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Sleeping bag overall isn't bad and does what it's expected to do but the zipper is horrible! I was on a camping trip and my zipper jammed at one point in the middle of the night and I pulled on it thinking it was unjammed after playing with it for a few minutes but instead it had ripped the zipper right off of Sleeping Bag and there were down feathers everywhere in my tent. Such a pain when the closest REI is over 100 miles away and you have to sleep in a bag that only zips up half way. Will be exhanging for a new one but if that one has the same issue I'll be buying a different bag

I picked up this bag because I needed a lightweight, summer sleeping bag that packs down small. The Helio Down 45 meets both of those needs very well. After using it for 3 nights in 50-55F, it is certainly warm enough and being it compresses down to about the size of a 32-oz french press, it clearly fulfilled my wants in that regard.

I've used this sleeping bag for a week and a half straight, and have no complaints. I've used it quilt style, and mummy. I've gotten it wet, and it still stays warm. I live in Tennessee, so the lows are consistently around 60 right now, and the bag gets more than warm enough. It's really light weight, and packs down to the size of a double nest eno. I love it.

I needed something to extend my 25 degree Terralite to 4 season use. This bag really fit the need. For me it's much better than adding a specialized liner bag. My broad shoulders make zipping up most bags (and liner bags) very uncomfortable. I can use this inside of the other bag (65" at the shoulders), having just my arms sticking out into the outer bag in the "psuedo-snuggie mode" for an unrestricted feeling. With the pair I was comfortable down to single digits and only 3.4 pounds combined. The zippers could be improved.

Thru-hiker and car camper. The zippers on this bag are top notch and not an issue. I believe the poor reviews are from those that have never had a high end bag. Compression could be better with higher end fill products but at the cost point it is a great value and a bag that could last a lifetime.

Bought this bag for a week long trip in the NC mountains and am sure glad I took a liner along with me. With low's in the lower 50's, this bag provided very little warmth and I was always cold at night. Don't waste your money on this product unless you are in temperature closer to 60 and above.

I asked the salesman for their best 40 degree down sleeping. He asked if 45 degree was OK & I agreed. He went to the storage area I retrieved this bag. without looking at it I left, in a hury to get to Northern MN for the weekend. Upon opening the bag I found out it was Duck Down instead of Goose Down. This I found wasn't a smell problem I had read about. The bag was very cuddly & soft & the temp rating was just what I wanted However the zippers were a great problem.They kept getting hung every so many inches & needed to be backed off a little bit & than zipped up until they hung up again, This became very annoying for middle of the night nature calls. Upon the last hang up in the dark I couldn't budge the zipper so I left it & wiggled out the top & than back in. This problem as I observed it isn't the zipper getting caught on the bag material but a poor zipper that has to be perfectly inline to work. Great Bag, bad zipper. I ordered a Marmot Hydrogen to replace it as I already own 2 other Marmot bags purchased from REI.

Bought it for a summer camping, my guess is that this bag is EN comfort 50-55, lower limit 45-50. kept me warm on a high 40s night wearing a baselayer.

Slept nearly bare skinned to test the bags rating. Once the bag was fully zipped, I was toasty. The left arm zipper is a nice concept. It will work nicely as a liner or a blanket too.

Good: packs down into an incredibly small (included) stuff sack. lightweight. comfortable, soft fabric. never felt cramped. zips all the way open. great design.

I have been trying to find a sleeping solution for backpacking during the late fall, summer and early spring when I do not need my zero degree bag. This bag is just what I wanted: light weight, small packed size, extra zippers for comfort, toe box unzips completely, and just enough loft for those cool evenings. Looking forward to the acid test of a cooler night (40s) to see how it performs. Watch the video REI provides. Everything advertised is true.

I really wanted to love this bag. I DO love the functionality of it, the short side zipper and the way the footbox opens up. I sleep warm, have used my 10 Magma bag in 0 weather with only skivvies and been fine. I used this bag last weekend, low was 40, I had a light base-layer top & bottom, a hoodie, a beanie, a buff, and socks - still cold, not miserable but definitely not as comfortable as I should have been if this were a true 45 bag.

