Coghlan's - Tent Whisk with Dust Pan

Category: Tent

Great for keeping tent clean...however the brush bristles could be a little stronger. They're so soft that they don't pick up the tiny dirt particles. But they get the job done in a few whisks.

We bought this right before our last camping trip and it was perfect! Small and lightweight, it was easy to pack and use. It worked great too.

I didn't think it would work for sweeping out my tent, but it did. It's a good little broom for sweeping out the tent.

Really convenient little accessory to have when trying to clean out sand and other fine debris from your tent.

Excellent product. Light weight and does the job! I would recommend this to family and friends. Easily packs.

It's a Wisk Broom and Dust Pan! Keeps my tent clean, thats what I bought it for!

This baby safe my day!!! Very useful, I don't go anywhere without this thing.

It’s a dustpan and broom what more can I say. Lightweight and small


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