LOKSAK - OPSAK Odor-Proof Barrier Bags - 10" x 9" - Package of 2

Category: Camp Kitchen

To the previous raters these bags are not meant to be rodent proof. Use some common sense. They do reduce odors, but are not meant to replace proper methods of food storage. Check out Ratsack if you want rodent proof - it's metal, for heaven's sake. These bags are like industrial zip lock bags. I can use these for about a year before wearing out.

Picked these bags up for a backcountry camp in the Smokies. Hung my pack with a Loksak full of food on the provided bear cables, and the next morning I found that a rodent had climbed down the cable and chewed a hole through my backpack and the OPSAK and right into a bag of peanuts. Needless to say, these bags are worthless.

I use these in the small and large sizes for all of my food storage. They live up to the billing. No smell and water tight. They are part of my food plan used with the Ursack. Never have had an issue with these tough bags.. certainly reliable.

These bags do not hold up to use. A simple Glad or Ziploc works perfectly.

We supply K-9 dog handlers. It is paramount to make sure you never touch the outside of the bags with odor-on your hands from the food you place in the bags. While the odor is undetected, if it were wet paint on your hands you would see the residue.

I use these bags for their odor proof property while my food is inside of my bear bag. I've never had a problem with bears or rodents even when I've had to throw the bear bag on the ground or tie my bear bag to a less than desirable tree.

I use these bags backpacking to store my food and dog food on backpacking trips. The issue I have is that many times the seal will not stay closed and I find myself rolling the bag at the top and using duct tape or tenacious tape to hold it closed. Especially with the dog food. My dog took a dip in a stream and the bag came open at the seal (he carries his own food) and we ended up with 1.5 days worth of wet soggy food. So I now put LOKSAC inside of a gallon sized ziplock and that does the trick.

I bought these bags a few months ago. Not only you can store your food in these but I have also used it to rehydrate my food with boiling water. You can wash and reuse them. My friend tested this bag with food in it and the dogs did not pick up the scent. I bought the larger size bag for my bear bag which fits perfectly. I have used these on my backpacking trip and I am at ease knowing that they work as stated. I would definitely recommend this product for outdoor use.

I used these Odor Proof Barrier Bags during my backpacking trip at Zion and it gave me piece of mind while hanging my food bag. As there are no bear canisters required (no bears in the area I camped per the Ranger) it was only to deter rodents from nibbling on my food. I also like using these just while hiking in my backpack and this is already my second pair as I used the first pair until it ripped (almost 2 years).

Used these for a backpacking trip and did not have any problems with the wildlife wanting my snacks. My only complaint is that the store does not carry larger sizes. Two bags come per package, and one of them could hold just about 20 protein bars if filled to capacity. They seem to be very durable and we had no problem resealing the bags. I feel like I could get many uses out of each bag.

I've bought these bags for 5 years now for liners for my Ursack. I find I need to replace the Opsak about once a year, which is probably around 2-3 weeks of use spread out over long weekends. In the past 2-3 years, I've noticed more failures of the seal. Either the bag rips near the seal, or the seal plastic strip comes off the bag. I still use them, but I'm getting a bit frustrated.

The bags I originally purchased had a defective ziplock so I returned and exchanged them for a new set. The new ones worked but only for a couple zips. The plastic peeled away from the zipper closure making the bag useless. I didn’t feel like making the drive back to the store so I just chalked it up as a loss. I will not be buying this item again.

Like other reviewers I had the same issue with the seal separating from the bag itself. Luckily I didn't have any rodent issues but both bags I brought failed the exact same way. Not overpacked or overweight, just using it caused it to fail. I would seriously steer clear of these bags. I have another set that I plan on returning.

Most all of the loksaks I bought for my two week trip got holes or couldn't close properly after about a week of use and one of them ripped. I probably won't buy these again. The regular freezer ziplock bags I used lasted longer.

I use these to carry used doggy poo bags. They add a welcome layer of protection against smell and leakage. The only fault is that they wear out faster than I'd like, although they do last for many hikes with a little care.

Used these to carry my life support (coffee) into the Wind River Range of Wyoming. Great bag, seals well and easily, keeps the strong coffee odor in check so bear visits were minimized!

I was worried about taking shrimp on a camping trip due to the strong scent. I placed it inside of this OPSAK and it worked perfect! I could not smell the shrimp at all!!

You and wash and reuse these well! Not sure if there were bears around to know if they work. Maybe my review is premature. So far so good

Used on a 5 day leave-no-trace hike. No smells escaped the bag. Great to have. Taking these on all future trips.


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