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I've been looking for replacements to the usual sugary energy gels. I prefer something salty when I'm out using up a lot of energy, so the Margarita flavor fit my needs. I hear that you either hate it or love it, and you really need to like salt to like the Margarita. It was a strange combination at first, lime/lemony with a salty taste, but I ended up really liking it and it helped me get through my long run. The texture is like eating a box of Dots.

I knew I was going to need a boost along the way and this did the trick. If a week long section hike once a year is all I can manage, I don't let a little fatigue get in my way. I smack one of these 20-30 min before we start in the morning and I'm ready for the first big climb. It's tasty gummy that I've found work for at least an hour or 2.

I was quite surprised at how good these taste! They are my go-to for long runs and even during hot yoga. Each "block" is about 1/3 of an entire 'Shot Blok' liquid pack, so it's easier to get smaller doses, as frequently as you like. One con is that it's tough to chew and swallow when you're out of breath.

Picked up a Chocholate Cherry package just out of curiosity...that weekend got a little worn down on a two-day through the Sonoran when I remembered I had them...tasted great and definitely gave me a nice energy boost. Went right back to REI for more.

I like the energy I get from Clif Shot Gels but I cannot easily consume one while cycling. I have to stop, eat a gel, down some water, dispose of the wrapper (I don't dare put it back in my jersey pocket since that stuff is sticky). Then a friend told me about Shot Bloks. The best thing since canned beer. Packaged like a candy bar, I thought once I ate a single section I would find the rest melted and sticky. I was wrong. Even on a long ride in summer I can easily put the remainder in my jersey pocket and continue on. Never sticky or messy. They taste like gummy bears. I can eat one at 20 mph and keep on riding. They help keep my energy up on long rides. Depending on the flavor you can choose 0mg-50mg of caffeine. I give it 5 stars.

I've been using Shot bloks for several years and they are great. I'm an avid cyclist both MTB and Road. I keep these in my pocket for every ride and take them about 30 minutes into a ride to keep my energy level high and to complete the ride on a high level. I've also done several 100 mile rides and these come in very handy. They provide a quick source of sugar and electrolytes.

My friend turned me onto these a few years ago, and now they're part of my regular training stash. They've basically replaced gels (i.e. Gu) for me. They're great for when I need a little boost - on long-distance bike rides, sprint distance triathlons (consumed during the bike leg), and during all-day physical events. The ones with caffeine seem to help boost my mental focus too.

Better than Gels when your tired of eating Gels. I only wish they had caffeinated ones like the gel versions. Also, you get two servings per package, so you only have to eat half of it. You also need to drink plain water with these. If you drink electrolytes with it, then your just doubling your in take and can give you an upset stomach

These are great for a pre-workout I supplement them gel during workout. Only downside is they are a bit hard to chew and get stuck in my teeth while running if they were a bit softer I use them all the time instead of the gel.

I use Clif shot blocks for marathon training. They are easy to carry, the texture is better then other running GUs, and they taste great. My favorite is Strawberry.

Overall, the shot bloks work very well. You can feel the effects very quickly and they provide a good pick-me-up. As long as you take them with water then you'll be fine. One HUGE upside is not getting sticky stuff all over your hand like you do with gels. I use them on all my hikes and backpacking trips. The downside is that they are much harder to dissolve in your mouth than gels, especially when you are running fast. I tried to eat a blok package yesterday while running up a steep incline of about 15% right when I started to get dizzy and it took me forever to swallow because I was breathing so hard. I know people do take these while running, but for the fast paced types of runs I do, they just seem much harder to take than gels. From now on, I'll save the Shot Bloks for hiking and the gels for running.

Nice energy snack on the trail!!

I tried one of these the other day in the Margareta Flavor, and it was absolute atrocious. Had one block and ended up sitting that out. I can't yet speak on the other flavors but avoid the Margarita unless you are able to brush afterwords. Just nasty.

I’m obsessed with these. I used to use Hammer gel packets but I found that I slowed down around the same time I took the gel packets. Plus, it was a very sticky ordeal. These are perfect. I can take two or three around mile 8 or 9 and hit the water station at my convience. It allows you to portion better for sustained energy without the crash and that caffeine is the perfect addition. It also doesn’t hurt that the taste is on point.

I take a lot of long backpacking trips. I drink a lot of water on the trail and I need something for electrolyte replacement. I have tried all of the gooey gel stuff and it doesn't really work for me.

When I trained for my half marathon, I tried a lot of different fuel - different brands, different types, different flavors. This is my favorite type, and my favorite flavor is the Mountain Berry. I love the flavor (probably more than I should, since I could just snack on this all day) and the consistency. It works great as either pre-run or mid-run fuel. It does contain some caffeine, for those sensitive to it.

