Sea to Summit - Kitchen Sink - 5 liter

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This is a great little product, wasn't sure if it would come in handy. I used it to wash my hands and my feet lol,clean my dishes, put out fires, and for live fish bait!

I haven't had a chance to use this sink camping yet, but as soon as I brought it home, I had to check it out. So long as it's kept reasonably full, it maintains its shape well. The 5 liter size is just right--large enough to be useful, small enough to avoid wasting water. I'm looking forward to using it camping.

Have used it for bathing and dish washing. Left water in for a few hours and it developed a slow leak. Good for small dishes, but seems to sink into itself so isn't as deep as I would like, a stiffer material might have been better. Would probably be good for making water filtration more convenient. Packs small and light, though can be tricky to get into package it comes with.

I bought this so I can have the convenience of washing my dishes after dinner and breakfast away from camp and water sources. I have found it to work very well for that as long as it is filled up and the water is COLD. My first time using it was in the Sierras in early June w/ temps in the low 20's and 5ft of snow on the ground. I filled it w/ excess warm water after dinner and it wouldn't hold its shape. I dumped it and scooped it full of river water and it stood right up! One of the last things I wanted to do was wash dishes w/ cold water in the low 20's but there is a certain level of comfort we all abandon while trekking in the back country. This product seems to bridge the gap a little.

Good sink. If not dried well and stored before it completely air dries -you will have mildew and it can smell funky. Tips over I'f you over fill it. Compact and easy to carry.

This is a great addition to anyone who is group backpacking 3 or more, I use it for dishes and works okay. What I mean by that is after you fill with your dish water it wants to dump itself out. We make it a group effort, one person holding the sink and other washing. We made it work, but I wish it performed better. Still, I haven't found anything else out there to replace it with, so with that it is the best option in my mind out there.

By my third trip it leaks...drips through the bottom. You can't leave water in it, which is a total waste of water. I wanted to love this but do not. It's easy to fill and carry back to your campsite, but then things go awry. You have to hold the sides up when plunging a dish down into the water or they will fall down and out goes half your water. It takes forever to dry, which would make it a terrible option for a backpacker.

I wanted to leave it this year for backpacking trip.. my friend "begged" me to bring again. I think she needs her own sink lol! Make sure not to let water sit in sink for hours.. dry it out if possible between uses.. treat with Nikwax intermittently..

if there is a way to make it hold as much water as the stock photos show I have not figured it out yet. I bought both the 5 (for a dog bowl) and 10 (for dishes) but rarely use them because once filled with water they are a sloppy mess. probably better to hold gear in, or as a back up in an emergency since they take up so little space.

Original use was for water filtering - less sand Use for washing dishes, body & water transport to campsite. Stores in a compact carrier about the size of an orange, but take notice when you first open, it can be a challenge to get back in. Doesn't spill water

Love this product! I used it mostly to carry water from a nearby stream for refilling my platypus water filtration system, the bucket really does stand up just fine and didn't leak a drop, I'm planning to get a second so one can be designated for washing only.

I loved it the first couple years. Started really leaking on the 3rd year. It was still good for hauling water, but I won’t be using it this year. So the search continues for a better sink. I can use the container for hauling in veggies from my garden!

I loved this on mt recent week on the PCT. It was extremely hot and I was able to fill the bucket at a stream, move away and add a little soap, and take a basic bath while washing my shirt out. Highly recommend this!

A great small and light-weight luxury while backpacking if you want to freshen up with a warm sponge bath or just make sure that your kitchen utensils get a thorough cleaning.

Great camp sink, definitely allows for easier cleaning at camp, hold about 5 L of water, but does wick through eventually. Never leaks though :)

Compact and lightweight my only complaint is you must use 5 L of water. The downfall is you must use 5 L of water to make it stable.

Bought this for remote camping in Big Bend National Park where facilities were remote. Worked great as compact but adequate size.

I use this 5 litre unit in the following manner: I will wash the camp dishes in this unit, and use a 10 litre unit filled with cold water for the rinse.


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