Bought this bag for the El Camino in April 2017. The bag performed great...kept me very warm in the albergues. I'm not a big person so I had plenty of room in the bag. The anti-snag zipper was just that, but did snag a couple of times. The only downside is that several of the down feathers would leach out of the bag and the outside material is not ripstop material. I would recommend this bag if you are on a did the job!!

The bag was comfortable for me down to 45 degrees, but not lower. I am comfortable with a lightweight down sweater at 32 degrees. For me, this makes the bag more versatile and a year round option.

Great for going up to the cabin for the weekend, car road trips and I haven't used it outdoors yet but I think it will be great for a summer bag. Compresses down to about 1L but could potentially get smaller.

I have wide shoulders so I always have a tough time finding a bag wide enough for me. This one unfortunately fell into that same category. Warm, light weight and stuffs nicely into it's sack - only real complaint is that it's too snug to be comfortable and zipped up, thankfully I'm camping in Washington hills, not mountain tops.

I love the bag, I used it at my aunts house (inside) and got a bit warm. I turned the bag into a quilt by unzipping it and it worked great! The only complain I have is the zipper. The thin fabric guard kept getting caught in the zipper pyll. Other than that a great mid temp bag for someone that sleeps hot.

I use this for Both Backpacking here in Texas in the warm Spring to Late Summer. As well as car camping at the State parks. This Sleeping bag is very comfortable and kept me warm when it got down to upper 30's. Best part is the full length zipper to turn into a quilt!

I took this bag on a bikepacking trip in Patagonia, AZ. The low for the night was 43 degrees, I was using a liner, wearing wool leggings and was still uncomfortably cold at night. The following night in Rio Rico was a low of 50 and I slept in the dirt like a baby.

The low hit about at 50 degrees and I was cold in this!! The cold woke me up had to put more layers on other than that it was good packed down real nice.. guess it’ll be good for just the summer

3days, 2 nights backpacking. I used it w an enos subzero7, and stayed warm and dry (it dumped rain on 2nd day/night). I'm 5'10, 190lbs; side/fetal sleeper, and plenty comfy.

I love the opposite side zipper, makes it feel like a much larger bag. I am amazed at how evenly insulated it is, given its thickness.

Kept me warm to the rates temperature

Kept me very warm for its weight on a 55 deg night. Comfortable fabrics.

Perfect 3 season bag without a massive price tag. Packs light and small.



With this type of sleep bag, it looks as if it would be better as an over-bag! The down on the bottom would not be as important.

​This bag is a great option for summer camping adventures keeping the user warm down to 45 degrees Fahrenheit with 600-fill water resistant duck down.


what is the best way to wash this bag?

Check out our Expert Advice article on sleeping bag care:

Crazy Horse

How much does weigh

The regular bag weighs 1 pound 9.5 ounces. The long bag weighs 1 pound 11 ounces. The weights are listed under the specs tab.


Are there specific demensions available for this bag? Length, width, at the head and foot box. I'm curious if the bag will fit inside my SOL Thermal Bivvy. 

​The sleeping bag measures 21" wide at foot, 24" wide at the head and 31" wide at the shoulder. The regular sleeping bag is 72" long and the long version is 78" long.

Corey H

Can this be zipped together with an REI Trail pod bag to make a double? If not, what could it be paired with?

The Helio Down 45 Sleeping Bag cannot be zipped into the Trial Pod 29. The zipper on the Helio Down zips all the way around the footbox of the sleeping bag.


If I am 5' 11 3/4" 185 should I get the long? Or is the regular roomy enough to accommodate me 

The regular length Helio Down 45 Sleeping Bag is fine for someone up to 6' tall.

Steve 825

Can two of these bags be zipped together to form a dual sleeping bag?

You cannot zip two of these bags together due to the configuration of the zipper and sleeping bag. The zippers are compatible, but once the bags are zipped together the hoods of the sleeping bags will not be oriented correctly or comfortably.

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