I keep coming back for these. Great snacks for the trail. Little caffeine too. Not all flavors have caffeine FYI. I've read some reviews of people with bad teeth complaint these pulled out there fillings. I have fillings and these are not that sticky compared to many snacks and I have zero worries. If you have bad teeth it's not the food you eats fault when they break, it's bad teeth or bad dental work.

Shot Bloks are great at providing extra energy during exercise. They often go down easier than an energy bar, provide a quick boost, and taste great. I generally use them in 2 blok or 3 blok increments starting 15 minutes prior to working out, and then every 1-3 hours depending on the workout type (running vs. hiking). The new packaging works well, although the old pouch wasn't really bad either.

These are a great electrolyte replacement while going UL backcountry. When I start getting tired from going fast, I eat 3 of these and drink out of the backpack reservoir while I keep on going. Good source of quick calories, sodium, and potassium. Also like to use them while skiing all day in the backcountry. I think the strawberry tastes great and goes down easy, no unpleasant aftertaste for me.

Not horrible, but Powerbar PowerBlast is much better, with a harder outer shell that doesn't stick to your teeth like glue. Also more durable in a pouch and won't leave as much residue/stick to stuff. For some reason, REI and others are not carrying these anymore and the Shot Bloks leave a bit to be desired. They do work and eliminate some of the messiness of gels.

I was doing a solo trip down and back in the Grand Canyon. With about 4 miles to go I started to cramp a little. A passing hiker have me one and within a few minutes the cramps were gone and didn’t come back. He gave me another later to help me finish off the trail cuz my snacks didn’t seem to be giving me any energy. I’ve never bought these but I will now.

I have tried several energy gels on the market and just couldn't get past the taste and consistency, which often made me feel like I was eating cough syrup. I love these bloks, which taste good and are so easy to clean up afterwards, no gooey mess left behind like gels. My favorite flavor so far is lemon-lime, but I am going to try others as well.

I love this product and use them all the time! Trail and road use on the bike is great, as well as other sports- compact and light, but packs a powerful punch of electrolytes when you need it. Only con I have found is if you are still active and breathing hard, it may be more difficult to chew and swallow.

These Bloks are delicious. I've tried a few of their other flavors (cranberry, margherita, gingerale, black cherry, tropical punch) and have found nothing beats strawberrry. My husband and I pack these in our bags when going backpacking & notice they do help with low energy levels. Highly recommend :)

Although this seems like a nice mix-up to gels and bars, its awfully sweet. In all honesty it kind of gave me a headache.

Bought these for some diet variety on a Mt. Whitney Trip. Found taste to be very good, and my energy bumped up as I consumed them. Gave a package to a friend that was bonking and he found a nice lift too ... caffeine I guess! Convenient to carry and eat, taste great. Will buy in future

I took this up on one of my last hikes in the adirondacks. I didn't eat or drink enough that day so after two high peaks I was exhausted and felt sick. I ate two squares before I decended and felt a boost of energy about 10 minutes later. They were delicious and helped me on a tough day.

I do a lot of fly fishing and backpacking. This is a great product when you're on the go and need a boost to keep you going. This is great even on day trips hiking alongside a river or wading. Just make sure to drink lots of water along with your choice of blocks to break them down.

I love these and feel they give you a nice boost, particularly the caffeinated flavors. The packages don't fit well in my camelbak pouches, and the little buggers are difficult to get out when it gets hot. I liked the bag style, but of course I can put them in my own baggies!

I honestly take 3-7 of these on every hike I go on and offer them to everyone I meet or take along with me. I love them. It might just be a pavlovian response as I don't normally have sugar unless I'm on a hike, but if you want some quick energy or a tasty treat these are it.

The Clif Shot Bloks Fastpak is easy to carry, open and share. The bite size bloks give an immediate boost. We used them snowshoeing this past weekend, they stayed soft in the cold temps. The salty Watermelon and Margarita flavors are satisfying during and after a workout.

Best flavor so far! The Shop Bloks metabolize quickly, for me at least. My first experience with Shot Bloks was when someone gave me a pack to eat after I passsed out from lack of electrolytes during a kind day of Enduro racing. It immediately perked me up. Super product.

I'm not usually a fan of citrus-flavored gels, but add salt and it gets a lot better! These aren't quite my favorite (that'd be Gu Salted Caramel Apple), but they're quite nice, easy to eat, and a good way to get a bit of extra sodium into your system during a long run.

I use these as fuel on my long runs. They are perfect. I can’t have most fuel because they upset my stomach due to lactose intolerance. But these do not upset my stomach at all. they are chewy but it’s a good distraction during long runs. Perfect bite off sized pieces.

