Timex - Ironman 30-Lap Digital Watch - Full

Category: Fitness Electronics

great watch, but the band can hold water between the pieces, other than that it has a confusing setup. those are the only problems th rest of the watch works perfecly

I've had this watch for at least 5 years. Had to replaced the battery last month because it died (due to age, no damage) but it lost waterproofing and got wet inside and is now truly gone. Oh well, it had a fantastic life: I wore it 24/7 through hikes, bikes, swims (yep, I swam with it in both fresh and salt water for years with no leak!), runs, sails, and more.

I've been buying these IM style watches for many years. The weak link has always been the band. New band material is much better. Buttons are all very tactile and responsive.

It tracks runtime and splits, which is extremely handy during workouts and in general. It is waterproof or water resistant, which is necessary in my life. The adjustments were simple and straightforward. The rubber strap is sweat resistant and tougher. My only critique would be if the strap breaks and mine often do in work and other engagements, you can't simply replace the strap as far as I know. But for fifty bucks this watch should make it through the season. I dig it!

I bought this watch and have had no end of troubles. It has needed several battery replacements and repairs by the the store and later timex. Timex even replaced my watch and now after going for a swim in the pool, there is water on the inside of the screen. Poor workmanship and the troubles/repairs it has needed has really been a time waster.

I bought this watch several weeks ago and since have taken it out for several hikes and runs. It was very easy to use and comfortable on my wrist.

Love this watch. Rugged and dependable. The only thing better is the REI consistency of easy order and fast delivery.

I am very pleased with my new Timex. It is the third one I have bought from REI!


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