not extend to the outside of the bag, just the fabric covering the frame on the inside. Ultimately this gave me some doubts about long term durability and contributed to the return. I would say that this is a very nice pack and had all the features I was looking for, including light weight, modularity, rolltop closure, bladder compatible, good hip pack and chest pack accessories.

Overall: I think this is a great pack for the price. If 55L is a good capacity for you, I think this is an ideal backcountry pack. That being said, go try on the pack in the store if you can; it only comes in 3 sizes and the hipbelt is fixed on, so it may not fit all body sizes.

I've hiked about 100 miles with a 40 pound load. This exceeds the recommended max and exceeds the amount I would normally carry, but so far I've just been using it to hike a 5 mile loop in the local hills to keep in shape.

Bought this pack for a hike down and up the Bright Angel Trail in the Ground Canyon and hoped to use it for trekking in Europe.



In what country is the Flash 55 made?

This item is made in Vietnam. Please keep in mind the country of origin can change over time and some items are sourced from multiple countries.


Does it have a dedicated sleeping bag compartment?

No, this pack has a single main compartment without a divider or access for a sleeping bag at the bottom.


What is the purpose of the zipper inside the pack near the top?

That zipper gives access to the suspension system during production or for maintenance, but is not considered a usable pocket in the pack.


Regarding volume: does the 55L include the external mesh pockets or not? This matters for me b/c I want to buy it and those outer mesh pockets are incredible, but there's a colossal usability difference if those stretch pockets are part of the 55L or not.

​The external mesh pockets are not part of the 55L calibration.


Does a bear canister fit in?  Mandatory in the Sierras

A bear canister can fit in this pack, although it will have to be packed vertically.


Will a BearVault BV500 Food Cannister fit horizontally in this pack?

​No, the BV500 will not fit horizontally in this pack.


What type of water protection does the main compartment have?

​The main compartment has a light DWR applied to the outer surface.


Great pack w/ one massive flaw. Can someone tell me why the hipbelt was not made adjustable for size? I have a 21.5" torso and a 32" waist. I tried on the Medium at our local REI and it's too short, the Large is great, but belt is too large. Maddening...

The hipbelt on this pack has some adjustability, but the harness is fixed. Our size selections were chosen to fit the majority of users, but unfortunately, they may not work for some people.


Does the pack have a separate (bottom) zipper for the sleeping bag an pad, or is the whole main compartment top loaded?

​There is not a sleeping bag zipper. This is a top loading pack.


What size hydration bladders can the sleeve fit?

This pack can accept up to a 3 liter hydration reservoir.


Can a tent be strapped to the bottom of this pack? Will a small tent like the passage 2 fit inside?

This pack doesn't have bottom compression straps, but a tent could be attached to the outside using the Packmod compressions straps. The REI Co-op Passage 2 Tent can fit inside of the main compartment.


More on the bear canister. I looked at this pack in the store. Its big, bigger than my Deuter AC Lite 60+10, and my Bear Vault 550 fits in the Deuter fine? I think it would even fit in the Flash 45. Am I wrong?

The BV500 has a diameter of 8.7 inches and fits well in the main compartment of the Flash 55 pack.


can the flash 22 or flash 18 be attached unto this pack?

You can use the exterior loops and interchangeable straps to attach the Flash 18 or 22 packs to the exterior of the pack. There are no internal loops to hang the flash packs, however you can stow them in the hydration reservoir sleeve instead.


Will spare packmod kits be available for purchase? I would like a second shoulder pouch.

We will be carrying Packmod accessories for the Flash 55 pack starting summer 2019.


Will any other colors be offered besides the olive oil and the gray?

​As of February 2019, asphalt and olive oil are the only options available.

Walking Fool

Will the Flash 55 hold a bear canister?

This pack can accommodate smaller bear canisters such as the BearVault BV450 Food Container. While larger containers can fit, they will take up the majority of the room in the pack.


My waist is about 29-30 inches. My torso is about 19 inches. What size should I get? Thanks

Based on your torso you need a L in this pack. However, with your waist size this pack may not be the best fit. We recommend looking for a pack the offers an adjustable torso with your waist size.


The weight listed for size S in the Flash 55 is 2 pounds 2 ounces. The weight listed for the S Flash 45 is 2 pounds 7.5 ounces. What gives? 

The weight for the 55 L size small with the Packmod accessories is 2 pounds 9 ounces; it's 2 pounds 2 ounces with all accessories removed.


Does the top lid have a pocket or is it just simply a cover over the pack?

​You're in luck! There is a pocket in the top lid.


Will this be available in women's?

Yes, here is the link for the women version:


When will these be available in stores to try on?

We recommend giving your local store a call to get the scoop on in-store availability.


On the large pack the volume is 57 liters / 2,868 cubic inches. How much of that is the main compartment? Thanks

​We're sorry but we don't have that information available.


The description says removing all pack mod accessories saves 7 ounces - that means removing all the pack mod straps, the shoulder strap pocket, the top lid, and the side pockets? If I am correct what is the weight of the large pack with just side pockets?

Weights are as follows; if you remove everything but the hip belt pockets you will be at around 2lb 5oz.  Mesh hip belt pocket - .9oz  Ripstop hip belt pocket - .755oz  Shoulder strap pocket - .62oz  Side compression straps (with tensionlock) - .8oz  Top lid with straps – 2.73oz  Bungee cord tool loop - .15oz  Sternum strap - .535oz  Mesh storage bag – 1.235oz


Will there be a hydration bladder pocket similar to what is available on the Traverse 70L inside of the main compartment? And if so, will it be removable?

The hydration sleeve is located in the main compartment and cannot be removed.

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