When running my limits my body doesnt do well with foods and liquids other than water. This is an extremely well formulated energy supplement that performs as described. Competitor products couldnt perform the same way. Will be using this for my Ragnar next week!!

My wife and I bought a pack of these at the Bend Old Mill REI, did a 6 mile ride, and no problems whatsoever. Love the texture, love the flavor of the orange, no crash, no jitters, just the right kind of chewy, will definitely be stocking up on these.

Easy to get from the bag w/o the sticky mess. Good boost especially during/after a long bike ride. I thought the Margarita flavor was disgusting but that's my personal taste and won't knock the product overall because the other flavors are good.

Good, quick energy that was a bit more palatable then gels. It is nice to be able to easily split up my intake of calories over time, to match my activity level. I haven't compared this product in the field to something like gummy bears.

Turned out to be just the thing I needed when I hit that wall during my last trip. Easier to chew when you are hot and tired. The Goo type products work but are a nasty texture in your mouth when you are fatigued and your mouth is dry.

I have used these several times while backpakcing in Colorado. Amazing product, everytime I start to feel a lack of energy, just one block and a couple mouth fulls of water, and I'm good to go. I especially like all the berry flavors.

First time I tried these, I didn't know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised by the energy I felt. It was not at all caffeine like, or drug like. It was mild, and very tasty. I am sending this product to every person I know.

Delicious and energizing snack while hiking! They fit great in a very small pack so you can have room for other stuff. Also, the packages are easy to open so you can quickly eat them all before your friends realize you have them.

These saved me from altitude sickness in the Angeles Forest. I eat 1-2 pieces during my hike whenever I start feeling tired/worn out. They give my just the right amount of electrolytes to keep pushing till the end.

I like these products. They give a quick boost of energy if you need it. The margarita was not my favorite flavor, but that could just be my taste buds. Easy to keep in a side pocket and eat while still hiking.

Great item to fuel continued expeditions around the store, needed a pick me up. It would be great if they would have samples in the middle of the store, might help with introducing new customers to a great item.

These are easy to pack and provide a great shot of energy on long trips. I've carried these hiking and on longer bike rides. The flavors I've tried have all been great, although, cran-razz is my favorite so far.

These are great energy boosters when you are doing hard exercising. Big runs and bike rides go easier with I steady stream of energy. My favorites are the caffeinated versions and Margherita (salty!).

I have used these over the years to power me on hard bike rides. I first tried them when I hit Vail Pass on a century ride. They give me energy and I let them kind of dissolve in my mouth as I ride.

Clif Bloks are pretty good. Every time I consumed them, I did drink water. The taste is not bad and the texture is good too (not rubbery). I felt like I did get some energy from them. Would recommend.

These bloks are the perfect energy boost needed to get you to the summit or through a long hike! I used them on the backpacking trek to Havasupai and they'll be in my backpacking stash from now on!!

I love the taste of these and they are perfect for when I'm in the middle of a long race (spartan beast/tough mudder) and have the need to chew something (as opposed to taking another energy gel).

I have been using Clif Shot Blocks for several years. I usually take two of them on the second half of a bike ride after 25 miles or so. They really give you the extra energy to keep up your pace

Great for MTB endurance racing. Cut the sleeve in half and both end and slip in your jersey pocket for quick easy energy and some electrolytes, especially if your using H2O or saltless energy.

These things are pretty good. Taste good with a mouthful of water, or sometimes I just suck them as I go down the trail. The tropical flavor has a small caffeine boost that I am partial to...

Ate these babies during the blizzard 2016 like eating a gummy bear, or after leaving them in the atv frozen like hard candy loved them nice little kick to my activities and kept hunger at bay

Shot Bloks are wonderful for giving you a burst of energy on the trail, but at $2.30 a pack, they're about $.80 more than they're sold for in the grocery store. Next time I'll get mine there.

I first found out about these on a Spartan Race and have kept them on hand ever since. They are a quick and easy refuel when I am out on longer runs and when the weather is a bit warmer.

Hello, my name is CJ and I'm a Blok addict. Not all flavors, Ginger Ale at top of list & Cran Razz and Strawberry. Bottom salted watermelon, but I'll take in a pinch. Love this product.

The black cherry is by far my favorite, it actually tastes good and the texture is like eating a fruit snack gummy. I always have a couple blocks in my pack or in my saddlebag.

My kids and I love the way these taste. I like that we don't have to carry the electrolyte sport drinks along with our water. These are great for outings and travel.

I've used the Lemon Lime and Strawberry on a couple of hikes, and when I was having some stomach problems. They taste good, go down easy and work pretty darn good!

