GOOD TO-GO - Smoked Three Bean Chili - 2 Servings

Category: Camp Kitchen

Good amount of beans for the energy a hard backpacking trip demands. A little spicy, but not overly so. 2 servings is absolutely right. Normally I'd have two "two servings" pouches from other makers, but "Good to Go" has me full after one pouch. Which means I can bring less food. Less food means less weight!

My friend and I went camping last week and I brought this chili. Not only did it beat out my friends beef stew in every way (calories, protein, etc.) it was super tasty and not too expensive. Getting it next time I go for another backpacking trip without a doubt. (Bonus: no meat. Good for the environment!)

I tried 4 of their vegan meals while in Algonquin, and none of them fully cooked. Crunchy corn, beans, and rice. One even had something that resembled pistachio shells. This one woke me in the middle of the night to make a trip into the bush to the washroom. I will never use this company’s products again.

I had this camping last weekend and dang is it flavorful! Directions are so simple 600ml of boiling water and let it sit. It has a slightly spicy kick and is perfect for dinner. I was stuffed after eating this meal. Will buy again for sure!

I am a big fan of Good To-Go's products especially the Thai Curry or Mushroom Risotto but I cannot recommend this product. Overall, I just did not like the taste of this product. Plus, it had a strange aftertaste too.

Made this on a solo hike - "2 servings" is more than enough for one person. I'm not usually a salt person, but this definitely needed more salt. Apart from slight smokey flavor, it was pretty bland.

Out of our camping party of 5 not a single person enjoyed the taste of this meal. The smell was actually very good but only made it that much more disappointing.

This needs a packet or two of salt, but still deserves 5 stars. Wonderful base flavor that leaves room for those who want to add some heat and/or salt.

Taste is subjective, but I really enjoyed this smoked three bean chili and would consider it to now be one of my go-to dehydrated backpacking meals.

As other reviewers mentioned, it had a strange taste. Standards have gotten so much better for FD meals, and honestly this one was pretty yucky

This is a really tasty meal for backpacking or just a lazy night while camping. It is easy to make and takes less than 25 minutes!

Tastes good. Spicy, but not too much. However, the beans never fully cook. Even after 30 minutes of heating.

I find this brand to be bland. Mountain house is much bettet.

We mostly ate a variety of dehydrated or freeze dried meals. We decided to do a little review of our meals for fun and future trip planning purposes. In general, we had mostly vegetarian options, due to my view that dehydrated meat options rarely turn out very good. Hence, we used mostly beef jerky as our animal protein source. We were very diligent in following the directions, and always waited the requisite 15-20 minutes before serving.


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