Sea to Summit - Delta Bowl with Lid

Category: Camp Kitchen

I mostly hike solo, and most backpacking meals are too much food, and they packging is bulky. I'd tried the freezer bag route, where you use freezer bags to organize your meals and then "cook" them on the trail in the bag. That solved the portion size and bulky packaging issue, but I hated the waste created.

This is for the dog. She is little and does not eat much. On the trail it rides in a pack with a baggie of dry food inside. When we stop for a break the lid comes off, the baggie comes out, and water goes in the bowl. In camp water goes in the bowl, food goes in the lid...happy dog.

This product is excellent as a food container/bowl during my hikes. I just love it!

This bowl is a good medium size, and the lid makes a handy plate. Then, I put on the lid and it seals tightly enough that I can save leftovers in it. (Though I put it in a plastic bag in case it pops open.) Easy to clean. And, S&S makes a silverware set that fits nicely inside.

Used it on a canoe expedition and was perfect. The bowl size fits a hefty meal and the lid operates well as a plate. Love the design but liquids definitely seeped out with the lid on. Great shape and was relatively easy to lick clean!

After all this time the lid still fits tightly. Perfect for backpacking trips, however it’s become a regular use item in the kitchen too. Makes a great snack tray on car trips for my 4 year old.

Nicely made bowl. Perfect size for what I use it for - camping and bought one for an emergency kit. Lid is solid, so is the bowl. It is very lightweight. The size is perfect. Highly recommend.

The lid isn’t water tight... so it’s a bowl... works well at that. Pretty disappointed to be honest, I took it on a backpacking through Joshua tree NP and was bummed to find it leaked...

Worked well for camping and also can serve to keep hot food warm when you close the container and are cooking other things

Great for lunch on the trail, work lunches and leftovers after dinner. Keeps food fresh and doesn't leak. I love this!


Huff and Puff

Does it hold water when turned upside down?

Though the lid seals tightly to the bowl, we do not recommend transporting water or liquids in this bowl when it is inside your pack. Both the lid and bowl are softer materials and it's plausible their shapes can be compromised if tucked into a space during transport.

Huff and Puff

Does the lid seal tight enough to hold water when bowl is upside down?

It's possible to get a seal tight enough to hold water when the bottle is upside down but due to the softer materials of this bowl and lid and various circumstances, you should not expect such results every time.

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