Love these! When I am feeling low and out of energy these give me an extra boost so that I can finish my hike. They taste good as well and don't give you jitters.

On long rides, I use the Margarita or Salted Watermelon when it's super hot and you need something in your mouth. Drink ample water. Not sour like the GU brand.

OMG SOOOO GROSS!! It tastes like sadness and regret.

Best tasting blocks I've had, good energy boost, saw recommendation on the shelf and tried some, glad I did, will be buying several a week to keep on hand.

Love these, while hiking or rock climbing they give me an extra boost of energy. They are also delicious!! Everyone that I share with loves them as well.

They were a Lifesaver!! I love ginger ale any way. I wish I invented them. They settle your stomach and give you the electrolytes you need!!!! AWESOME

I've been using this product for years and I like it. Bloks does the job its supposed to when I'm running. It gives me energy for the next few miles.

I like the new Ginger flavor, perhaps a bit too much. For trail candy, it's pretty good. I can't say if there is really much more to it than candy.

These chews are a good source of sugar. I used it when I was climbing Mt. Whitney to keep my sugar up and it held great. Good flavor and cheap price

I like these more than Clif Bars or Fig Bars while riding because they don't dry out my mouth, and they are yummy. Can't wait to get more.

Cliff blocks are becoming a staple for all my mountain bike rides ! They are tasty and do seem to give a quick energy late in the ride .

I would say these are ok at best. If you already use products with a lot of caffeine in them, then I doubt you even notice the "shot".

Taste good, convenient, but they are just sugar, I used to carry a squeeze bottle of raspberry jam, cheaper, but not as convenient.

Great tasting and easy to eat. Provides sufficient energy to get you through those long adventures and in my case bike rides.

Shot bloks are delicious out on the trail, and provide a good blend of carbs, caffeine, and electrolytes to keep me going!

Hands down the best Shot BOLK is the watermelon!!! I always cry when they are sold out and I have to pick another flavor

This product did not taste good at all. If I made tea from a heavily used hiking sock, this is what it might taste like.

Taste great excellent snacks at work, driving, playing sports, anytime. Caused no upset stomachs. No sugar up or downs.

Love this stuff. I generally use it for soccer games. I take a couple at half time for a little late game energy boost.

The "berry" flavors are all yummy. We like to eat these when cycling though they are also handy for long summer hikes.

Tasted and texture were good. Used on a 17 mile through hike and were a refreshing energy boost 2/3 through the hike.

I love the new Salted Watermelon flavor. I have already replaced the other flavors with this one. Great taste!

Whether hiking, trail-running, or snowboarding, I keep one of these in my pack but I need a boost of energy.

Would definitely buy again! Taste great and are in convenient little pieces that you can pop in your mouth.

Cliff shots are my go to energy boost for climbing and I would say about the same for everyone else I know.

Love the variety of flavors available for these chews. They're easy to pack for hikes and adventures!

A refreshing change from my norm - I like it and will have some in hand at the Chicago Marathon in Oct

Used while hiking the other weekend. They are a quick and easy energizer when looking to keep moving.

Great option for nutrition while cycling & running. Good flavor with several options to choose from.

Good flavor, easy packaging, and they don't make my teeth ache like some other, extra sweet chews.

I love Bloks, really good for keeping electrolytes up while out backpacking and always delicious.

This was very tasty and I liked it very much. Does that meet your requirement of 31 characters?

Easy to open even when cold, squeeze out a block at a time, and keep eating during long events

Not too salty. Not too sweet. Perfect for a quick energy bite during a long road bike ride.

Great Taste and not too sticky. Easy open package and you can eat 1 or the whole package.

I used this during a long trail race for energy and found it helped me even out my race

They're tasty, and have good stuff in them. I use them backpacking and mountain biking

these are delicious and energizing for those slow days & you need a bit of help

they are good tasting , large in portion. I like the margarita flavor the most.

Fantastic flavor- I really enjoy these on a hike or any time I am on the move

What more can be said??? Simply Delicious and Provided added Energy!!!!

Easy to carry and access while on the trail. No dry mouth after chewing.

Others on our hike said they will be adding these to there supplies.

Who can eat these without tasting like your eating chemicals? yuck!

They have literally boosted my energy when exhausted. Taste great.

Awesome for hiking and hunting anything outdoors it’s amazing for

Very convenient and tasty. Not salty like some replacement foods.

This really hit the spot for my marathon training long runs!

I like keeping Bloks in my truck for when I'm out and about.

My whole team love them . We carry them on all our races

Great during canoe races but a bit sticky when wet.

This is a great alternative to gels.


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